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Nothing bothers the junior senator from Virginia, George Felix Allen, more than to be reminded of his middle name-- and all those excruciating years growing up and being taunted and beaten up by other cruel children who mockingly called him "Felix." Children can be so cruel. Most adults leave that behind. But George Felix still flinches and cringes when he hears someone shout "Felix" even today. Now, everyone knows where he got that name Felix-- in fact he's always had an abiding hatred for his parents for inflicting that on him and his revenge was to spend years beating and tormenting his younger siblings, so eloquently documented in his sister Jennifer's horrifying autobiography, FIFTH QUARTER: THE SCRIMMAGE OF A FOOTBALL COACH'S DAUGHTER.

People are less certain, however, where exactly George Felix got the name "racist." What is known is that he's been a racist long before he ever got elected to anything. When he was growing up (sort of) he had painted a confederate flag on the hood of his car and he wore confederate jewelry. His politics have always been in sympathy with the KKK and, according to today's Washington Post he's up to his old racist tricks again.
A draft dodger who loved parading around in cowboy drag on a dude ranch in Nevada during the Vietnam War, had made the mistake of questioning decorated war hero Jim Webb's patriotism.

It took his staff a week to get him to show his face again after Webb's response. But he seems to have found an easier target for his name-calling. Yes, a little taken aback to see a dark-skinned face in the audience, George Felix started demeaning 20 year old S.R. Sidarth who-- unlike George Felix-- was born and raised in Virginia.

"S.R. Sidarth, a senior at the University of Virginia, had been trailing Allen with a video camera to document his travels and speeches for the Webb campaign. During a campaign speech Friday in Breaks, Virginia, near the Kentucky border, Allen singled out Sidarth and called him a word that sounded like 'Macaca.' This fellow here over here with the yellow shirt, Macaca, or whatever his name is. He's with my opponent. He's following us around everywhere. And it's just great. We're going to places all over Virginia, and he's having it on film and its great to have you here and you show it to your opponent because he's never been there and probably will never come... Lets give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia,' said Allen, who then began talking about the 'war on terror.' In an interview, Sidarth said he suspects Allen singled him out because he was the only non-white face in the audience, which he estimated included about 100 Republican supporters. 'I think he was doing it because he could and I was the person of color there and it was useful for him in inciting his audience,' said Sidarth. 'I was annoyed he would use my race in a political context.'"

Aside from being a Felix, a sadist, a man who beats up women and a racist-- as well as a bribe-taking, rubber-stamping, far right extremist-- Allen is also arrogant. He refuses to apologize to Sidarth. It is certainly odd that Felix would refer to Sidarth as a "monkey" just as he's trying to woo Virginia's large Indian-American community. Along with other members of the Republican Party's informal Ku Klux Klan caucus, Sam Brownback, John Cornyn, Bill Frist and Ed Royce, George Felix's name (sans "Felix," of course) is on the list of featured guests at a fundraiser for the Indian-American Republican Council on September 7th at the Capitol Hill Club. (Keynote: Joseph Goebbels Karl Rove.)

Oh and if you want to see the racist bully in action, Sidarth caught the whole thing on videotape:


Wonkette figures Allen picked up the racial slur from his mother, a bona fide America hater from Tunisia, where "macaca" has a special meaning.

Meanwhile, back in dude-ranchville, even though George Felix likes getting all dressed up in cowboy drag at any opportunity, the folks over at Crazy Conrad Burns' senatorial office are none too crazy about Felix. "You can tell Senator George Allen of Virginia to go fuck himself," said one of Burns' staffers. Unfortunately the staffer is as stupid as his boss and he didn't realize he was talking to a reporter... who promptly reported it. Context: Last week Burns had stuck his hoof in his mouth by screaming at some firefighters from Virginia fighting a fire in Montana and Allen had mounted his (high) horse to defend the honor of the Virginia firefighters. George Felix Allen and Conrad Burns are both so bat-shit crazy and out of control that one can only hope they decide to duel or joust or whatever pops into their two mirror image sick minds.


Judy Feder is running a great campaign against rubber stamp Republican crook Frank Wolf in VA-10. Today she asked Wolf to join her in a bi-partisan call for George Allen to apologize for his racist outburst. "These remarks are unacceptable in the Virginia of today. Virginia is home of the Bill of Rights and has a proud tradition of tolerance, and the state is home to many people whose ancestors are from around the world. It is shameful that Senator Allen would insult a Virginian because of his race or heritage. I ask Congressman Wolf to join all Virginians in condemning Allen's hateful remarks. Senator Allen's remarks show why we so desperately need change in Washington and why we need to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions."

Good idea. You'll never get KKK-sypathizers like Eric Cantor or Bob Goodlatte to take any anti-racist positions but what about Virgil Goode? What about Jo Ann Davis? What about Thelma Drake? What about Tom Davis? Are they going to stand with their sick, racist name-calling senator or are they going to stand up and say "Virginia is for lovers, not for haters."


Allen's little video of him trying to bully a native-born Virginian with dark skin by hurling racial epithets at him that he had learned from his mother, have put him in the national spotlight he so desperately craves. But his exposure as a KKK-brand racist thug is unlikely to help his presidential pretensions ambitions. Last night John Stewart opened The Daily Show by mocking Allen. Today's Washington Post points out that racism has been a problem for Allen all through his life. Even right wingers are calling his "macaca" screed "foolish" and "mean." Poor Felix! I bet a part of him yearns for the good old days of obscurity when he could drag his younger sister around the house by her hair or through his younger brother through a plate glass window with impunity! Oh, and Allen's lame, limp excuse-- that he calls Sidarth "Mohawk" because of his hairstyle and that that sounds just like "macaca," well... here's a current picture of Sidarth's "mohawk" and you tell me if macaca and mohawk sound the same to you-- even if you have both feet in your mouth and your head up your ass.

Michael Scherer has the fullest account of Felix stepping in macaca over at Salon-- plus the dreams of an out-of-control jock and bully who fantasizes about an America without gays or intellectuals. No wonder he thinks he should follow George Chimpy Bush into the presidency.


Rasmussen is reporting a precipitous drop in support for George Felix Allen since his racism has started making headlines again. He now leads Webb 47%- 42% with momentum belonging to Webb. Today's Washington Post reports that Allen's racist slurs "are generating new support for the Webb campaign and energizing Democratic activists." The most Allen's supporters can muster in his defense is to plead stupidity.


At 4:20 PM, Blogger FaulknA said...

His public display of racism was done for a reason. It was a shout-out to his racist friends. Macaca is a password that identifies one as a member of the White Arian groups. A popular one as most folks have no idea what it really means. It means that this man IS A RACIST. Have no doubt, I don't.

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Howling Latina said...

Great post.

Bloggers in Virginia have been trying to get the word out that our goober junior senator is not only as dumb as a lobotomized bag of rocks but an evil gop racist bastard as well (to partially borrow a phrase from Jack Hughes).

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well whos dumber? bush or allen?

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator George Allen is Jewish! As a Jewish- American, Senator George Allen should have shown a higher degree of sensitivity and care with regards to racist conduct. His mother, Henrietta Lumbroso, was a Jewish immigrant of Tunisian/Italian/French background. Trying to portray himself as a WASPY "good old boy" from Virginia just shows how dishonest, elitist, and racist he actually is.


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