Tuesday, October 24, 2017

If Trump Keeps Up Like This, Would HE Be Able To Be Elected Dogcatcher In Tennessee?


Last year, Trump beat Hillary 60.7% to 34.7% in Tennessee, a very solid win. Hillary won just 3 counties of the state's 95. She won Shelby Co., the state's most populous by a wide margin-- 206,640 (62.3%) to 114,948 (34.6%) and nearby Haywood Co.-- 3,704 (54.3%) to 3,020 (44.2%). Hillary also kicked Trump's ass in Tennessee's second most populous county, Davidson, which includes Nashville. She won 148,473 (60.3%) to 84,365 (34.3%).

In 2012, when Bob Corker was up to reelection, he did about 5 points better than Trump wound up doing, winning 64.9% of the vote. That's because he won Davidson Co, where Trump failed so miserably. The only counties Corker lost were Shelby and Haywood. So this morning when Trump went into a twitter rage against Corker, claiming, among the other nonsense that Corker "couldn't get elected dog catcher in Tennessee," it was just so much hot air. Trump was preparing for his lunch with Republican senators, many of whom hate his guts and, according to one chief of staff to a big-time Republican senator, is much more disliked by Republicans in the Senate than Obama ever was.

Keep in mind that Todd Womack, Corker's chief of staff went on the record to say that Trump flat out lied about Corker asking, let alone begging, for Trump's endorsement. "Trump," he told the media, "called Senator Corker and asked him to reconsider his decision not to seek reelection and said I would have endorsed you." That was on October 8. Trump is-- as he always does-- sticking with his lie.

And Corker is sticking to the truth: "The debasement of our nation is what he will be remembered most for." Corker now uses the Twitter hashtag #AlertTheDaycareStaff." Not that Señor Trumpanzee was unprovoked. His Adderall-fueled tweet storm "followed a string of appearances by Corker (R-TN) on the three major broadcast morning news shows during which he needled the president. On NBC’s Today, Corker called on the White House to 'step aside' on tax reform and allow Congress to take the lead in crafting the legislation. Trump’s scheduled lunch with Republican senators on Tuesday is little more than a 'photo op,' Corker said, as the push for tax reform gets underway.

Trumpanzee pokes the snapping Turtle

On Good Morning America Corker said "I don't make comments I haven’t thought about," making it clear he's sticking with his remarks disparaging the dysfunctional nutcase in the White House. And on CNN Corker added that Trump has "proven himself unable to rise to the occasion. ... He’s obviously not going to rise to the occasion." The GOP caucus is, of course, worried that Trump will push Corker so far that he'll torpedo the GOP tax cut for millionaires plan, the only thing they all care about-- and what holds many of them back from denouncing and breaking with Trump.

Nancy Ohanian on Trump's first 9 months in the White House

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At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the usa keeps up like this, he won't HAVE to be elected ever again. Nobody will ever be elected ever again. SOMEONE will suspend the constitution (what little is left of it) and declare himself the state.

And the white Nazis will take over the streets everywhere just like americans of all stripes should have after the 2000 supreme court coup... but did not.

Krystallnacht... or brown purge... or something.


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