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Rarely do I announce our Blue America candidates more than a few days in advance. And, you'll probably notice, that I never add them to our list until the day of their Firedoglake chat. I just made an exception. In the last few days I've been working out a Blue America chat with Congressman Tom Allen, the progressive Democrat running for the Senate seat currently in the hands of Susan Collins, a complete Bush rubber stamp. Tom has a great staff and today Tom Sullivan, who does blogger outreach for him, confirmed Saturday, June 9th (2PM, Maine time).

I was so happy I could barely contain myself and then I noticed that treacherous ex-Democrat, Joe Lieberman, still treated like a Democrat by Reid and Schumer and allowed to hold a committee chair as though he weren't an integral part of the Bush-Rove-Cheney real axis of Evil, is out getting his corporate pals to pony up big bucks for Collins. Few senators have done as much butt-licking for corporate America as Liberman and he'll bring her lots of dough. He is desperate to keep her in the Senate for many reasons, one of which is to keep his sorry ass relevant. If the Democrats win a working majority next year, Lieberman's constant threats to join the GOP won't matter. In fact, he will probably be kicked out of the Democratic caucus.

Chris Cilliza is reporting at the Washington Post today that Holy Joe is "planning to co-host a fundraiser for her on June 21 in Washington, D.C." along with Snarlin' Arlen. "Let's try to make this a bi-partisan tour de force" is what the invitation says. Bipartisan will mean a bunch of Republicans, a mixed bag of lobbyists and other professional whores, and Lieberman.

So I decided to make a donation to Congressman Allen and to open up his Act Blue page at Blue America. Even a $5 or $10 contribution means a lot in helping Tom show that there is support for Democrats who want to end the war and who stand for the progressive principles and values disdained by Collins and Lieberman.

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At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Howie!

I am really looking forward to his BA visit.

I did a bit of googling to check him out, and he looks very impressive.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger KayInMaine said...

Woohoo! Go Tom Allen! He's wonderful and will be a great Senator for the state of Maine. One thing we have to get out is Susan Collins' atrocious, jackboot licking voting record! We also need to keep showing the people of Maine and the nation the company she keeps: John McCave, Arlen Spector, Joe Lieberman and Rick Santorum (she campaigned for him last year).

Tom Allen is already loved here in Maine and the one thing he did that Mainers know is he did not vote for the Iraq occupation right from the get go. He knew the Bush White House was lying and he didn't even have to see the evidence to come to that conclusion.

So, thanks Howie for your post! Keep up the pressure and your outrage. :-)

At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



great to see you here.

Valley Girl

At 8:13 PM, Blogger KayInMaine said...

Hey girl. We Patriots are everywhere. We're just like credit cards...we're everywhere we need to be. ;-)

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howie, thanks for your site and the work that you do. I read you every day. I have a concern I would like to express. I am certain you noticed that one of your "Blue Americans" that a lot of us supported with donations in the last election, namely Claire McCaskill, was one of the Democrats that did not vote to end the Iraq war in the Senate. Were there others? Maybe the criteria for being designated a BA should be reviewed. Any thoughts on this?

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Rev. G. said...

Included on Tom's enemy list I would have to list all the antiwar folks in Maine. We will not be deceived...Tom voted for every funding bill for the war but one.
His staff has been disrespectful to Military Families Speak Out and Veterans for Peace.
We told Tom repeatedly that he would pay politically if he didn't protest the war...and until very recently he has been a prowar cheerleader.
On election day we'll stay home and let Suzie Q win...Sorry Tom....It didn't have to be this way. Rev. G


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