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I woke up so early this morning... like 3:30, I think; too much, even for me. If it had been an hour later I would have dragged myself downstairs to the war room computer, and started writing about Larry Craig (R-ID), Denny Hastert (R-IL) and Phil English (R-PA) being closeted homophobic homos or something like that. But instead, I just put CNN on to lull me back to sleep; the only thing they're good at. Instead of lulling, though, the talking head on there was yapping about a general in Baghdad who was mentioning that everything was a friggin' disaster and that we'd better change our so-called "strategy." And then he seemed to tack on something clearly written afterwards, probably by "someone else." That was a statement that the terrorists were killing everyone in sight to try to influence the midterms. I guess that was the draft-dodging Rove's contribution to the U.S. military. [Later in the day, when I heard the general's speech on NPR I heard him choke on Rove's addendum.]

Briefly, General Caldwell said that the new security plan for Baghdad hasn't reduced violence there at all. "Instead, attacks have actually jumped more than 20 percent over the first three weeks of the holy month of Ramadan, compared to the previous three weeks... In an unusually gloomy assessment, General Caldwell called the spike in attacks 'disheartening' and added that the American military was 'working closely with the government of Iraq to determine how to best refocus our efforts'... In a worrisome development, General Caldwell revealed today that American troops had to return last week to Dora, a troubled southern Baghdad neighborhood that had been a showcase of the new security plan and was one of the first areas to be cleared."

The Rove, or perhaps just Rovian, line was "We also realize that there is a midterm election that's taking place in the United States and that the extremist elements understand the power of the media; that if they can in fact produce additional casualties, that in fact is recognized and discussed in the press because everybody would like not to see anybody get killed in these operations, but that does occur."

Presumably, the message Caldwell delivered is meant to telegraph that the terrorists want Bush's rubber stamp Congress defeated by Democrats. This, of course, is patently absurd. If it's actual "terrorists" we're talking about, there is no greater boon to their cause than the bumbling Bush. It has long since been demonstrated that Osama bin-Laden did all he could to manipulate the 2004 presidential election-- second only to Ken Blackwell-- to insure a victory for BushCheney. Even Bush himself has admitted bin-Laden helped him "win" the election!

Meanwhile, President Clinton explained why it is crucial that Bush and the terrorists be defeated in the midterm elections, eloquently pointing out that "the governing Republican majority has abandoned the common good in favor of ideologically driven politics that demonize its opponents, [and] has forced ordinary Americans to fend for themselves and has too often left the United States isolated internationally."


The Associated Press ran a piece today warning of a Republican warning that the terrorists are coming for us. They'll start running TV spots this weekend with the tens of millions of dollars they've gotten from their Big Business clients meant to keep their undeserving asses in power. Hopefully the ads will remind people that Bush has failed to capture or kill Osama bin-Laden because he's "not concerned."


Today's Moonie Times speculates that conservative votes, as repulsed by Bush and the rubber stamp Congress as they are, will in all likelihood spend election day at home, wishing they had never heard of George W. Bush. "Conservatives aren't motivated to come out, is what I'm finding," say right wing consultant Rick Shaftan. "They see no reason to re-elect the people who are in office." Another anonymous wingnut consultant told the Moonies that "there are very definitely trouble signs in many states of what we call the 'LRs'-- the lethargic Republicans. They are unhappy with the president and have little love lost for Congress."


At 4:20 PM, Blogger Daniel DiRito said...

You can be sure that if Tony Snow has to clarify what the general meant to say, then the Bush administration must realize they need to be in full scale damage control with less than three weeks until the midterm election. I could be wrong, but it does seem that voter sentiment has reached the tipping point and it is doubtful that they will alter their conclusions about the war effort. In fact, it is hard to imagine what news could alter the mood of the electorate at this late date.

Reading between the lines, I would equate the strategy with what John McCain has called a game of whack-a-mole whereby we are chasing insurgents from neighborhood to neighborhood because we haven't committed the troop strength necessary to control the entire city. Further, the Iraqi forces continue to prove ineffective...and may be actually participating in the sectarian strife. Frankly, the Bush administration's intransigence must bear the bulk of the blame as they refused to listen to those who argued that we would need a much larger troop presence to win the peace. To call for more troops now will only be met with more criticism and it would be a tacit admission that the war strategy was badly flawed...a perspective now held by a large majority of Americans.

Read more here:

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think the ad is gonna backfire bigtime on the GOP. Not only is it a reminder that Osama and Zawahiri are still at large 5 years after 9-11, it also a stark reminder of Bush and the GOP Congress's failure to implement the port security measures recommended by the 9-11 commission....

....and if people aren't immediately reminded of those things, Dem politicians can do so... and VERY effectively.

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the end "Rovian" will mean something quite different from what it used to mean. Before it was viscious but effective tactics. Now its viscious but uneffective.

The American people are waking up and their grumpy. We've been through a long nightmare but it's just before dawn and we need to take a piss. As soon as we get our shit together we're going to take out the garbage and go to work.


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