Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

The stuff of Putin's dreams. Dividing America from its allies. Mission accomplished. It wouldn't shock me one bit if Putin already has had a copy of this meme enlarged to 12 feet by 5 feet and hung on a wall in the Kremlin. Maybe he has it on the ceiling of his bedroom. As an intelligence agent and agent-provocateur, Putin has an evil genius, regardless of how easy SeƱor Trumpanzee makes it for him to achieve his goals.

Our aforementioned "leader" is, on the other hand, an inept 71-year-old with the emotional development and maturity of a spoiled, petulant, screaming 3-year-old who is more than willing to pee and shit wherever his desire for instant gratification suits him, leading the world to clean up his mess, just like arrogant despotic mental cases before him.

Indulging in his "if I say what is fake is true, it's true and vice-versa" approach to life, he has claimed big success at the G-7. But, big success for whom? That is a question that too many in Congress and too many in the media refuse to ask. They fall into 3 camps: Those who are accomplices, those who are too dumb to do their job, or those who are too afraid to risk their jobs by putting their country ahead of their own bank accounts.

Expressing his contempt for the G-7, displaying his pathetic economic ignorance and blowing up the G-7 by refusing to sign off on the already negotiated agreement infuriated our allies. Trump has ceded our leadership in the world to those who once trusted us and were our staunchest allies. Working against American workers, and isolating the United States from its allies only serves the economic and geo-political interests of our rivals and adversaries. With each passing week, Trump proves that he places himself and his master, Putin, before Americans. Trump is Russia's hottest asset, or, as he himself would say, most tremendous asset.

In the same week that Trumpanzee turned the G-7 into a disaster for America and its democratic trading partners, we heard that Putin and Trump speak on the phone frequently. Obviously, Putin not only helped Trump get to the White House but he is now coaching his ignorant puppet into seeking a merger of American interests with Russia's interests, if not a merger of the two countries and government styles themselves. Pushing away our allies doesn't make sense unless your aim is to have a new set of allies. Putin is proving to be a master of "Divide and Conquer."

Trump has now greatly expanded and exacerbated the list of inevitable results his dream trade war and marched on to whatever results from the North Korea Summit, and, of course, all of the hidden side meetings with China, meetings whose main goals will be to benefit the Trump family's personal business interests.

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At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad part is that too many Americans buy into this clown's act. They will be the one's screaming the loudest when the betrayals suddenly make sense to them.


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