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Why Simon And Garfunkel Agreed To Let Bernie Use Their Iconic Song For His Ad


Friday, Bernie's campaign started using the Simon and Garfunkel ad in New Hampshire and Iowa. The song is iconic and so is the minute-long ad. The former right-wing Republican operative the Clinton campaign uses as an attack dog, David Brock, one of the sleaziest and most dishonest players in American politics, is claiming to the media that ad is racist for not including enough people of color and said "From this ad it seems black lives don't matter much to Bernie Sanders." It's exactly the kind of response you would expect from a Republican. It's just odd that this is a Hillary Clinton Republican, doing his best to cause friction and divisiveness inside the Democratic Party. Leave it to Hillary to surround herself with people like David Brock, the right-wing political assassin who called Anita Hill "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty"; it has so much to do with why so many Democrats can't stand Clinton and won't vote for her.

This morning Art Garfunkel was on CNN with Michael Smerconish explaining why he's backing Bernie and why he was glad to give Bernie the rights to use the song in his ad. Smerconish was eager to ask him why he's "a Bernie guy; why not a Hillary person?"
I like that Benie is very upset by the gap between the rich and the poor. I think that's central. When Bernie says "Hillary gave a speech; she got $275,000 for that speech; you have to give a very good speech to earn that money." He's winking at we know the power of whoever backed her. And she's beholden to them. And she's beholden to them. And that's how America works-- until somebody says "Not with me!"

Friday Ted Johnson, the Variety politics editor wrote about the decision for allowing Bernie to use the song and published Garfunkel's full statement about it:
1. I never wanted to gain an influence on the public through my songs, and then use it for my politics. It’s bait and switch.

2. Xenophobia (fear of different people) is the issue of the 21st Century (said Bill Clinton to me backstage). We reach beyond nationalism-- don’t I sing for ALL hearts and minds.

3. But after 9/11 I realized that I truly love my America and quest for an identity with my fellow Americans.

4. Almost 50 years ago I professed my love in a melodic suspension that soars at the end of our song, "America."

5. I wanted my arrangement to be urgent, reaching, yearning, shining, and full of glory, full of my love for this country.

6. Who are we? 13 states in rebellion, making what kind of composite? Southern planters defending states’ rights or a beautiful unity founded on Hamilton’s respect for northern bankers.

7. 33 yrs later, just after 9/11, I wrote a piece (in my website, to be out in my autobiography next year) that again holds up a mirror.

8. Now I believe the monied interests have gone too far and have rigged the system.

[a poem from 2001]:

9. “Perhaps if I steal from Thomas Wolfe and give him his proper due — not the ‘man in full’ but the ‘homeward angel’-- he might reappear for you. Then see him up there where the Rockies rise, his legs dangling over the ledge above Denver, eight thousand feet in the air. Before him, the plains, behind, the Pacific, stars coming out on a summer’s night, and everywhere the twilight falls on America.

To the right is Amarillo, beyond it the Astros at play, over my shoulder, Seattle, over the other beyond the Great Canyon, gas fumes and fast food mix with the smell of L.A. Hear the blues parade across the stage. Up from New Orleans into Chicago, see all the clusters of lights beyond. Follow the fashion of Rock ‘n’ Roll-- St Louie to Cleveland to Philly to bond the nation’s soul with music in its cars.

And in our hearts, love of the physical entity. America. Identity in doubt. We can’t go home again, so we’re runaway vagabonds, lost in twilight, wondering what we’re about.”
Now... if you'd like to make sure lots of folks in New Hampshire and Iowa actually see the ad on TV, please consider contributing to Bernie's campaign by clicking on the Blue America thermometer:

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At 11:45 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Love Simon And Garfunkel they're true legends great ad by Bernie.

At 4:34 AM, Blogger Daro said...

As I commented on Naked Capitalism:

I like to think that Hillary’s cynicism had her hire the best insider movers & shakers and operators she could find which is why her campaign could never come up with something to match this Bernie ad which is the product of dreamers and idealists. And now her team are sitting around the boardroom conference table watching the clip and going, “Dammn..”


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