Tuesday, May 29, 2018

No More Republican Members Of Congress From Los Angeles? Time Has Come Today-- Guest Post By Lee Rogers, Part II


Yesterday Dr. Lee Rogers took a look at the crucial congressional race in CA-25 for us. This is Part II. I suggest you take a look at Part I if you missed it while observing Memorial Day.

"This is Bryan. Don’t be like Bryan." Caforio Threatens CA-25 Democrats' Chances in November
by Dr. Lee Rogers

In California’s 25th District, one Democratic candidate is foolishly fueling an uprising against himself, which will limit any chance he has of winning in November, should he clear the primary. Bryan Caforio’s campaign has engaged an unprecedented negative campaign against a fellow Democrat, Katie Hill.

Now, the nascent, but growing #LyinBryan and #NeverCaforio movements threaten to undermine a general election campaign against incumbent Representative Steve Knight, who already bested him in 2016 by 6%, even though Hillary Clinton beat President Trump by 7%. Knight’s claims that Caforio was a carpet-bagging Beverly Hills attorney were particularly damaging and progressives were already leery of Caforio’s negative campaign against fellow Democrat Lou Vince and his history representing big corporations, millionaires, and an oil company against a group of Montanans.

Caforio’s recent despicable behavior caused me to produce a 2 minute video opposing his intraparty “slash and burn” campaign, pointing out his lies which include mail pieces accusing Hill of giving bed bugs to the homeless people she helped as Executive Director of People Assisting the Homeless (PATH). Caforio inaccurately likens Hill to Donald Trump, when in reality, running a lying, negative campaign is the closest you can get to being Trumpian.

Another contender is Democrat Jess Phoenix, a volcanologist (with an “o”, not “u”), who has performed well in the debates, by many accounts even better than all the other candidates. She is very knowledgeable and impressive, but now, at the final hour of the primary, she has not raised enough money or momentum to beat Caforio and threatens to split the Hill Democratic vote, risking Caforio advancing and dooming Democrats in November. If Phoenix runs again in the future, the organization she’s built in 2018 will certainly help her be a formidable candidate from the start.

I think Democrats have a real chance to turn CA-25 blue in 2018, but only if they choose the right candidate, Katie Hill, and reject Bryan Caforio’s negative, lying campaign.

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At 5:55 PM, Blogger Cigar Dave said...

Lee Rogers for President!

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Jacqrat said...

Dave, why not post the video in the group?

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard on a recent Background Briefing by Ian Masters that Arnold is seeking to establish a new center-right party in California because the Republicans have been decimated.

This raises the question of why this isn't happening with the Democrats (the real ones, not the DINO posers). Are disgruntled Republicans less brave or smart than frustrated Democrats? You know the frustrated Democrats are going to hear the same crap as Arnold will from the Republicans, yet that criticism isn't going to stop him if he gets enough support from voters. It shouldn't stop frustrated Democrats either, especially after the post detailing just how much better Bernie did than Hillary in the district where Dylan ratigan is running. Give the voters something they can support, and they will come.


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