Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Democratic Debates


Establishment vs Bernie by Nancy Ohanian

I would love to know the motivations behind the decisions of who went where but unless someone tells, it's a waste of time to speculate. The DNC insists it was all random. You believe them? The women candidates are equally divided and the African-American candidates are as well. But it's the political motivations I'd rather see. First though, here's each night's line-up, along with the RealClearPolitics national polling average from this morning:

Wednesday, June 26:
Elizabeth Warren (11.8)
Beto (3.5)
Cory Booker (2.3)
Amy Klobuchar (1.0)
Jay Inslee (0.5)
Julian Castro (0.5)
Tim Ryan (0.5)
Tulsi (0.3)
Bill de Blasio (0.3)
John Delaney (0.3)
And Thursday, June 27
Status Quo Joe (32.3)
Bernie (16.5)
McKinsey Pete (7.8)
Kamala (6.3)
Michael Bennet (0.8)
Andrew Yang (0.8)
Gillibrand (0.5)
Frackenlooper (0.5)
Marianne Williamson (0.3)
Eric Swalwell (0.3)

Night one looks almost like a one-woman show, with Elizabeth Warren being the person with the most to talk about and no one likely to attack her or her ideas. Beto's campaign for student body president is sure to be... energetic. Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar are slick campaigners with nothing worth a hill of beans to say and Jay Inslee has an important case to make so there's that. Bets case scenario would be Delaney saying something so grotesque that even he realizes it's time to pay back what's ever left of the $17 million he loaned his campaign and go find a job.

The second night may be more dramatic since Frackenlooper is a vicious and aggressive attack dog who will surely be looking to bite Bernie and may also think-- he's also delusional-- that it's time to attack Biden so he can take over the conservative lane. I'm guessing Bennet will act as Biden's wing man. The canned, well-phrased McKinsey prescriptions might suck some interest out of the room-- at least in houses where viewers haven't been following the candidates. Kamala will have a chance to regain her footing as a top tier candidate. Marianne Williamson has had more practice speaking to live audiences than anyone else so she may offer the night's biggest surprise. Hopefully this will be the last anyone ever hears of Frackenlooper, although it would be so awesome if he brings some fracking liquid with him and drinks it on the stage.

For all his McKinsey consultant training, the stupidest pre-debate e-mail I've seen from a candidate came from Pete: "Please consider making a donation today to make sure we're as strong as we can be heading into the debate."

Today Change Research-- this year's best polling firm-- released their first poll of Minnesota Democrats. Elizabeth Warren, Status Quo Joe and Bernie are all bunch up top within a point of each other, essentially tied within the margin of error. The key takeaways though were:
Amy Klobuchar is in 4th place in her own state
Warren leads among women
Bernie leads-- massively-- among men
Bernie leads among voters between 18 and 49
The elderly support Status Quo Joe
Last night Bill Maher, albeit mostly lamely, reminded everyone what's at stake:

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At 5:10 AM, Blogger BeliTsari said...

"Please consider making a donation today... so, I can buy a BMW i8 as soon as I step off the stage, back into K Street's unremitting feeding frenzy, South Bend or oblivion?

At 6:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they had to split Bernie and Elizabeth. Can't have the two ACTUAL best ones together agreeing.

at least they didn't give biden a "friendly" against all the JV squad. I kind of expected that. The DNC is either dumber than even I think or they have a backup plan to defeat Bernie, Elizabeth and all forms of progressivism. Could it be klobuchar? oh ferfuckssake!

They way it's laid out, if they give Inslee any time, he might do well. The morons on the left might be able to talk themselves into an obscure governor (see: bill Clinton, jimmy carter). Williamson could win her debate in a rout but I don't think the morons on the left could talk themselves into her.

bottom line: the voters on the left are the dumbest plant matter in the history of earth. does any of this really matter?

At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, none of this really matters. Big Money will order either Trump or Biden to win depending on who makes the fewer mistakes.

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, DWT proved the futility of it all, AND the degree of corruption AND the fix within the democrap PARTY in that gallery banner.

Nearly everyone is or was a Clinton superD or stateD. Tulsi, if I'm not mistaken, went against her vow to check for Bernie at the convention. Bernie had to take the 'crap pledge in order to run as a D this time (and immediately endorsed $hillbillary after the charade in '16; will repeat that feat in '20). And the couple of others who are "unaffiliated" are unknowns anyway.

Luckily, damn few are capable of the short inference... so it won't matter.

yeah. we need to elect a democrap. that'll make everything better. NOT!


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