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2017, A Hell Bound Train Of A Year (Part 10) Republican Words As Windows To Their Souls. Round 3


-by Noah

Except for the times that Republicans start speaking complete gibberish, it’s not really hard to understand what they’re saying. What is difficult is understanding how they got the way they are. Did their moms drink way too much alcohol when they were in the womb? Were the water pipes in their childhood homes made of corroding lead? Were things like greed, hate, thugishness, and nihilism just drilled into them by horrid parents? Any or all of these things are possible. The cause doesn’t really matter. Only the soulless result matters.

Here’s Round 3 of things that Republicans actually said in 2017. You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s who, and what, they are.

1. Attorney Marc Kasowitz: Kasowitz is a longtime lawyer for Señor Trumpanzee. Back in April, Bill O’Reilly had finally been booted from FOX “News” for an amount of serial sexual harassment that was too much even for them. FOX was, and probably still is, a petri dish for sexual harassment, but Bill-O’s escapades had gone way too public and had become too expensive in more ways than one. Advertisers were leaving in droves. Already, Roger Ailes had been tossed for the same thing. Rupert Murdoch’s sons were gaining more say about things at FOX and Ailes was no longer there to protect O’Reilly. His “Sell by” date was up and it was long past time to remove the putrid rotting goods from the store.

But, none of that mattered to Kasowitz. To Kasowitz, Bill-O had done no wrong. Bill-O’s end at FOX “News” was all the result of a “liberal conspiracy.”
Bill O’Reilly has been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America. This law firm has uncovered evidence that the smear campaign is orchestrated by far-left organizations bent on destroying O’Reilly for political and financial reasons.
In Trump and Bill O’Reilly, Marc Kasowitz has the best clients; matched bookends of lunacy. I love the first eleven words of the above quote. In addition, I note the use of two of O’Reilly’s nightly standard, clichéd tools of commentary “smear’ and “far-left.” As for “character assassination,” well, don’t you need character first, if it’s going to be assassinated?

Never the less, most Republicans yelled and belched along the same lines about O’Loofah boy’s “character” being smeared, but, then these are the same people that nominated and voted for President Pussy Grabber. Was O’Loofah smeared? No. He is who he is and he has proven it repeatedly. His lack of decency simply zoomed past its sky high tipping point. Hey, It’s not like anyone accused him of murdering 300 people and running a pedophile ring out of a pizza place.

Back in Boston in the 1970s, Bill-O was known for, among other things, viewing the city’s school busing crisis through a pair of racist lenses. But, that’s probably what Rupert Murdoch liked about him in the first place. O’Reilly always was perfect lead-in for Sean Hannity, but, Murdoch need not have worried. FOX had a whole stable of replacement wackos already in house. Had Harvey Weinstein been a Republican, he would have been a natural for the job. Instead, the Murdochs had to settle for a smarmy pole-dancing retread called Tucker Carlson.

Once O’Reilly had been yanked from the big chair of pomposity, all FOX staffers were ordered to undergo sensitivity training. Think about that. Think about a white supremacist like Sean Insanity in a sensitivity training class. Think about a simpleton like Steve Doocy trying vainly to get his miniscule brain around the concept. Think about what the hell FOX “News” might even consider to be sensitivity! I imagine it to be something along the lines of a Grand Wizard learning to say thank you to the minority worker who washed his hood.

2. White House Asylum Faker Donald J. Trump: There isn’t much else to say about this treasonous assclown, this week. So, Let’s just go straight to the quote:
No collusion. No collusion!
Trumpanzee says this one so much that it’s now obvious that they will be the last words he ever utters. They are the equivalent of O.J. Simpson saying that he will “find the real killers.

In one of my dreams about Trump, he is standing before a firing squad, having been found guilty of treason. When asked if he has any “last words”, he sputters out “No collusion. No collusion! These words will end up on his gravestone. Have you ever wondered if he knows what they mean? Warning to the gravestone carver: Don’t expect to be paid.

3. Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert: Louie Gohmert is commonly called “the dumbest of all House members.” That makes you single digit IQ dumb. But, it’s more than that. Gohmert’s grain of sand-sized brain has led him to believe that, had Hillary Clinton ended up as president, she would have put him in jail because he brands himself as a Christian. Also, when Judge Roy Moore held his last rally (In a barn. How perfect!), there was Louie Gohmert on the stage at Moore’s side. Yep, he’s another Christian who doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with pedophilia. So, maybe he’s right. Maybe he would end up in jail, but not for being a Christian, per se.

I’ve never been able to do an end of the year review without mentioning a quote or two by Louie “the bestiality guy” Gohmert. Each time, I wonder how long he will be around to quote. After all Michele Bachmann is gone, at least for now. But, Gohmert sticks around like filthy sidewalk gum on your shoe. That’s because Gohmert represents a congressional district in Texas, our biggest nut state. He truly does represent them. He is them. They are him. In Texas, Gohmert probably finished at the top of his high school class. Yeah, I know it’s hard to imagine that such a dullard made it past the 5th grade, let alone how he found his way home every afternoon without arrows painted on the sidewalk.

