Monday, March 05, 2018

Rage And The Malignant Narcissist-- When And How Is Trump Going To Blow?


by Helen Klein

Unfortunately, it is time to refocus on this subject: it is urgent.

The wagons are circling around Trump, and Mueller is closing in. This week’s reveals have been especially astounding, although this has seemed to be the case almost every week for the past year. And now, experts in the media (i.e., the “real” news) are suggesting that Mueller might be taking a pass on obstruction charges and aiming straight for conspiracy to defraud the USA. Wow.

While the psychological aspects of Trump have been described in depth and ad nauseum, unfortunately, it is now time to revisit this subject to remind everyone of who we’re dealing with and what’s at stake. His longstanding mental disturbance and his lifetime modus operandi of threats, bullying and disregard for the law have been alarming at best and horrifying at worst. Those traits will be front and center as he reacts to being cornered and increasingly isolated.

In the February 2012 issue of Psychology Today, Mark Goulston wrote, Rage, Coming Soon From a Narcissist Near You. Although the article focuses on narcissists in personal relationships, there are some noteworthy points.
Hell hath no fury or contempt as a narcissist you dare to disagree with, tell they’re wrong, or embarrass. (O)ne thing most people are in agreement about is that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of them. Why is that? It’s because there is a belief (correct or not) that if you do, they are capable of a rage (even if it doesn’t cross over into violence) that is chilling.
Goulston reviews some characteristic traits of narcissists:
Control freaks
Short fuses
Low frustration tolerance
Need to have the last word
Unable to lose
Won’t take “No” for an answer
Quick to anger if you don’t accommodate them
Quick to being aggressively defensive if you call them on any deficiency, fault or responsibility
Can’t apologize or if do, can’t do it sincerely
Rarely say, “Thank you” or “Congratulations”
Don’t feel or demonstrate remorse
Feel entitled to enthusiastic and appreciative approval, adoration, agreement and obedience
Gloat in victory, sullen in defeat
Quick to rage if you humiliate them
Does Trump exhibit many if not all of these traits?

What is the connection between narcissism and rage?
There is a saying that when you’re a hammer the world looks like a nail.  When you’re a narcissist, the world looks like it should approve, adore, agree and obey you. Anything less than that feels like an assault and because of that a narcissist feels justified in raging back at it.

What is really at the core of narcissists is an instability in their ability to feel and sustain feeling bigger, larger, smarter and more successful than everyone else which they need to feel stable… “(T)he narcissist doth brag, scorn, talk down, primp and belittle too much” in order to continually prove to the world and themselves that they are larger than life.  This is not to increase their self-esteem as much as it is to continually spackle the holes in their core that lead to a feeling of instability—and that, if not spackled, will lead to brittleness followed by fragmentation.

Narcissistic rage occurs when that core instability is threatened and furthermore threatened to destabilize them even further.  Not unlike a wounded animal being the most vicious (because they think the next wound would kill them), narcissistic rage occurs when narcissists believe the next insult/assault to their grandiose based stability would shatter them.
Trump’s core is being threatened. Mueller’s assault has the potential of shattering him.

Trump is increasingly isolated

Trump no longer has a sycophantic staff surrounding him to stroke his fragile ego. Hope Hicks, one of his primary loyalists and hand holders, has just jumped ship. If she has any sense and follows legal advice, she will avoid further communication with the White House and be unavailable to Trump: she may well be wrapped up in obstruction charges and facing considerable legal ramifications. Only Jarvanka remain and they are preoccupied with their own legal and financial troubles: they have little time to hold their patriarch’s hand. They will be further exposed to the media by the coming departure of Josh Raffel, who has been serving primarily as a spokesperson for Jarvanka’s initiatives in the White House. Jared is vulnerable to major criminal charges. His family is buried in debt and it is becoming increasingly clear that he has been using the White House as his own personal office to conduct family business on a grand scale. He (and Trump) appear to be using government policy for their own ends. What are the chances that over a HALF BILLION in loans to his family’s business are unrelated to any quid pro quo? Virtually nil. Jared is also under the microscope and in Mueller’s sights for his contacts with Russians. Furthermore, Ivanka is now under suspicion for her own business dealings in China. Who is left close to Trump on a daily basis willing to soothe and sweet talk him, tell “white lies” for him and distract him from reality? John Kelly does not have a nurturing side.

