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It doesn't much matter that Willard turned out the Mormon machine in Nevada and won the Republican caucuses there. Willard will be a footnote to the history of the 2008 election, something like a less accomplished version of Bob Dole. This will be a HUGE Democratic year-- a response to the 8 previous almost universally reviled years of the Bush Regime. So Democratic primaries and caucuses are important. Edwards didn't win. CBS is calling Nevada a Clinton victory 51% to Obama's 45%. Obama got the young voters; Clinton got the old folks. More old folks vote. The NY Times gives the credit for his victory to women voters. African-Americans turned out big for Obama (83%). Latinos went 64-26% for Clinton.

In contrast to the lack of interest today in South Carolina's pygmy primary-- where turn out was minuscule, CNN is reporting that Democratic turnout in Nevada was record-breaking. 40,000 were expected and 107,000 114,000 showed up (in contrast to 41,000 Repugs in this 50/50 state), following the same patterns that were set in Iowa and New Hampshire: Democrats coming to the polls in droves; Republicans, hating their miserable choices, staying away. This is expected to get much, much worse for Republicans by next November. The only Republicans motivated to vote-- at least early on-- were the evangelicals, good news for the Huckster. "Preliminary exit poll results indicate that nearly seven in 10 Republican voters in the state are identifying themselves as conservatives, which is more than in the 2000 primary there, as well as more than in either Michigan or New Hampshire this year. And nearly six in 10 in South Carolina are evangelical Christians." Independents aren't showing up at the polls, bad news for grumpy old McCain.

If you want the demographic breakdown of the Democratic caucus voters, CNN has a good one. Obama won among men by a little. Hillary won among women by a landslide. Those who said the most important issue was either the economy or health care went for Hillary. Iraq voters favored Obama (slightly), buying into his preposterous tale that he would have voted against the war if he had been in the Senate. Independent voters went for Obama 47% to 33% (with Edwards at 11%) but Democrats gave Hillary 51%, Obama 39% and Edwards 8%. Hillary won across the ideological spectrum and the more liberal the voter, the more likely they were to vote for her instead of Obama. Union households went for Clinton, although it was fairly even between them. And in terms of delegates... it appears to be either even or Obama ahead!

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At 11:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just when one was getting ready to give Billary the benefit of the doubt for her spontaneous burst of crocodile tears, she turns around and slaps us smack on the face by insinuating her personal weakness was a sacrificial token for the female gender. “maybe I have liberated us to let women be human beings in public life”
When will she stop? Why are women allowing themselves to be played for fools? What happened to honesty, integrity? When dealing with Ahmedinejad, Kim Jong Il or Jugo Chavez, 3 goons from the axis of evil, will she breakdown in front of them? Do we really want to take this chance?

Selfish is the word of the day and that is what she should take to the bank. If a tear was shed, it was for self pity and fear of the impeding loss to Obama, not for the nation. Women are not stupid, not by a long shot!! And yet they continue to vote for Billary.

The truth is they are voting for the machine. It is systematically ripping Obama apart, planting seeds of doubt on likely voters such as him being a Muslim or peddling drugs!! The machine with President Bill Clinton at the helm and the surrogates, Bob and Magic Johnson Bob Kerry and the rest of them at the flanks is roughing the vote from Obama. They say what they mean, sowing animosity and then rescinding their remarks in meaningless apologies and calls for a truce. There after the hound dogs go to work and call every one they can reach with spiteful messages.

They are playing for gold and Obama either needs to recalibrate his approach or throw in the towel for he is fighting a different fight. Obama needs to attack the Clintons where it hurts. He needs to go after their extensive blood trail.

Scores of people associated with the Clintons have lost their lives under very questionable circumstances. Guilty or not, he too will plant seeds of doubt giving the voters a choice of poisons.

Women can and will lead America, however, Billary is a mistake that we can not afford. Not in a recession. Not during war. Not at all.

If the analysts are right, and the Fed chairman has some integrity in him, then the next administration will inherit a troubled economy; the worst recession in history. We will need a unitarian and not a divider to lead us out of this unmitigated disaster.

In all fairness, and with due respect to The Lawyer, after Nevada, he should step down and officially endorse The Big Hope, whose policies are some what similar to his. Just like 2004 The Lawyer, Edwards has VP written all over him.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading the spiteful comments made against Hilary. It just makes me smile and grin because I can sense the fear, the creeping despair and I can almost smell your stinking sweat. You are the "haters" and you are beginning to panick as you see Hillary Clinton's momentum rise. It is a race on the "Big Screen of Life" and you can see her putting in that runner's "extra kick" and pulling away from the pack.

Too bad for the Obama lovers, but he just didn't have the necessary experience, and his prose & empty promises were not enough to fool the voters!

So - chatter away and spill your venom. But in the end, you'll only make people like me smile because you have exposed the underbelly of your fear. ;)

Go Billary or whatever else you want to call Hillary. Go Get Them Clintons!!

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

experience has never been necessary to be president, look at Truman and the many other great leaders we have had who had little or no experience. but, since you hillary fans insist, compare her senate terms to obamas term, plus all his years in illinois. seems like he is the most experienced isn't he. and no, hillary being first lady doesn't count, and her claiming that as experience is only goin to hurt her (remember the failed health care initiative).

but as i said, experience doesn't count anyway

At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try telling a company looking to hire you or anyone else to do a job that "experience doesn't count" and see how far you get! Of course experience counts!

I would not hire an inexperienced person to do a job that I needed done. Haven't you had enough in the last 7 years from an inexperienced president's blunders?

Your commentary on experience is not the "final say." It is what the voters believe that counts!

As far as what the O (or Zero)was doing in Illinois, since your so interested, read his book and you'll find out what he was doing: drugs, alcohal,partying, etc.

While in the Senate the 0 voted over 100 times as "present" because he did not have the "know how" to make a decision.

Like I said your under belly is showing. :)

At 3:12 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

hillary is done,,,,,she and bill are people that the public are tired of watching them lie. its over. she is not a feminist. otherwise, she would have left Bill years ago. grow up. get a life and move on.

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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