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As a matter of fact... Doolittle suddenly decided he's with Sneaky Pete. I don't know if it's because he likes Domenici's nickname or because, like Domenici, he has supported every single Bush Cheney Iraq initiative. The House voted on Iraq-related legislation 49 times since the original 4 resolutions giving Bush the authority to use force. Doolittle was out swindling the public during two votes but of the 47 he voted on, he voted with Bush and Cheney 47 times-- a perfect rubber stamp record.

If a coward and bootlick like Doolittle is abandoning Bush, believe me, it is all over. Doolittle, who knows he will have to depend on a president to pardon him when he gets sentenced to a long prison term next year probably feels he has a better shot with Hillary than with the current occupant of the White House. And if someone as far to the right as Doolittle is moving away from Bush-- after his unblemished record of complete and total support for the occupation-- it can only mean the damn is about to break.
At a town hall meeting in Rocklin and then in a meeting with the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee he questioned whether the conflict was worth the loss of more American lives. He said U.S. troops should be pulled back from the front lines "as soon as possible" and the fighting turned over to Iraqi forces.

A longtime supporter of the war, Doolittle called the situation in Iraq a "quagmire" on Thursday. "We've got to get off the front lines as soon as possible," Doolittle said at Rocklin City Hall, the Bee reported. "And in my mind that means something like the end of the year. We just can't continue to tolerate these kinds of losses."

Wow! What's next? Mean Jean Schmidt? Marilyn Musgrave? And by the way, if you want to show Doolittle what you think of a phony and a rat, may I suggest a contribution to the campaign of his congressional replacement, Charlie Brown?


I had a feeling Charlie might have something to say about this. Here's what he just sent me"
For more than four years, John Doolittle has offered lockstep support for a disastrous Iraq policy that has neglected our troops, compromised America’s security, and emboldened our enemies.
Nearly 3600 Americans have been killed and more than 25,000 wounded. And while I have consistently offered a plan which honors their sacrifice and matches realities on the ground-- to include a more limited mission, timetables for re-deployment and enforceable political benchmarks-- John Doolittle has consistently voted to stay the course. 
Now that he is facing the prospect of criminal indictment, Doolittle is grasping at straws. He’s gone from a position of blind allegiance to a President who ignores the will of the American people, his top military commanders, Congress, and the Iraq Study Group, to one that is grounded in political desperation. 
It’s time for John Doolittle to offer our troops, our country, and his constituents something more than just empty words.

Doolittle is half a decade behind Charlie Brown in dealing with Iraq. While Doolittle continues to play politics with this crucial threat to our national security, here's the actual plan that retired Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown has come up with the try to do something about Iraq. Like I mentioned yesterday, you want to trade in one of the half dozen worst congressmen in the entire United States for someone who will be a real leaders? You'd be surprised what $5 or $10 will do to help.

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At 10:13 PM, Blogger kid oakland said...

Agreed, Charlie Brown is simply the kind of good honest man any district would want for a representative.

His new hires are winning raves.

I've met the man twice and have come away impressed.

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe I went to college with the gentleman.

A quiet sense of humor and intelligent caring for others marks him a leader in the true sense.

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Kyle said...

Good grief. Someone had to say it.

At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe not deserting, but redeploying:

With the rhetoric, the lies, and the fabricated evidence ramping up for Iran, is it possible that Doolittle and Domenici (cold-blooded warmongers that they are) simply have new marching orders with a significant chunk of the redeployments to go to the Iranian border area? JK

At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Murthas new name is......Nostradamus. Everything that John had suggested and predicted is coming true. what was the death toll when John suggested redeployment by the way. Any chicken shit who goes for the Murtha plan at this date should be indicted for murder as far as I 'm concerrned. AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Charlie Brown, sounds like an outstanding candidate. However, as I'm a Democrat, he might be too nice. Doolittle is about to be indicted, and this should be brought up every possible oppurtinity. His daughter and wife and son and his mother are all in a scheme to defraud the taxpayer! Even if it's not precisely true, it could be. This is how it's done today. Hit him first and hard and don't let him up for any reason. He will be indicted soon or Carol Lamb's removal proves the cover up ,again.! Please- just this election cycle- get in the trough first and throw the mud out like our democracy depended on it. Other than that, everythings fine.


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