Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

General John Kelly, you once took an oath to defend the United States and to defend the Constitution of the United States. Then, you took a job with Trump. You've now earned this meme, and so much more. You are a Five Star Disgrace.

From the day General John Kelly became SeƱor Trumpanzee's Chief Of Staff, we heard that he would be "a grownup in the room," bring integrity to the White House, reign in the crazy man, etc. One thing, however, raised a red flag to me; he is a long time friend of Trump. That little item was irresponsibly glossed over by the entire media as they celebrated Kelly's appointment. We thank General Kelly for his service and hate that his son was killed in our ongoing war on terrorists. John Kelly is a Four Star Marine General, but his rank, his job, and his family tragedy should not give him license to attack and lie about a Gold Star Family or a United States congresswoman. His status does not make him immune from criticism. He has now brought dishonor upon himself and the Marine Corps. If he had any honor and integrity left, he would have already apologized to those he attacked, and also apologized to the country. Then he should resign.

A Japanese warrior would have already made use of his ceremonial hari-kari knives.

As for the White House, the dishonor was already there, in spades. General Kelly is now officially part of the sickest farce in American history, willingly. Did he catch his lying ability from his boss, or, did he already have it? Trump, following the Big Lie practices outlined by Josef Goebbels, has doubled down, tripled down, and quadrupled down on the lies in a spate of twitter madness. The lies have been proven to be the lies that they are. The wife of Sgt. La David Johnson has been very eloquent in stating what really happened. Judging from the surreal lying that comes out of the White House on an hourly basis, Kelly's lying was a qualification for the job. The even bigger tragedy is that so many want to and do believe the incessant lying. It's now The Lie House.

A few days ago, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said we shouldn't question Kelly, simply because of his military status. Really? If his military subordinates didn't question him about something so suspect that it could adversely affect our country and/or history itself, which is exactly what we have here, there is a term for it. The term is Dereliction Of Duty. So, Sarah, you can put on the clown outfit, too. It'll fit just fine. Besides, you lie with the worst of them.

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At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just proves that anyone hired by the freckle-dick in chief must first swear an oath of fealty. For all the fucking morons on the left who thought Kelly would make this WH a little more sane, when the fuck are you going to wake the fuck up?


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