Monday, September 04, 2017

Who Better To Write Our Labor Day Post Than Randy Bryce?


-by Randy Bryce

Happy Labor Day!

What does that mean to you?

Living in Wisconsin it’s almost become kind of an annual celebration that “we’re still here.” It’s a gathering of survivors so to speak.

In 2011 Scott Walker took over the office of governor and proceeded to “divide and conquer” the workers of Wisconsin. He admitted that he had planned to “drop the bomb.”

One thing that he wasn’t expecting was that we had just enough notice and made it into our union-built bomb shelters. After the smoke settled, we dusted ourselves off and hit the streets.

When I was a lot younger I looked forward to my birthday. These days it’s Labor Day. I guess it’s because for too long I feel that we took what we had for granted. Celebrating Labor was something that we did once a year.

I think that’s where we went wrong. That’s where we became lazy. We took what we had for granted.

I blame myself for being part of taking it for granted, but, I’m doing what I can to make up for it.

To be honest every day is Labor Day. We don’t have a safe job site, overtime, benefits, and child labor protections in place due to the kindness of corporate America-- we have them because we demanded them. Some people ask what unions can do for us. Thats the wrong question. Correct question is what HAVE they done for us? The answers are many, and, easy to find. Problem is, everything that those before us fought and died for are under attack. We’re headed back to some very ugly times if we don’t read the writing on the wall.

The income inequality gap is out of control. Paul Ryan recently made some ridiculous remarks claiming that people had some means of upward mobility available to them! That’s all but gone. Currently if one isn’t lucky to be born with a silver family spoon in their mouth, the only chance they have at getting one is to win another type of lottery.

We now have a person in the White House who makes me shudder. I used to be able to tell my son that working hard and being smart could get him anywhere he wanted to go. Not any more. Donald Trump is all the proof you need to see that he possesses none of that, but, quite the opposite.

Not all is despair. I’ve noticed that even though union density may be shrinking, the crowds on Labor Day-- OUR day-- are getting bigger. People are understanding that one does’t need to pay union dues in order to stand up and unite for a common cause that will make life livable.

Let not just Labor Day, but every day be one that you use to be thankful for what we have, and, to use it as as stepping stone instead of a stumbling block to move ahead. Let these attacks forge you into something stronger. This is part of a cycle that takes place. It’s happened before.

Goal ThermometerI personally see what’s taking place as another opportunity to get things done correctly that we didn’t do recently during the Labor/Civil Rights fight that included Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Labor moved ahead, but, the Civil Rights part got left behind.

Let’s make sure that as our numbers swell we make sure that we move EVERYONE ahead with us and none are left behind. If we want these attacks to finally stop, we need to have everyone able to stand together in order to fight back - anyone left behind has already been divided.

Know this-- we only have ourselves to depend on.

We didn’t get to where we are by asking.

We got here by demanding.

Happy Labor Day today and every day.

Solidarity forever.

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At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine words. How do you justify your work, support and being an elector for $hillbillary when you have to realize that $he is just as anti-labor as the drumpfsterfire.

$he takes union money and manpower for her campaign, but neither $he nor her party have done dick to help... where were they in WI?? They were in DC blowing banks and corporations for more and more money.

Yes, we DO have to rely upon ourselves. How do you plan to convert enough of the majority of 'ourselves' into being smart and compassionate enough to be any help to your stated purpose? After all, your WI failed to recall walker and the lege and then re-elected him. If voters are that stupid and/or indifferent to labor, how you gonna fix that?

At 10:30 AM, Blogger gary100dm said...

I think Randy Bryce is the perfect candidate.

But I think you can bet the Democratic Party establishment will try and do all it can to defeat him. In fact I think they've already found an establishment insider Dem to run against Bryce.

This will be a moral and political test of Progressive Democrats to back Randy Bryce all the way.

To support any Democrat candidate from labor, progressive and labor Democrats will have to fight the establishment Democratic Party from within and without.

Los Angeles

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There comes a time when there is enough of a groundswell that they can't step on us anymore. It's happened over and over in history. And it's going to come again.
Go, Randy!


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary, you are correct. So what is the basis of ekstase's optimism? The history of WI and especially WI-01 gives one NOT ONE IOTA of hope that they'll pass your "moral and political test".

And ekstase, you are correct historically. But if you re-read your history of when these things occurred, the results were never good. Typically the "swelling ground" just ended up under someone else's anvil.

The only times I can recall where the "stepped upon" ended up better off was when some outside influence intervened. And those times required utter destruction from world wars.
Coincidentally, both the Nazis and Japanese respective (majority) populaces were eager participants in their own stompage... and only gained relief after total annihilation at the hands of an outside agent.

Kinda like the usa today.

So... who's gonna annihilate the usa so we can have some relief from the democraps, republicans and white racists??? I mean, WE aren't gonna fix ourselves!! That much is clear.
I mean... we refuse to abandon a party that has been ratfucking the lot of us for decades now.


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