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Democratic candidates running in November have a far better understanding of the potency of this issue to the lives of real Americans who live outside the Beltway that the 37 Republicans who voted against it-- and a far better understanding than Chuck Schumer, who thinks it will hurt Democrats' election prospects. Missouri's Claire McCaskill, who gave the Democratic radio address last Saturday, urged support of the stem cell research legislation. She said the legislation "will hold up the light of hope for those who suffer and their families… And, at the same time it tightens ethical guidelines for this important work. No wonder this proposal has the support of most Americans and many elected officials of both parties."

In Virginia, ex-Ronald Reagan Navy Secretary Jim Webb castigated George Felix Allen for voting against the bill and then urged Bush to forget his ties to the religious reich and to abandon his threats to veto it and think of the American people instead and sign it. "As Nancy Reagan has so eloquently said, we cannot turn our back on this issue… Responsible stem cell research holds too much potential for too many people to be obstructed by politicians."

Although most citizens of Arizona favor stem cell research, only one of the state's Republican senators, John McCain, voted for it; the other one-- a radical right supporter of theocratic loons, Jon Kyl-- voted against it. Kyl's Democratic challenger, Jim Pederson explain clearly to voters where he is on this crucial issue: "I stand with the coalition of Democrats, Republicans, pro-choice and pro-life advocates to open the doors for stem cell research. This legislation could pave the way for treatments and cures for millions of Americans suffering from painful, debilitating diseases."

Jon Tester is running against the Senate's mist corrupt member, Conrad Burns, who, predictably, voted against stem cell research. Before Burns cast his negative vote, Tester made a plea on behalf of all citizens of Montana that he reconsider. "There is hope today that the Senate is finally considering meaningful Stem Cell legislation… Millions of Americans suffering from degenerative diseases with no cure have been waiting too long." It didn't do any good and if people in Montana want legislators who understand the difference between science and ethics on one hand and narrow and manipulative religionist superstitions on the other hand, November offers them a clear choice.

Harold Ford (Tennessee) and Amy Kobuchar (Minnesota) are contesting open seats. Ford sometimes gets the cold shoulder from progressives because his positions aren't liberal enough. But on a crucial issue to the real lives of Americans like this one, he makes it clear that there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans. "Stem cell research is about progress and making the future healthier and safe… Too many in Washington, including President Bush, regrettably, subordinate science for ideology. That is wrong. America has never hidden from a challenge or been afraid of the possibilities and potential of scientific advancement. We shouldn't start now." Amy also identifies with the march of science into a better future for all people. "Coming from a state that is home to the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, I believe in science. I believe in the promise of stem cell research-- the pathway for the next generation of life-saving cures, but we also have a responsibility to set rules for how this research can be done… Everyday that passes without Congressional action is a day without research that could help so many Americans." You didn't get a vote yesterday and it's not likely that you have enough money to influence Bush's veto decision today. If you live in Minnesota, you can vote for Amy in November. If you don't, you can help Amy get her message out today.

In case you're wondering if the Bush Regime is trying to defend their insanity on non-religionist grounds, the answer is... well, sort of. They've wheeled out a well-known liar and shill, someone with absolutely zero regard for the well-being of the American people, Karl Rove, to claim that researchers are saying that there is "far more promise from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells." Like so much of what comes out of the White House-- and like everything that comes out of Rove, this is a complete fabrication. Even a White House spokesperson, Ken Lisaius, told the press yesterday that they could not provide the name of one single stem cell researcher-- and no Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps do not count-- who would back up Rove's blatant lies. Watch Bush and Fox "News" repeat them anyway. And try to remember that today is Blogosphere Day, a special day where we can make our grassroots voice heard by the powers that be by contributing to challengers who will be part of the solution.


Matthew Grimm from Iowa's hottest rock band, the Red Smear, reminded me that his state's sane senator, Tom Harkin, made an interesting remark on the floor of the Senate about this today: "I don't know who the president's science teachers were in school, but I bet none of them is bragging about it."


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Schumer is a f#%!ing moron if he believes what he says. No other way to put it. The only way this is going to hurt Democrats in the fall is by people making statements like Schumer did.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger plshark said...

Howie --the Hill corrected their story. Schumer said the stem cell vote will help Democrats. See Chris's correction.

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To see the stem cell debate explained with visuals and how the political argument put forth by the President is ultimately an absurd manipulation of the here:

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always seen this debate as a metaphore for the Right Wing agenda. They stake out a position on an issue because the un-christian right has a bug up their asses over it. Then they force the issue into the public domain, wrap it in the flag and nail it to the cross and dare anybody to object. As soon as they do the're tarred as unpatriotic and/or christ haters.

I do give them credit though. You have to admire the determination and patient far-sightedness of the movement. They took thirty years to get the country to the point that they could carry out their criminal agenda.

Those of us who oppose these neo-unilateral-unitarian-millenial-crypto-fascist bastards could learn a lesson from all of this. Expect a long road to success. Don't be complacent and Don't back down from criticism.

Fortunately, they've given use a good start. Once they got power, they made such a mess of things,as I suspected they would, that it kind of shook the country out of the fog they've we've been in lately.

We have a real opportunity here to restart this country towards a more perfect union. Lets not make a mess of it.


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