Monday, January 25, 2016

DCCC Trying To Force Some Rich Candidate From Orange County On Santa Clarita


Blue America is matching every dollar up to $5,000 for Lou Vince

Just when we thought the DCCC was finally going to cave and support a real Democrat for Congress, they discovered yet another way to lose in California's newly blue 25th District. This time, it is a Beverly Hills lawyer, Brian Caforio, who has absolutely no idea what issues are even important to the people in the district but who was "given" the district by the DCCC. He lives in Orange County.

Instead of supporting Lou Vince, the grassroots-backed candidate who has been endorsed by the local Democratic clubs (as well as by Blue America-- you can contribute to Lou's campaign here), the DCCC has parachuted in a wealthy lawyer because he claims to be able to raise large amounts of money. Sounds like a perfect fit for Steve Israel’s DCCC. No surprise, when the DCCC hatched this scheme, they neglected to talk to a single local activist and unsurprisingly, this week, the Simi Valley Democratic Club and the North Valley Democratic Club, two of the largest clubs in the district, voted unanimously to endorse Lou Vince over Caforio, the DCCC having already pressured Maria Gutzeit to get out of the race.

And, to add insult to injury, the “we don’t get involved in contested primaries” DCCC Western Regional Political Director actually sent Lou an email to say he was making calls to California Democratic Party delegates to encourage them to not submit their pre-endorsement ballots for Lou. He wants to be able to funnel DCCC money to Caforio and Lou winning the CDP endorsement would dash those hopes.

Meanwhile, the progressive Democrat in the next district, Ted Lieu, has been giving Lou Vince advice and helping him with his campaign. "Lou is the clear choice in this race," he said. "He will work tirelessly for the residents and represent them best in Congress. I know I look forward to working with him on the issues that matter most in Washington, whether it be tackling climate change, fighting for the middle class or making sure that we stand up for progressive values whenever they are threatened in Washington. I whole-heartedly endorse Lou Vince for Congress."

As we've said before, Lou is the best bet for taking the Simi Valley/Santa Clarita/Antelope Valley district. A police lieutenant and a veteran, Lou matches the profile of the district perfectly. The hard-working families of the area have already made it clear that they don’t like carpetbaggers. Last cycle, Tony Strickland outraised Steve Knight 5 to 1 and claimed he was the chosen one. Yet, Steve Knight trounced Tony Strickland in the general election because Strickland was a carpetbagger, just like Caforio.

The stakes could never be higher for CA-25. The Porter Ranch gas leak is inside the district and Steve Knight has been noticeably absent. Knight and his Republican Neanderthals want to do away with the EPA, the very agency that should have prevented this disaster. Rather than supporting an agency that keeps us all safe, Knight wants to get rid of it and allow corporations to self-regulate. I think we’ve all seen how well that has worked for Porter Ranch.

While Knight stays cozy in DC, the DCCC has scripted Caforio to hit the issue, claiming he cares about our health and the environment. Problem is, he doesn’t even know what the other environmental problems are in the area and there are plenty. In fact, Ed Begley Jr. and RL Miller, chair of the California Democratic Party environmental caucus, two of the most important environmental activists in California, have endorsed Lou because of his environmental stances.

Yesterday Lou told us that: "The 25th district has numerous environmental issues due to years of Republicans pushing through the agenda of the developers who bankroll their campaigns. The Porter Ranch disaster is just the latest case in a long line of environmental damage that needs to be undone. While Steve Knight continues to have a minimal visibility on the issue, another one of my opponents has been seeking to profit politically from the disaster. With no connection to the district at all, he believes that by snapping some pictures with an unpopular Congressman that he 'knows' the environmental issues. Yet, he hasn’t said a single word about the upcoming Chiquita Canyon Landfill Expansion, which will site the largest dump in the United States within 500 feet of an elementary school in a primarily Latino community. Where is Bryan Caforio on Chiquita? Where was Bryan Caforio 2 months ago? The answer is not in the 25th District."

If Bryan Caforio wins the primary, the DCCC will undoubtedly lose in the 25th District once again, a long pattern of bungling for them. It’s not often we have a candidate like Lou run for an office who could truly have a huge impact on the House floor. Having a former cop stand on the House floor and call for criminal justice reform would be a powerful ally for all progressives in the chamber. Not to mention having a Marine veteran calling for common sense gun measures. Lou certainly has the credibility to speak out on those issues.

That’s why we want to make sure Lou has the support he needs to win this June. That’s why we've decided to go all in for Lou. Blue America will be matching every contribution made to Lou’s campaign, thanks to two anonymous donors, on this page this week up to $5,000.

This is our chance to get a true blue progressive in the House and show the DCCC that it is the grassroots that really matter and that they should start fighting Republicans, not progressive Democrats.

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At 3:49 PM, Blogger Professor Chaos said...

I don't know why the mucky-mucks who run the Democratic Party keep trying to "triangulate" or attract the non-existent "moderate" voters.

Harry Truman said it a long time ago: if you give voters a choice between a Republican and a Democrat who acts like a Republican, they'll choose the real thing every time. How have they not learned this? When Democrats nominate progressive candidates, we win. When we try to split the difference with Republicans, we lose.

At 3:14 AM, Anonymous praveen said...

thanks for sharing with us.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Doc Ellis 124 said...

Isn't Lou one of the vermin who beat up Cecil Miller 2000.08.04 (see this at eighth graf) and got the LA City government to pay out $150K of stolen money 2002.12.13 to settle a lawsuit? (see this at

Why would you want something like that to promote?

He claimed in a separate message that the facts are in the public record that folks seal as part of settlement.


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