Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lyin' Bryan


Randy Bryce has been very positive during the primary, presumably because his opponent was a fellow Democrat. Now's the time to start playing little hard ball, which the Republicans have already done. This week I noticed that the DCCC-- which I don't ever expect much from-- have gone to bat for Randy. "Lyin' Bryan" refers to Bryan Steil, Paul Ryan clone who was handpicked by Ryan to try to beat Randy in November. One of the several corporately-funded PACs working for Lyin' Bryan released an ad filled with lies as soon as Randy had clenched the primary win one week ago. The DCCC was nice enough to send me the 4 lies at the base of the Lyin' Bryan ad:
LIE- "[Bryan Steil] has been a proven leader in Rock County manufacturing companies for the past 9 years"

FACT- Bryan Steil has spent the last 9 years exporting jobs from Wisconsin overseas. As a corporate lawyer working on mergers and acquisitions for Regal Beloit, Steil did legal work that allowed Regal Beloit to close factories in Wisconsin and across the country, causing countless hardworking people to lose their jobs

LIE- "Bryan Steil knows the budget process in Congress is broken, and needs fixing"

FACT- Bryan Steil learned all he knows about politics from Paul Ryan, who masterminded a broken process that produced the most devastating budget that this country has ever seen. Steil's own experience managing budgets hasn't been much better. Bryan Steil has demonstrated he’s willing to be a budget demagogue at all costs, even if it means cutting jobs and eliminating programs for small Wisconsin communities. In spite of calls to slow down a planned merger for UW Colleges and Universities until more concrete details were figured out, Steil called for the merger to go “full steam ahead.” Steil continued to advocate for the merger even after school officials said the plan would result in job losses and could jeopardize crucial programs for Wisconsin communities.

LIE- "Bryan Steil can be that fixer for a long term, process driven solution."

FACT- Bryan Steil will go to Congress for one purpose, to represent the special interest groups that fund him. In fact, Midwest Growth PAC, the PAC that released this ad, is funded by a shell company, so Lyin' Bryan can avoid disclosing all its donors to the FEC. He won't fix anything-- he will only fight for shady special interest groups and PACS.

LIE- "[Bryan Steil] is the outsider with real manufacturing experience to get the job done in Congress."

FACT- While his opponent, Randy Bryce, was working the iron in Wisconsin, Bryan Steil was working the DC swamp as a Paul Ryan staffer and practicing corporate law where he took jobs away from hardworking Wisconsinites. Steil is hardly an outsider-- as a former Capitol Hill staffer, he comes from a well-connected family, sits on the board of a nonprofit his relatives started, and has assets worth potentially more than $1.5 million. 
Goal ThermometerOK, who said this, the DCCC or Blue America? "Randy Bryce will be voice for working people who have been forgotten by their representatives, while Lyin' Bryan Steil will just be another rubber stamp for the shameful GOP agenda." Please consider contributing what you can directly to Randy's campaign-- no overhead, no consultants, no rake-off-- by clicking on the thermometer on the right. Ryan's Sheldon Adelson-funded SuperPAC has targeted southeast Wisconsin and the sewer money is already starting to flood the airwaves. Randy has raised some good money but his team is aware that they'll never going to keep up with the corporate PAC money that is being funneled into the Lyin' Bryan campaign. But Randy doesn't have to. He just needs to be able to keep getting his message out and keep fighting the slime and smear campaign that the Republican GOP is so well-known for. Remember when Ryan looked like he could be in trouble, he swapped out solid blue Beloit for... wait for it-- Waukesha.

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At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fucking Wisconsin. All it takes is enough Koch money and lyin' bryan will win.

All that optimism... well, it felt good for a while anyway.


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