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by Mags

Was the torture act passed by Congress a gift to Bush so that when Dems take over, Bush cannot be prosecuted for war crimes? Do they know or even hope the the rest of the act will be declared unconstitutional? Are they trying to do for George Bush what he has all along sought to do for himself?

With James Baker poking around in Iraq and hinting that the Bush Regime will not like his analysis, one that might end up looking a lot more like John Murtha's than like George Bush's, are we seeing the elder of the GOP or maybe the sane coming in to pull the plug on Bushie baby while still handing him a safety net?

As more and more whistle blowers come forward with stories of incompetence we see an administration that is so obviously coming unglued.

Is it possible that Rove is not the  genius he is thought to be, but only a planner with unlimited funds and unlimited media influence? Are the loose ends that Mr. Rove never thought to tie up threatening to completely undo this Bush/Rove dynamic duo? Of late there is little recommend genius and much to recommend an over estimation of Mr. Rove's follow through and of the nation's patience with fraud, incompetence, and corruption.

Already the media is preparing us for a Lame Duck presidency even as Mr. Bush presses for silence about sucha possibility. Could James Baker be called upon to make judgments about the competency of Bush, Jr. at some point in the future? Is he there to assure no melt down as Bush is forced to accept the reality that he is not king? If we discount all of our fantasies about W taking over the world through and evil and brilliant plan, if we see him and his inner circle for what they are, flawed human beings with limited foresight and very little judgment, then perhaps we could imagine another reality.

Might we see the hapless offspring of a powerful and admittedly morally challenged family gain power in an astonishing power play in the Florida elections only to self-destruct in a show of Machiavellian egomania? There are indicators that this is a possible scenario. Perhaps they were hopeful at first that Jr. could pull off a successful presidency, but now the writing is on the wall?

For years I have felt that the left has given way too much power to George W. Bush. He may yet exercise that and bring a whole world of hurt down on himself by trying to hurt us, but along the way we have practically oulined the plan for him and Karl by continually fearing the worst. I do not advocate denial or sticking one's head in the sand, but we also need to look at how much power we give these people through our fear. It is precisely because George, Karl, Dick, and Don have so little in the way of true ability, that we find ourselves in this predicament.

I take heart in the back pages at times, and observances by those closer to DC. According to Steve Clemons of the Washington Note George the elder is making noises that resemble a smack down of the younger.

Has the family tie that binds stretched far enough to break? Is there a limit to Bush family corruption, or does Papa Bush sincerely care about a decent legacy, if that is at all salvageable?

The military is stretched beyond belief by Rumsfeld whose slime factor has been questioned by other, even those in his own party. Brits are forcing Tony Blair to see the light. It is a pertinent detail to remember here that both Laura and Andy Card wanted to see Rumsfeld fired. No matter how quiet Laura is in public there are indicators that she is a factor behind the scenes. George is making everyone look bad. Jeb's chances of continuing the monarchy are non existent.

The GOP is down in every poll, and most are desperate.

The stories of Bush instability and Bush denial are on the front pages these days as well as on television news shows. The more I see, the more I think my scenario might just be a realistic appraisal. James Baker is the Bush family lawyer and Chimpy clean up man. Just what he will be called upon to clean up this time, besides Iraq, will be interesting to see.

This is a mixed blessing to be sure, if it is a blessing at all. It is not hard to imagine under such a scenario Mr. D is for Dementia Cheney getting the boot as a convenient scapegoat. In fact, the more wild Dick's assertions, the better for Mr. Baker and perhaps Mr. Bush as well. Indeed it is not a huge leap to imagine Mr. Baker in that number two spot. Certainly Mr. Hastert is out of the running now. And, Condoleezza has been bad mouthed by prominent figures on the right closing the option of a Rice Vice Presidency to Bush. But, we all remember the beady-eyed Baker from a little fiasco in Florida called the 2000 Presidential election. For the right, Mr. Baker would offer a credible figure something their Party desperately needs as stability within the Party disintegrates. It might be their only hope of wins in the near future.

Since the Bush family is so loyal and tight lipped it is mere speculation to assert anything about them. The father is smarter than the son, and it is still the ties of the father that might allow Jr. to save face, if that is at all still possible. Bush the lesser has ignited the world and my guess is that private talks have occurred between world leaders and the elder Bush or one of his inner circle. Something must be done. Maybe there is enough parental care and concern for the health and welfare of Jr. to motivate a silent coup of sorts. Such an action would hve to be choreographed masterfully. I doubt Jr. will submit without a fight, without knowing he has no choice. And, don't forget, Mr. Rove was once fired by GHWB.