The mass exodus from the White House continues. Since it is well known that a number of those departed have potential criminal charges hanging over the heads and have taken on the extremely high costs of legal representation, who would agree to replace any of them? Is there anyone out there willing to provide the absolute loyalty Trump craves but does not return? At this stage of the game, you would have to be a complete fool without an ounce of self-preservation to take on any role in the White House.

Trump is increasingly cornered

Mueller has been brilliant in making the case for Russian interference in the 2016 election. There is no longer any doubt about their efforts to use our own media to sway the public in Trump’s favor. Now Mueller appears to be going after the Russians for hacking our systems and distributing the information obtained to humiliate the Democrats and Hillary. Next on his agenda would be zeroing in on Americans who may have been involved. What did Trump’s campaign staff, associates, family members, and finally, Trump himself, know about these efforts and what support and/or bona fide assistance did they provide to the Russians?

Evidence is emerging in these areas and it does not bode well for Trump and his crew. Mueller now has Gates singing like a bird and he surely knows a great deal of the inner workings of the campaign and transition. Manafort is looking at decades of prison time, although he continues to hold steady with his denials and seems to be holding out for a Presidential pardon. Hicks was present for all of it and she may have to spill some beans to protect herself. When recently sharing that she may work on her memoirs, she alluded to having a diary for reference-- if so, Mueller will subpoena the diary. Mark Corallo, the lawyer who quit the White House due to concerns about possible obstruction, is talking to Mueller. It has been reported that during a conference call Corallo had with Hicks and Trump, Hicks stated “the emails will never get out” about the Donald Jr. meeting with the Russians, although Donald Jr. soon made them public. This conversation brings Trump right into the heart of the matter-- it implies he was aware of the meeting and the aim to obtain Russian assistance with the election.

Just yesterday out of the blue Trump announced his decision to tax steel and aluminum. Apparently, he did this on his own: he took media organizations and interest groups by surprise and shocked many in the White House. As a result, the stock market dropped steeply by hundreds of points. Trump has no clue nor does he care one whit about the consequences of his actions. IT IS ALWAYS ALL ABOUT HIM. He listens to no one. His motivation for this announcement was likely to express his rage about recent events as well as to provide a distraction from the Mueller investigation. Will he keep his word? Probably not if his behavior with DACA and guns is any guide. He just throws out statements to stir things up and create havoc. He likes “to see what happens.” Trump has shown a lack of concern about following through with anything (other than personal vindictiveness, for which he has a long memory.) He does not really consider the future: he is always “in the moment.”

The Mueller saga is gathering speed and closing in. The headlights of conspiracy are getting brighter and are now appear to be focusing on Trump himself. He must realize that he is in great danger. His support system has been shredded. He has alienated and frightened off many of those around him.

As a Narcissist, receiving admiration and being in control are central to Trump’s make-up. Yet he is now is facing utmost humiliation and ruin. How would Trump, a classic Narcissist and a malignant one, react emotionally? What would he do?


Rage is the end all be all for a Narcissist. Explosive, uncontrollable rage in its primitive element. Vindictive lashing out may well be next on the Trump agenda and the severity will be “yuge.” There is virtually no one near him to ameliorate his reactions and he does not listen to advice anyway. Who will get the brunt of his rage? Trump has shown that he does not mince words or actions: he has always come on with brutal force with little regard for the consequences. Given the tremendous power he holds in his hands and has continued to use without reservation, along with his bold defiance of norms, ethics and laws, I fear the victims will be our entire country and the world.

