Friday, April 09, 2010

Palin Lends Her Credibility To Steele As The First State Party Chair Demands He Resign


Yesterday Sarah Palin voiced support for one of the Democrats' bets hopes for winning in November-- she wants Michael Steele to keep his job as RNC Chair. So do most Democrats. Palin, well-known as someone who quits her own jobs when the going gets tough-- or when there's more money to be made off in another direction-- says Steele's her guy. "I support Michael Steele," she said."I think he's doing a great job. Michael Steele is an outsider. The machine, I think, is tough to penetrate... I think it's been good to have an independent outsider trying to create some change in the Republican Party." Most Republican Party officials disagree and want him out... asap.
ormer Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), a possible 2012 presidential candidate, said Wednesday that Steele needs to address the "disarray" at the RNC.

Republican leaders in Congress have also chastised Steele. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) told The Hill in an interview last month that he only talks to Steele "every month or two," adding that Steele has no role in the House GOP's 2010 version of the 1994 "Contract with America." House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in January publicly chided Steele for holding an RNC retreat in Hawaii.

Palin has an increasingly low favorability rating, even among Republicans, although far right extremists, non-thinkers who fall for the Limbaugh and Glenn Beck trained seal acts, actually still think she's swell. Only 43% of admitted Republicans view her favorably and among all Americans that drops precipitously to 24%. (Yes, she could win a GOP primary and go on to an historic general election wipeout. I wonder if Steele will support her.)

No Republican Senate incumbent is more endangered than Richard "Bank Run" Burr in North Carolina, where voters are looking for a change from the floundering obstructionist Neanderthal most of them are embarrassed about. Yesterday he had his pet state party chair, Tom Fetzer, call on Steele to step down as national chairman. "I believe," wrote the pompous Fetzer, "that the best service you can render to your party at this critical juncture is to graciously step aside and allow the party to move on from this current quagmire." Fetzer's the first state chairman to publicly call for Steele's resignation. Most of them feel the same way but fear that Steele will label them racists if they do who claims he's being crucified for doing the same kinds of things white Republicans always get away with. After all, serial hooker higher David Vitter (R-LA) and scandal-clouded C-Street cultist John Ensign (R-NV) have both refused to resign and their behavior is way over the line into the criminal side of the street. And then there's Pete Sessions (R-TX), head of the NRCC. Watch for yourself (although make sure there are no minors in the room):

UPDATE: Steele Won't Resign

Steele has no intention of going quietly and he has allies. Although 20 State Party leaders refused to sign it, CA GOP chair Ron Nehring circulated a pro-Steele letter at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference yesterday and today. I guess the signers are all part of the lesbian bondage GOP caucus... or maybe they just support corruption in any form.

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