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Yesterday DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen took questions from new media folks on a conference call. Many of us wanted to know how well Democratic congressional candidates were doing in the fundraising arena. There was some worry that the Clinton, Obama and Edwards machines were sucking up all the contributions that were available and that it might hurt our candidates for Congress. CVH said he had some good indications that money was flowing in to the candidates-- and he told us some had already started reporting exceptional quarters-- but he wasn't certain of the overall figures yet. And, moreover, he warned us, Bush had done his mega annual fundraiser for the Republican congressional committee and managed to vacuum up almost $8 million in one night.

I've been getting reports from some of the Blue America candidates in the last few days and they are spectacular. Rep. Tom Allen, our progressive alternative to Lieberman's Susan Collins for the Maine senate seat, not only kept pace with Collins (just over a million dollars) but he reports that at the same time Lieberman raised $150,000 from corporate lobbyists for Collins, the netroots brought in $300,000 for Congressman Allen. Today Jim Himes, the Blue America progressive who is going up against fake moderate Christopher Shays-- the last Republican House member in New England-- and who will be our Firedoglake live guest on Saturday, July 28, reported over $350,000, the most of any Democratic challenger for a House seat in the country. And a few days ago when I spoke with Darcy Burner-- who will be joining us at FDL this coming Saturday (11am, PT)-- she also told me money had started flowing into her campaign, especially after Karl Rove targeted WA-08 in that illegal GSA powerpoint presentation in March.

Today's Roll Call reported that the DCCC slaughtered the NRCC. The Repugs managed to bring in $13 million while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee added $17 million to the $2 million they already have in the bank. (The NRCC is $4 million in debt.) In the first 6 months of the year the DCCC raised $36 million compared to $29 million for the Republican version-- even with Bush's help and even with corporations panicky that Democrats could gain effective control of Congress next year and start governing in the interests of workers, consumers, entrepreneurs and ordinary Americans.

The Democrats now have almost ten times the cash on hand that the Republicans do. Republicans always manage to get enough money from their corporate buddies but it is very satisfying to see small donations from concerned citizens coming in at this rate so early in the cycle. And the DCCC has been spending it wisely. Since Emanuel was kicked upstairs the DCCC has stopped waging war against grassroots candidates, anti-war candidates and progressives and instead is spending money on getting out an effective Democratic message. I was really impressed with their July 4th weekend radio and TV blitz in districts where vulnerable GOP incumbents are always screaming about supporting the troops on the stump and then come into Congress and consistently vote against the troops. Among the rubber stamp Republicans who got this treatment were Robin Hayes (NC), Jim Walsh (NY), Jon Porter (NV), Don Young (AK), Mark Kirk (IL), Heather Wilson (NM), Randy Kuhl (NY), Phil English (PA)... and, of course, the hideously reactionary Marilyn Musgrave. Take a look at what the DCCC spent some money on showing her constituents:

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Thanks. And, I appreciate your use of language. It is important.

"liberals" really are Progressives, and I appreciate the fact that you always use the latter word.

And, this is great-

"Yesterday DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen took questions from *new media folks* on a conference call."

I hope it catches on. Calling it "the new media".

I sent you a link b4- hope you noticed that stats at Act Blue show that Blue America is in the top 10 pages in all the categories that they analyzed- #donors, $raised, for lifetime of page, and various time point break-downs.

Thanks, Howie.

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oh, p.s.

I meant to sign off as "VG" in comment above, but forgot.



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