Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The DCCC Has A Pattern Of Bad Behavior In Syracuse-- One That Loses The Seat... And Here They Go Again


Republican John Katko isn't worried-- DCCC bungling keeps him in his blue seat

Why is Republican John Katko, the congressman in NY-24-- the Syracuse-based district that includes all of Onondaga County and Syracuse plus all of Cayuga County plus parts of Oswego and Wayne counties. The PVI was D+5 in 2015 and D+3 now. Obama won the district both times he ran, 56-42 against McCain and 57-41% against Romney. Even Hillary's pathetic lesser-of-two-evils campaign managed to beat Trump 48.9% to 45.3% but it's worth noting that in the primary, Bernie beat her in 3 of the 4 counties in the district:
Cayuga- 52.7% to 47.3%
Onondaga- Hillary won 53.0% to 47.0%
Oswego- 55.8% to 44.2%
Wayne- 55.5% to 44.5%
So, again, why is there a Republican incumbent? Let's go back in history. Moderate Republican Sherwood Boehlert was elected in 1982 and served until he retired in 2006, which was a Democratic wave election. Rahm Emanuel made sure a right-wing Blue Dog, Michael Arcuri, got the Democratic nomination. Arcuri was swept into office by the wave (49.8% to 43.1%) but, after running up a shitty GOP-lite record, he was defeated-- predictably-- in the following midterm, 51.2% to 45.3%, when Democrats stayed away from the polls allowing right-wing lunatic Ann Marie Buerkle to beat another DCCC special, New Dem Dan Maffei and then lost to him two years later in 2014 Katko beat Maffei 58.2% to 39.5% after the DCCC puked him up again. And in 2016 the DCCC forced a typically uninspiring EMILY's List nothing into the race (over Berniecrat Eric Kingson)... and that's why Katko is the incumbent. As we mentioned the other day, everyone in the district is furious that the DCCC is up to the old tricks that could help the GOP maintain control with another worthless conservative, Juanita Perez Williams over the local fave, Dana Balter.
The four county Democratic chairs in the 24th Congressional District are speaking out against a national party committee after the surprise entry of Juanita Perez Williams into the race.

The chairs released a joint statement Wednesday criticizing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for "meddling" in the 24th district race. The comments are in response to the DCCC's apparent effort to get Perez Williams, who ran unsuccessfully for Syracuse mayor last year, on the Democratic congressional primary ballot.

"The actions in NY-24 are unfortunately just the latest example of the DCCC not taking into account the work happening at the grassroots this year," the chairs wrote. "From leaders in the Indivisible movement to party and elected officials, we stand united behind our designated nominee, Dana Balter, and against D.C. meddling that has hampered far too many races thus far.

"We call on DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan and all staff involved to speak to the people doing the work on the ground and focus our collective energy and resources, like we have been for over a year, in unseating Trump-Ryan Republicans like John Katko."
The disgusting DCCC, responsible for the loss of dozens and dozens of seats over the last decade, gave the 4 county chairs the finger. And this morning the local press came down on Lujan and his inept staff of determined losers again.
A large collection of activists, including members of the Indivisible movement in central New York, reiterated its support for Dana Balter and questioned why the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee would intervene in the primary election.

The grassroots groups released a four-paragraph statement in response to Juanita Perez Williams' entry into the 24th Congressional District race and reports that the DCCC, the House Democrats' campaign arm, is assisting Perez Williams with her attempt to qualify for the June 26 primary ballot.

The DCCC's involvement comes at a pivotal point in the campaign. Candidates are facing a Thursday deadline to submit at least 1,250 valid signatures to qualify for the Democratic primary.

Balter, D-Syracuse, has been a candidate for Congress for seven months and won the Democratic designation from the four county committees in February. Two of her potential primary opponents, Scott Comegys and Anne Messenger, dropped out after the designation process. A third, Bill Bass, remained in the race but is now planning to run as an independent.

Last week, Perez Williams entered the race. She told The Citizen Thursday night that it was her decision to run for Congress and believes she is the best candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. John Katko, a two-term Republican.

The statement from members of central New York progressive groups doesn't mention Perez Williams. But they do question why the DCCC would intervene, especially this late in the process.

"Right now, they are paying people to pass petitions to get their handpicked candidate on the ballot," the activists wrote. "The DCCC is imposing its priorities and decisions on local residents. Instead of fostering a collaborative relationship with grassroots organizations, they are using their funds to erase our work."

The DCCC hasn't commented on its role in the 24th district race or its apparent support for Perez Williams' campaign.

The groups supporting Balter are familiar with her because of her work as an activist in the region. Before launching her congressional bid, she was a prominent member of the Central New York Solidarity Coalition, a group that formed after the 2016 election to oppose President Donald Trump's agenda.

There were "extensive endorsement processes," the grassroots groups said, to support a candidate in the 24th Congressional District race. They added that Balter is their "unanimous choice."

National Democrats hope for a "blue wave" in November. The party believes that they can at least win back the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. To regain the House majority, they must win in districts like the 24th.

But party infighting, at least in the 24th district, could jeopardize the Democrats' chances of winning in November.

"The DCCC has promised to focus on grassroots strength and listen to the people who live in districts," the coalition of activists wrote. "We call on the DCCC to honor their commitments, stop their activities immediately and instead join all of us in our support of Dana Balter."
In Austin, Nancy Pelosi, who was suffering another bout of increasingly reoccurring senility, announced that if the DCCC doesn't get the crap conservative candidates it wants, it won't help the Democrats win in November. Chew on that.

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At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the Pelosi quote, I ask again:

How shitty must a party become before good people leave? Elizabeth? Bernie? Pramila? Ted? Rho? Anyone? (short list).

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left. Do I count?

At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:59, of course. I congratulate you for actually having.. what was that word... principles?

Just curious where was your bridge too far?

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1980. Carter didn't deserve re-election based on his performance and too much Bert Lance. Reagan I remembered from his tenure as CA Gov. I reluctantly backed John Anderson for the principle of having other choices.


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