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Jesus' General understands Susan Collins really good

Sometimes I wish People For the American Way, the best of the progressive values-driven public interest organizations, would get more involved in electoral politics. I always tell myself that if folks like PFAW were on the front lines of the electoral rough and tumble, there would be someone credible to hold opportunists and careerists in the Democratic Party to account for abandoning basic progressive values in pursuit of less laudable objectives. But every now and then PFAW surprises me with a meaningful and principled political endorsement. They actually abandoned most Inside the Beltway public interest groups to endorse Ned Lamont over a sitting U.S. Senator. That takes guts... and vision. And believe me, Lieberman, like any old pachyderm, doesn't forget.

Today they eviscerated the outrageous claims of "moderation" from one of Lieberman's -- and Bush's-- political allies, Maine's always deceitful junior senator, Susan Collins. I have no idea if they will endorse Tom Allen or not but they certainly laid bare the pretence that Susan Collins has defended women's right to choice.
This week marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. But with two new justices on the Supreme Court appointed by George W. Bush, a woman's right to choose is hanging by a thread.

We need a president who will appoint justices who won't threaten this fundamental right--- and just as importantly, a Senate that will confirm them.

Senator Susan Collins voted for President Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court. We've recorded an ad-- voiced by actress Kathleen Turner-- to remind the people of Maine that while Collins says she's pro-choice, she helped put two justices on the court who are ready to take away reproductive rights.

Make sure the people of Maine know about Susan Collins' record, and take action.

This ad is the first in our series of ads to remind people in key states like Maine about the importance of the Supreme Court.

As goes the Senate, so goes the Supreme Court. And as goes the Court, so go all of our rights and liberties for at least a generation!

Help us get Kathleen's ad the play it needs to raise awareness in Maine.

Check out the ad! And please contribute.

Susan Collins has been a disaster for America and a blight on the good name of one of the proudest and most enlightened states in the Union. By all means kick down some money to PFAW's campaign to put that ad on the radio. Please also consider putting some money directly into the campaign of the Maine congressman who can send her into the retirement she has earned, Tom Allen-- here at our Blue America page. Here's a video that shows the essence of what a Republican tool does when they get their hands on an important senate seat that could be used for so much good:


Hello, I’m Kathleen Turner.

This week marks the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade – the landmark Supreme Court decision protecting women’s freedom of choice. Senator Susan Collins says she’s pro-choice, but she voted for George Bush’s Supreme Court nominees.

Now, the Supreme Court is poised to dismantle women's choice piece by piece.

When it came to the Supreme Court, Susan Collins didn’t stand up for our rights. She stood with George W. Bush.

This week, tell Susan Collins to oppose judges who oppose Maine values.

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At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Tom Allen has the resources to use this video in his campaign. I am unable to give this month except to JRE, but in February will send more to Tom, John Laesch, and others being supported by ActBlue. Keep going Howie!

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