Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Message From Lee Rogers


Lou Vince

Dr. Lee Rogers was the Blue America-backed candidate for Congress twice in the Antelope Valley, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita area. He scared Buck McKeon so deeply that McKeon retired from Congress and is now working as a lobbyist. Even after McKeon raised the white flag, Steve Israel and the dysfunctional operation he's turned the DCCC into still managed to screw up the race, leaving Democrats without a candidate. So people have been stuck with a right-wing ideologue, Steve Knight, who has been making a terrible impression with his constituents and is likely to be a one-termer. Lee feels confident that 2016 will be the year the district flips from red to blue, but he's worried that a DINO could grab the seat instead of a real Democrat.

Blue America has endorsed Lou Vince. Lee penned the letter below to the other progressive organizations that endorsed him, which he is urging to back Lou.
I was the nominee for CA-25 in 2012 and 2014. I am a champion of the progressive cause and I was endorsed by PCCC, MoveOn, DFA, PDA, BlueAmerica, PFAW, and the Stonewall Democrats among others. CA-25 is a changing district. It is D+1 and becoming more Democratic. The district went for Obama slightly in 2008 and Romney slightly in 2012. It is the last remaining district in Los Angeles County not represented by a Democrat. Unfortunately, there has not been a strong Democratic organization active in the district.

Progressive groups should be involved in CA-25 for a couple reasons. First, CA-25 will eventually be a Democratic district. But whether or not CA-25 sends a progressive to Washington, depends on us. There are other Democrats running, but they are conservative Dems.

Please consider these points:
This district is now winnable by Democrats more so than it has ever been. The 25th is now D+1 and we are very close to expelling the last Republican Congressman from Ventura and Los Angeles counties from Congress.

With competitive CA State Senate races on each wing of the district (SD27 – Simi Valley/Porter Ranch/Stevenson Ranch and SD21 – Santa Clarita/Palmdale), there will be a very strong effort to further increase voter turnout for these races, thus strengthening our turnout as well.

Maria Gutziet is conservative Blue Dog Democrat that does not stand for real progressive values like Lou Vince. As a member of the Newhall Water Board, Gutzeit has proven to be a reliable vote for the developers and business interests, rather than standing up for progressive ideals and residents of the 25th District.

Rather than allow a DINO to go to Congress, progressive organizations need to stand up and give Lou a fighting chance to give the progressives one more voice in Congress.

In 2015 Q2, all Democrats had pitiful fundraising, Maria Gutzeit $36,000, Lou Vince $14,000, and Evan Thomas didn’t report. If Lou doesn’t have the support he needs and Maria advances to the general election, voters in the 25th will have a choice between Republican and Republican lite.
CA-25 is an opportunity. Let’s not waste it!


Dr. Lee Rogers

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