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Congresswomen Won't Be Safe With A Drunken Gil Cisneros Wandering Around Capitol Hill


Cisneros keeps threatening to sue everyone; he's just like another Republican: Trump

I've been writing about Gil Cisneros' hopes to buy an Orange County congressional seat he doesn't live in for about a year now-- and I've been talking with DCCC staffers for that long about it as well. Why the hell would they be pushing a conservative "ex"-Republican carpetbagger as incompetent and foolish as Cisneros when there were so many better candidates running in the district? And Cisneros has proven it again.

Melissa Fazli is running for the state Assembly now (AD 55) after having run for DNC vice chair. She has a great reputation among Democratic activists in Orange County and she put out a horrifying press release about Cisneros yesterday, This is it, word for word:
I have seen and heard things that should be yelled from the top of Mount Whitney when it comes to other candidates, especially those running for Congressional District 39. I have heard lies and seen inappropriate behavior. I have spoken privately with others about some of the things that I have witnessed and I have kept quiet until now.

On February 24, 2018 at the San Diego Bayfront Hotel while attending the California Democratic Party Convention, I had an inappropriate encounter with Gil Cisneros, who is running for House of Representatives for Congressional District 39. It was around the 11 pm hour and I had just left Rep. Maxine Waters’ party when I ran into Mr. Cisneros at the elevators. In my opinion, he was intoxicated. I told him how I was running for Assembly 55 and that I was going to hit him up for the maximum contribution for my campaign. He joked “why does everyone come to me for donations?” I responded by saying “well isn’t it obvious?” We chit chatted about Rep. Waters’ party while waiting for the elevator. Then out of the blue he asked me “Should we go back to your room?” I was shocked, but quickly excused it because he was intoxicated. I responded “I don’t think so Gil and I don’t think my two roommates would approve,” while I was laughing. He just smiled and the elevators door opened.

I wouldn’t have given it another thought, if it wasn’t for a phone call I had with him about a week later. I called him to ask for the donation. First he said “why should I? You didn’t vote for me.” He was talking about the pre-endorsement meeting before the convention where the delegates, like myself, get together to vote. I explained to him that a group of us were trying to get Jay Chen the CADEM endorsement in hopes of others to drop out of the crowded race and we were 2 votes shy and so there was no endorsement for CD39. I already knew it wouldn’t deter him or Andy Thorburn from dropping from the race. He then asked me “well what are you going to do for me?” I went into this whole spiel about my ground game hoping to impress him that I would be a very active candidate. Then he interrupted me and in a different tone and slowly said “no Melissa. I mean what are you going to do for me?”

Now this can be interpreted two ways. Either he wants me to be his spy or he wants me to have sex with him. After the encounter at the elevator in San Diego, I thought he wanted to have sex with me in exchange for a $4400 donation. Either way he wanted pay for play; a quick pro quo. I lost my breath for a second and responded “well Gil that’s not how this works.” In the end, he said that he needed to talk to his wife because he was already having problems with people saying he was buying the election and then the call ended. That was the last time I ever spoke to him, but not the last time I would see him.

On April 23rd, I saw him walk in at the Democratic Party of Orange County meeting a little before 7 pm. He looked my way and I immediately felt uncomfortable, so I ended up leaving.

I met Mr. Cisneros for the first time at the Tri-County Democratic Club’s Christmas luncheon in December. Before that I had received a couple of phone calls from him to lobby my vote at the pre-endorsement meeting but I sent them to voicemail. At that time I was getting dozens of calls for my vote as the elected Assembly 55 Delegate and Executive Board Representative to CADEM. Thomas Rivera, Gil’s Deputy Political Director came to my door after the 8 pm hour to also lobby me for my vote. He was the only one to do that and it was kind of creepy.

The first thing I noticed about Mr. Cisneros was he seemed socially awkward. He was constantly on his phone not conversing with the people around him. I’ve seen this exact same behavior in other local venues we’ve attended. I also interviewed him for a couple of minutes for a video I put together of Ed Royce’s retirement celebration at Cha Cha’s restaurant in Brea. He struck me as an outcast in high school who won the lottery and now he wants to hang out with the cool kids in Washington D.C. by showering money on them.

Before I decided to go forward with telling my side of the story, I decided to visit Gil Cisneros’ office in Placentia to let him know and see his response in person on April 30th, however he was not there. His friendly staff told me he was at a high school event and then he was headed to Philadelphia to participate in Michelle Obama’s America’s College Promise event. My first thought was I wished I had Michelle Obama’s cell phone number so I could let her know what happened to me. It also gave me solace in my resolve to come forward. I know there will be sceptics and people who will publically flog me for coming forward, but I thought it was necessary to let people know what kind of man is Gil Cisneros, an unethical creepy man who is using inappropriate and bullying tactics to intimate others in order to win a seat in Congress.
I wonder if Cisneros has ever even heard of the #MeToo movement. I spoke with Melissa on the phone before I wrote this. I asked if she was positive Cisneros was trying to have sex with her. She was positive, unquestionably so. He's so out of touch sitting in his multimillion dollar beachfront mansion in Newport Coast, that he may not even know what it's about. Ben Ray Lujan, Stenchy Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Jason Bresler, Kyle Layman, and Dan Sena do know what it means. Do they care? They've endorsed Cisneros and, at least so far, they're sticking with him. Did they even ever vet him-- other than what was in his bank? How disgusting is that? By the way, Republican Russ Wilson spoke up for Cisneros today, defending him by explaining that they've been friends since 2000 "when we worked on the McCain campaign together." Wow... most Democrats I know were working for Al Gore, not John McCain. Cisneros forgot to put his work for John McCain on his resume. But... that's DCCC candidate Gil Cisneros. Pelosi must be so proud! And accused child predator Tony Cárdenas, who-- when he wasn't drugging 16 year old girls and molesting them-- was forcing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC to unite behind Cisneros.

He HATES this photo of himself

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At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go, all of you head-in-the-clouds believers in reclaiming the Party from within! Will you put out to gain access to the corrupt only to be screwed again later when they do what they want anyway?

You need to do as Melissa Fazli did when on April 23rd, she saw Cisneros walk in at the Democratic Party of Orange County meeting. He looked her way and she immediately felt uncomfortable, so she ended up leaving.

She only left the meeting when she should have left the Party. That will happen eventually.

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the DCCC announced their support for Gil, he's been targeted. Your blog about this unverified accusation, which hasn't been published by any responsible journalist, just amplifies the National Republican Congressional Committee's negative attack at


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