Monday, April 16, 2018

Is It News To Anyone That Trump Is Unfit To Be President? Anyone??


Here's the transcript of Sunday night's 20/20 interview by George Stephanopoulos of Jim Comey. As you know, Comey’s much-anticipated book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, came out today. Shall I break it down to one sentence? "A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like they’re pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big and small and insists the American people believe it, that person’s not fit to be president of the United States, on moral grounds."

When Stephanopoulos asked him if he thinks Trump is unfit to be president, Comey answered "Yes... But not in the way I often hear people talk about it. I don't buy this stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia. He strikes me as a person of above-average intelligence who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on. I don't think he's medically unfit to be president. I think he's morally unfit to be president."

This morning Kellyanne Conway was on Good Morning America defending the indefensible, which is, after all, her job. She lied her way through the whole interview, mostly just calling Comey names. Trumpanzee and his Regime are on the warpath to discredit Comey even accusing him (and the FBI) of "many crimes." Hogan Gidley, a deputy White House press secretary was dispatched to Fox & Friends, scripted to tell the Trumpanzee base that "James Comey is a disgraced, disgruntled, discredited individual, fired from the FBI for lying and leaking, to completely go against everything he was put in power to do. Only in Washington, D.C., could a proven admitted liar and leaker be paraded around town as though he were the paragon of virtue. It’s quite frankly disgusting."

Meanwhile, Señor T is so freaked out by what the FBI seized from his crooked lawyer that last night he asked a judge to allow him to take a look. This afternoon the judge told him to go take a hike.
Prosecutors indicated in court filings Friday that Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months by the U.S. attorney in Manhattan and that a grand jury has been hearing evidence in the case.

...Cohen, through his lawyers, has argued that the government’s policies to protect information covered by the attorney-client privilege are not enough, and that his own lawyers should be allowed to review the seized material before investigators do.

In a letter to U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood on Sunday night, other lawyers working on Trump’s behalf argue that the president should have a chance to review the material ahead of investigators.

People familiar with the Cohen investigation have said he is being investigated for possible bank and wire fraud. Prosecutors are examining whether crimes were committed as part of any pattern or strategy of trying to buy the silence of people who could offer accounts that could have damaged Trump’s candidacy in 2016.
Today author and CNN legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, said Comey's account of Trump's behavior is "devastating," especially when Comey was asked if Trump's request that he stop investigating Flynn was evidence of possible obstruction of justice. Comey's reply that he didn't that it was possible evidence of obstruction of justice but that it is obstruction of justice is sure to be discussed in Trump's eventual impeachment hearings. So you tell me--who's the real slimeball?


Cohen isn't a real attorney, the way normal people understand "attorney," just a mob-like fixer. Today he claimed he gave legal advice to 3 clients in the last year: Señor Trumpanzee, GOP/Middle East money launderer Eilliott Broidy and someone else he refused to identify [Sean Hannity] in a court filing, claiming that revealing the name of his client would be a violation of attorney-client privilege. The FBI is also looking into Cohen’s ownership of taxi medallions, which indicates ties to the Russian Mafia.

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At 6:13 AM, Anonymous wjbill said...

to answer your question ..... NO, nobody with a half working brain sees that statement a news. The destruction of our education network and the laziness of religion creates a segment of the population that has less than half a brain.

At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knowledge isn't action. Just because people know things doesn't mean that they will be inspired to do something about them.

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep returning to the question: Since we all knew (even trump voters) that he was dumber than shit, a congenital liar, a malignant narcissist and a serial abuser of women, how could he get 62 million votes (the pathetic quality of his opponent notwithstanding)?

But I recall that cheney/bush got elected and bush is also stupid, a liar and a thief (google his land theft to build his baseball stadium) as well as a coked up drunk and an air force deserter. And after cheney lied us into a war of choice and started a torture regime to gain oil in Iraq, we re-elected them.

In the usa, it would appear that knowledge yields NEGATIVE actions. How can such a society not destroy itself?

At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was anyone else stunned that Comey did not think trump is a total moron?

Are our standards for a "leader" so low that someone like trump (, bush) can qualify as "not a moron"?

Is America so fucking stupid now that trump and bush are, by comparison, of normal intellect?

Can our own doom possibly be avoided?


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