Thursday, March 14, 2019

If You Love Getting Robo Calls, Skip This Post


Years ago, I told Alan Grayson that the way to become the most popular political leader in America would be to figure out a way to ban robocalls, or-- at the very least-- how to make that ole 'do not call' list work again. But nothing ever came of it. He told me that "If you’re talking about how one gets rid of robocalls, then the answer is that you prosecute the people who send them. It would be child’s play for the FBI to track down and indict and convict the senders, even if they are in other countries. But this has a zero priority at the FBI, so it doesn’t get done. There are vast swaths of criminal conduct that are never prosecuted because the FBI and the police don’t devote the resources to put the cases together. The system is interested primarily in crimes against the system."

So I tried numerous other consumer-friendly members of Congress. No one has decided to take it on... until a couple of nights ago when John Oliver did. Spectacularly. Do yourself a favor and watch every minute of it-- even one quick lame joke someone inserted for no discernible reason.

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At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your democraps in INaction on yet another issue. This one won't kill you so it has to take a back seat to the 1500 other issues that can and will kill you for democrap INaction.


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