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Local North Carolina Democratic Party Resolution Accuses The DCCC Of Being "A Disruptive And Undemocratic Force"


But only if you consider being born into a wealthy family knowing how to get things done

NC-13 is an unlikely primary battleground for the DCCC to gin up. The district's in the middle of the state flowing west from Greensboro, through High Point, Lexington and Salisbury to Statesville and Mooresville. It went for Trump 53.4% to 44.0% and the PVI is daunting but not impossible [in a wave cycle] R+6. The incumbent, freshman Ted Budd, is an extremist Freedom Caucus member and not considered especially secure. The DCCC recruited a conservative Democrat, Kathy Manning, who has seriously outraised Budd. She's very wealthy and he's a blue color guy. As of the April 18th FEC reporting deadline she had $1,006,856 in her campaign warchest to Budd's $534,611. But on Tuesday she isn't facing Budd. She's in a primary contest with truck-driver Adam Coker (who has only raised $55,476).

Manning is an EMILY's List New Dem and like most DCCC-endorsed candidates, has nothing whatsoever to offer North Carolina citizens but her puffed up laughable bio. The DCCC likes her because she's an heiress. They love heiresses. Her issues page comes directly from a DCCC how-to memo with platitudes like "country over party" and "quality eduction." It's the silliest and least authentic issues page I've seen all cycle. She might as well come right to the point and admit she will be a bump on a log and a complete waste of a congressional seat who will do whatever the party bosses tell her to do.

Many working families in this part of North Carolina are petrified about loss of their healthcare. Manning offers no hope whatsoever... just more bio and more platitudes, complements of the DCCC: "When a chronic illness struck one of her daughters, Kathy experienced firsthand the frustration of fighting with big insurance companies, outrageous drug prices, and the fear that a pre-existing condition could prevent her daughter from getting insurance in the future. Kathy understands that we need to fix the broken parts of our healthcare system so that every American can get the care they need, including prescription medication at reasonable prices. Kathy will also work tirelessly to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors." Not a word about Medicare-For-All or single payer or even just a public option. Sometimes I wonder where the DCCC finds this kind of crap candidate-- or do they manufacture them behind their building in DC?

Yesterday local Democrats-- like local Democrats want to all across the country-- told the DCCC to butt out of their primary.
Democratic Party delegates for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District passed a resolution today requesting that the DCCC, the House Democrats’ fundraising arm, stay out of the primary election as voters select a nominee to challenge Republican incumbent Ted Budd in the state’s most heavily contested congressional race.

The resolution approved today by the NC 13th District Democrats during their annual convention at GTCC’s Jamestown campus called support by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “a disruptive and undemocratic force,” while calling on the state party to “demand that the DCCC support of candidates during  the primary election process be forbidden.”

The DCCC named Kathy Manning, a Greensboro philanthropist and heir to the Kay Chemical fortune who is running in the 13th district, to its “Red to Blue” list shortly after she announced her campaign in December 2017. The committee describes “Red to Blue” as “a highly competitive and battle-tested program at the DCCC that arms top-tier candidates with organizational and fundraising support to help them continue to run strong campaigns.” Manning’s fundraising totals-- $530,000 before filing had even begun-- prompted two prospective African-American candidates, Bruce Davis and Beniah McMiller, to bow out of the race. Manning faces one opponent in the Democratic primary — Adam Coker, a long-haul truck driver who has been campaigning almost continuously since early 2017. To date, Manning has raised $1.3 million, compared to $54,475 by Coker.

The vote by a show of hands by delegates at the 13th Congressional District convention demonstrated “extremely strong support” for the resolution,” said Josh Brown, a delegate who is also Guilford County vice chair for High Point. A video of the vote provided by Coker shows that the delegates overwhelmingly supported the resolution, with the possible exception one person. Brown said about 100 delegates attended the convention.

“To even bring it up, we had to get two thirds,” Brown said. “We had to suspend the rules. This was a big deal.”

Brown said the motivation behind the resolution was to encourage a long-term course correction in the Democratic Party in response to a perception among voters that the party is rigged to the benefit of favored candidates and unresponsive to the will of the people.

“We’ve gone through so much heck since 2016 in the fight between Hillary [Clinton] and Bernie [Sanders],” Brown said. “We are encouraging our officers to stay neutral. It hurts when what I call an auxiliary gets involved. We end up having to explain, apologizing, cleaning up after their mess. As we ask ourselves to stay neutral at least publicly, we feel like it’s unfair to have to explain when people are upset. They don’t call the DCCC; they call the county party. That vote represents frustration among local party officers about always having to explain or apologize for something we haven’t done.”

The resolution also said that DCCC’s intervention in the 13th district primary “subverts the democratic process by undermining the purpose and function of primaries” and causes “division within the district… as visibly evidenced by animosity on social media in arguments about the US House race in Guilford County.”

The resolution added that the DCCC’s involvement arguably usurps “the protection afforded under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, the one-person, one-vote rule,” and that “the Democratic Party needs to claim the high moral ground by supporting free and fair elections, free from DCCC influence and other outside influences in our primaries.”
So... who's fault? That's easy-peasy: Nancy Pelosi, Stenchy Hoyer, Ben Ray Lujan, Don McEachin, Dan Sena and Jason Bresler. All 6 should be barred from ever entering the DCCC building again.

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At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...And you think the corrupt democraps in DC give a flying fuck?

NC doesn't quite suck like SC and all the other southern shitholes, but might that state party ponder seceding from the democraps and getting out from under Pelo$i's boot?

Nah. Pelo$i is a tyrant and a po$, but $he does spread money around like a ru$$ian oligarch. In this united shitholes of America, when it's a contest between principles and money, money ALWAYS wins.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Party elites, this is war. They are not going to take such disrespect lightly, and will strike back. The best we voters can realistically hope for is that those opposed to the current control structure of the Party form one of their own.

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... the "Democratic" party is UN-Democratic. interesting...

What *IS* your threshold DWT?


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