It would be hard for Americans of any stripe (with the exception of the most devoted, a group that seems to have no limits to their ability to rationalize all matters W) to believe that George W. Bush can muster the level of competence required to discern who is right on Iraq policy, James Baker or Rummy and Cheney? There is little public confidence that W is capable of speaking in coherent sentences much less discern the finer details of foreign policy.

Consider the amount of money at stake for those invested in Middle Eastern Oil. Mr. Baker sure does.

Chaos allows the sharks to circle. This is rather like being between the devil and the deep blue sea. Almost anything is better for America and the entire planet than to have George W. Bush in charge. But, Poppy and Jimmy B. are only the lesser of two evils in the very short run.

Vote Democrat. Remain vigilant. The stakes are high.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger laotsesbrother said...

I speak with no credentials but I agree with your analysis. Nothing else I've heard makes any real sense. I suspect it will only be after Nov 8th when we will start to get a better sense of it. The main thing in my mind for now is what convinced Senator Warner to capitulate on the torture bill? I'd be interested in your thoughts on it.

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that there is internecine skullduggery underway perpetrated mainly by the Bush 41 branch of "The Family". I certainly hope so. I'll add:

Though the styles and degrees of success of Bush 41 and Bush 43 are different, and even at odds in certain not insignificant ways, their imperial policies ultimately contain very little difference.

The powerful forces fronted by the Bushes have always wanted to go into Iraq, and the Bushes always knew they would do so eventually. The question of timing was the only major variable, along with more minor ones by comparison, such as the level of competence and the tactics by which it would be handled.

I think if Clinton (and Perot, who hated 41) hadn't beaten Bush 41 in 1992 that the U.S. military would have been in Baghdad by 1994-96. That delay buggered the Bush forces and spawned the PNAC and other militarist groups, and the pressure built up resulting in Bush 43, who became the bulging blackhead at the tip of the pustular imperial pimple.

All in all, with their main objective accomplished - Iraq occupied with long-term U.S. military bases - the ongoing intra-Bush spat will in the longer run appear more clearly to be the extended family therapy that it has been all along: Caesar vs Caesar, or maybe Corleone vs Corleone.

It's just too bad that the Iraqis, and the rest of the world, have had to be dragged into their dysfunction and power plays. Really, they should have done the intervention on George years and years ago. Now it's too late. He'll never go willingly, though he may be easily enough fooled.

Watch out, Iran, and members of the U.S. military in harm's way. Daddy's back!

Addendum: Interesting that Bush 41's speech came at the German Embassy at a German unity event, given that Senator Prescott Bush (W's granddaddy) was from the German Nazi Party's earliest days a very important international financial player in its funding and rise to power - the Senator knowing full well the craven and evil nature of that looming regime (gee, what a swell group of German fellows to sic on the Bolsheviks, was his line of thinking).

Maybe the Bushes, who have some royal English genealogical roots, are of that strand of British aristocracy which became known during World War II for their, at best, "neutral" stance toward the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Bushes of then and today certainly act a lot like Nazis when it comes to matters of war and corruption, and ultimately self-aggrandizing amorality.

At 1:49 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I disagree with laotsesbrother. I think it will happen before the election - a last ditch attempt to save the Republican's from a Congress with subpeona power. I think Howie's very sharp analysis could very well be the "October surprise".

At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are we going to do when this election is stolen? already we see the fix is in in Ohio with hundreds of thousands of potential Democratic voters purged by Blackwell, and laws requiring voters to show id enacted by rethuglicans in many states, as well as diebold machines and run of the mill tactics such as long lines in Democratic precincts, etc. one of our founders when asked what had been created at the Constitutional Convention replied: "a democracy, if you can keep it." I ask again, what are we going to do? our Republic is being stolen. what are we going to do?

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess is that we will meet in the street. I believe that we mild mannered liberals and progressives have indeed had enough.

We will not take fraud lying down. At least I won't. Too many other countries have shown us how to protest a stolen election.

We are not alone. America is a very large anti-GOP block right now.


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