It’s also hard to pick just one quote from the mind of Gohmert. Someday, someone might write a “Little Red Book Of Gohmert Quotations.” May it’ll be me. Anyway, here’s my choice for this year. It’s vintage conspiracy theorist Gohmert plying his scrambled moonbat “thoughts” on the FOX Business Channel. It represents Gohmert’s twisted view that the violence in Charlottesville, VA that erupted out of the Confederate statue removal issue was all due to a conspiracy by Democrats:
Well, this has been stirred up, and I think the Democrats- I mean this needs an investigation. And the president, or through him the Attorney General can appoint an independent council- this is so political. This is being driven by forces of evil that are beyond what normal people can think about. How do you have instances of people with KKK shirts and Black Lives Matter shirts getting off the same bus? I mean somebody’s stoking this…
When the FOX Business host says “So that’s your claim?” Gohmert replies:
No, no it’s not my claim. I’m telling you there are witnesses out there.
Yeah. Something’s out there alright. Out to lunch. Which is it, Louie? In Gohmert’s mind, people from both sides were, somehow, able to peacefully ride on the same bus, and then break out in violence once they got off the bus. To Batshit Crazy Louie, the whole thing was a plot, hatched by Democrats, including Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer to make white supremacists look bad. After all, didn’t Herr Trump himself say they were “very fine people?” And, what in Gohmert’s short-circuited mind tells him that only external forces can make white supremacists look bad? They are bad by nature, but not to Gohmert and like-minded republicans like Trump. To Gohmert, Nazis need defending.

Note to Louie: One of your “very fine people” plunged a car into the crowd and killed a woman, yet you use the whole incident to whine and promote Republican crackpot “theories.” You need treatment, asap.

Gohmert’s conspiracy theory illustrates a basic problem with today’s Republican Party. Angry older white men are dying off as a percentage of the total population. The demographics of the country are changing and not in the Republican Party’s favor. Hence, their desire to place limitations on which citizens can vote, and, to defend and appeal to any groups they see as voters who will support them, including Nazis. That Nazi beliefs dovetail nicely with core Republican beliefs is a bonus. For decades, they’ve tried to be a little quiet about it. Now, they can’t afford even a grain of subtlety. They need Nazi votes and they have no problem merging with virulent white supremacy groups to get them.

4. Tony Perkins, Professional Bigot: Here’s professional bigot Tony Perkins of the notorious hate group, Family Research Council, as he celebrated Senor Trumpanzee’s attempt to ban transgender soldiers from serving our country. This is a very sick man, a malignant tumor growing in our society.
The military has never been and should never be used as a vehicle to advance civil rights, political correctness, or workplace fairness.
Yeah, like when President Ike Eisenhower sent those troops to Little Rock in 1959 to assure the integration of the city’s schools. Can’t have that now, can we Tony. Fuck you! And, I’d like to see you say the same thing to those skeletal survivors at Auschwitz when Ike sent our troops there at the end of WW2. Where do Republicans get these people?

5. Georgia Rep. Karen Handel: Handel represents Georgia’s 6th Congressional district in the House of Representatives. Well, at least that is her job description. Here’s Handel in her debate with Democrat Jon Ossoff:
I do not support a livable wage.
Georgia’s current minimum wage is a viciously mean $5.15 an hour. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. According to M.I.T.’s Living Wage Calculator, the minimum wage for Georgia’s 6th District should be $12.01. All minimum wages are sociopathically out of date, in many cases by decades. Handel won the race and is now part of Speaker Paul Ryan’s team of warriors in the war against the middle and working classes. The people in Georgia’s 6th District voted for low wages for themselves and tax cuts for the rich. What’s that they say about keep them poor and keep them stupid? The Republican Party crushed their 1956 platform into the dirt long ago.

This concludes the 2017, A Hell Bound Year In Review series. Let’s all hope that 2018 brings better news for America and the rest of civilization. Here’s also hoping that there is a 2019.









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At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The '56 R party platform was one big long lie back then, and pretty much everyone knew it. At least today they are somewhat more honest about their desires to impoverish and kill millions of americans and billions around the world.

The contemporary democrap platform is no more honest than the R platform was in '56, except practically nobody knows it.

The Ds are now in most every way what the Rs were. In 12 more years, the Ds will be what the Rs are TODAY.

DWT, see how that all works now? The money made the system and enforces it. And you help them.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Ds are now in most every way what the Rs were. In 12 more years, the Ds will be what the Rs are TODAY."

On their way toward stepping off the edge of the flat Earth? They are already ahead of the Rs on that one!


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