Sunday, August 19, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Valerie Plame knows treachery and treason. She experienced it first hand at the grubby little paws of Scooter Libby and his boss Dick Cheney (and other Bush staff) when they deliberately betrayed her cover as one of our agents. Libby took the fall. Cheney still roams free, unpunished for this and other crimes. We will probably never know how many or Plame's pro-American contacts and informants died because of the betrayal. It's the stuff of spy novels, except that it happened in the real world.

To top it off, Fake President Trump pardoned Scooter Libby almost as soon as he could. Perhaps in his mind he thought he was setting a precedent of pardoning people for treason. Perhaps he thought putting the idea of pardons for treason out there would come in handy at some rapidly approaching future date. Maybe he wants to sell hats that say "Pardons For Treason" or the pardons themselves. He could open up a Trump Pardon Booth in the Rose Garden. Looks like there could be quite a line, a line that would, if we had a real justice system, extend at least all the way to the Capitol Building.

Valerie Plame has seen a lot. She knows Nixon and Reagan never faced trial for their treason, blatant screaming treason performed just in the service of getting elected in the first place. So, it's unlikely that Trump needed a treason pardon precedent for himself, although in his obviously demented brain, who knows what he was thinking, if thinking is even a concept in the mind of Trump at this point. As evidenced by his tweets and other public statements, it's more of a reptilian just react kind of thing with him.

I like tonight's meme. It's good to hear from people who have been there. I do have one minor issue with Valerie Plame though. You see, I think she has insulted the maggot community. Maggots can actually perform useful services for humanity. For instance, if you were marooned in some remote location, far from any medical help, and, you were afflicted with a case of gangrene, a handful of carefully placed maggots will eat up the infection quite quickly. Good to know, eh? Funny, maybe maggots and those who use them are smarter than us. We're just letting America's infection turn into a great festering inland sea of steaming puss and, eventually, kill us.

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At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the trump regime is identical to the hitler regime in the following ways:

1) it's popular. Instead of 99.5% of the electorate saying 'no fucking way', 47% said YEAH!! (48.5% said yeah to neoliberals, which isn't better)
2) it serves no positive purpose to humankind. It is 110% destruction. It's even all destruction to the potted plant 47% who voted for it.
3) it is at an early stage and will get much, MUCH worse.
4) the only likely way for it to go away is for it to lose a world war.

Germans had opportunities to vote the Nazis out early on. they failed/refused. Americans, because they'll either keep the Nazis or will replace them with neoliberals, SHALL NOT vote them out either. With DWT's help, it cannot happen.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger opit said...

It really seems odd. In all the hollering about Addison's war 'justification' for Cheney / Bu$h it is rare for it to be specifically spelled out why Plame had to go. It was not just a matter of Brewster - Jennings having inconvenient intel. Obviously Plame would not 'play the game'. It was intolerable for the implementation of the plan to rape Iraq that a principal source - the CIA nuclear threat desk for the Middle East - would have the capacity to expose the lies behind allegations of Hussein's WMD.


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