The old cold war already seems to be heating up again, with Putin’s recent speech describing their arsenal of new nuclear weapons and a visual depiction of them heading toward Florida. Was this a direct threat to Trump? One would assume this was at least one aspect of his intent. How much debt and dirt do the Russians really hold over Trump’s head? It must be “yuge.” Certainly Putin is pressuring Trump, and tightening the screws. This is another extreme stress point for him that should not be underestimated.

As his rage builds, Trump may well go after Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. All restraints will be off. What would he have to lose? Consequences be damned! However, for all of his “You’re fired!” on television, Trump has revealed himself to be a coward in firing anyone directly. Who knows if he will be able to pressure one of his team to do so for him (this has been unsuccessful before with McGahn). Will Trump actually harness the chutzpah to fire Sessions himself?

The most frightening possibility is that Trump will start a war and/or drop a nuke somewhere in the world, such as North Korea, to attempt to rally support and distract from Mueller. From a psychological perspective, this is a possible scenario. He had no qualms about being quick to start a trade war. Real war would be the obvious next step.

What will Trump do when his core is on the cusp of being shattered? If he is to go down, why not burn the whole building down?

Congress should IMMEDIATELY pass a bill to place limits on the authority to use nuclear weapons. There have already been such bills presented, such as one by Congressman Ted Lieu, but nothing has been done due to Republican resistance: they continue to support and protect Trump. Trump is now a clear and present danger but the Republicans continue to refuse to lift a finger.

In a February 18 editorial in the New York Times, Thomas Friedman described Donald Trump’s presidency as at the “code red” level: “The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office.”

Impeachment hearings should proceed immediately. There is certainly enough evidence at this point. Just imagine if a Democrat had done a hundredth of what Trump has done. Every day that Trump remains in office is a danger to our country. Potential damage looms on many fronts. The Democrats should be screaming in the media. Why aren’t they making their voices louder and heard by the entire country? Are they worried about being viewed as “partisan?” If so, they should get over it and stand up for our democracy and our safety.

The Republicans must be held responsible and accountable. The Founding Fathers delineated separation of powers for strong reasons but they did not foresee that the Legislative Branch would sit on its hands while the Executive Branch went wild and colluded with a foreign power to destroy our democracy. This was unimaginable to them. And yet, here we are. The Republican controlled House and Senate have done NOTHING to stop him. If anything, they have colluded to obstruct the investigation that may well be Trump’s downfall. And hopefully theirs. That is, if we survive Trump’s rage long enough to get to November 2018 and the Russians do not interfere with the election and manipulate the results.

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At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Impeachment hearings should proceed immediately."

Please. There isn't a Democrat's change in Republican Hell that impeachment is going to take place. Nancy took it off the table years ago and forgot where she put it.

At 1:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For defrauding Bernie and enabling Trump (the Pied Piper Strategy), Hillary and the Democorps deserve all the humiliation they can be given. Trump and the Republicans are the ultimate sleeze bags but Hillary and Democorps follow closely behind.

At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office.”

What integrity? Issues supported by supermajorities of americans never get addressed. Issues hated by a supermajority of americans regularly get passed. An insane and retarded simian can get elected with 1/3 of the voters. Both parties goon elections at their pleasure. corporations get what they pay for while 300 million citizens can't even go outside or stay inside safely. wars are started over commodities. people all over the world can be and are killed by America whimsically by drone. Torture is now "legal". Corporations have the rights of people while people don't.

To expand on 1:12, it's quite true that the entirety of the Rs are despicable and don't deserve the power they arrogate.
But the democraps are perhaps MORE despicable (they claim to care but clearly don't) and don't deserve power, given or arrogated.

Again, it screams for the electorate to create and coalesce around a truly altruistic party, create a government of these people for people.

As long as voters refuse to do this, what can be said except we deserve our own fate.

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

best case: his aorta blows. maybe his colon.
worst case: NK decides to stand down and he gets the nobel peace prize, re-elected in '20 and president for life by '22.

Hey, this is America, land of morons and home of dipshits. It could happen.


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