Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Alan Grayson Has A Request: Help Send David Gill To Congress


Alan Grayson isn't running for Congress again-- at least not so far. He's been doing other work, like working on very time-consuming legal cases against the Trump Regime. But another thing Alan is doing is helping raise campaign funds for other progressive who are running for Congress. And today he's asking his supporters to contribute to an especially great candidate in central Illinois, Dr. David Gill, also endorsed by Blue America. Alan's wife, Dena Grayson, has been working with David on strategies for fundraising from medical groups, some of whom don't always know how to relate to progressives. By going to his own supporters and asking them to chip in to Gill's campaign, Alan is taking it to the next level. And we love it when progressives from across the country work together as a team-- something the Blue Dogs and New Dems sure do with their corporate donors!

Grayson's e-mail today was called "A candidate who actually talks about what needs to be done." He wrote that he's "tired of listening to candidates who boldly claim that they are anti-hurricane, and in favor of 'values.' Duh."
Dr. David Gill is a progressive doctor who supports ‘Medicare for All’ is running for Congress. He came within an inch of defeating the Republican incumbent before. But the Democratic Party won’t help him.

Maybe we should help.

Since healthcare is now one-sixth of the U.S. economy, it surely would be a good idea to have a progressive doctor in the House of Representatives. Dr. David Gill is running for Congress in the Land-of-Lincoln center of Illinois, IL-13, against some generic Republican smiley-face. (A lot of the GOP Members of Congress from the Midwest look like the Joker hit them with his laughing gas, and they just can’t stop smiling, even if you poke them with a stick. The Southerners are much less prone to that rictus rigor mortis.)

President Obama won the district by nine points in 2008, and basically tied Romney in 2012. In that same year, Dr. Gill came within 1000 votes of defeating the GOP jackwagon. Three-tenths of one percent, 46.5% to 46.2%, with a liberal Independent on the ballot taking away seven percent.

(Jackwagon, n. A useless piece of equipment, usually military, used to refer to a mule-drawn freight wagon which had been pieced together from discarded or substandard parts, and subject to frequent breakdowns. Jackwagons typically were good for only one or two uses, then abandoned or discarded along roadsides and in ditches, and were often re-cannibalized to create new jackwagons.) Yes, that does sound like a lot of Republican Congressmen I know.

Since that very close race in 2012, the Democrats have nominated Right-Wing Dem. #1, who lost by 36,000 votes, and Right-Wing Dem. #2, who lost by 51,000 votes. But ask anyone in the Democratic Party leadership, and he or she will tell you how super-duper-important it is to nominate Right-Wing Dem. #45,678 in any competitive House district because, you know, issue-phobia is what every voter craves. Or so they say.

And I say, what voters really want is someone who will fight for the progressive platform that will make their lives better.

Dr. Gill says that, too.

Help give a fighter a fighting chance-- support David Gill for Congress

Dr. Gill wrote a note recently, explaining the differences between him and his GOP opponent:

Goal Thermometer
“campaign finance reform, aggressive action against climate change, single-payer healthcare, a woman's right to make her own decisions regarding reproduction, and gay marriage[,]... single-payer, a $15/hour minimum wage, and tuition-free access to public universities, colleges, and trade schools.”
Seriously, doesn’t this sound like someone whom you’d want to see in Congress? Then I ask you: please make it happen. Tap the Blue America thermometer on the right and support Dr. David Gill’s campaign.


  Rep. Alan Grayson

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At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Grayson, twice a congressman, could not make the democraps less evil, how can David Gill?


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