Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Lots of guys pay for sex, but $130,000??!!!??! Yet, Trump supporters will still tell you they voted for him because of his claim of business acumen. And don't think for a second that SeƱor Trumpanzee having sex with porn stars isn't a plus in the eyes of his supporters. I can attest that I've heard that one first hand. One even managed to tell me that Trumpanzee's taste for porn stars showed that he had better taste in women than... wait for it... Obama! Of course, he managed to add that he thought Michelle Obama "looks like an ape," but that's who Republicans are.

Soon, we will be hearing about other payments and lawyers holding Trump-Porn Star Piece Talks. Even Bill Clinton will be amazed.

Maybe Trump being dumb enough to pay such amounts for sex is the reason he's had to declare bankruptcy so many times. I expect that the recent broadcast of the Stormy Daniels interview might be the first of many similar TV events. I can see a weekly Trump: Interview With A Porn Star shows becoming a new national pastime with, much like the Super Bowl, lots of junk food merchandising in grocery stores and daily advance programs leading up to the big day. It's the American way!

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At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Love it, Noah! So true.

I heard last night on the The Last Word that 8 more women who have non disclosure agreements with Trump have approached Avenatti. Apparently, Michael Cohen has a stack of NDAs available in his office ready to go and has handed them out like candy over the years. In Fire and Fury, Bannon referred to "hundreds" of women - maybe a joke or maybe not? But this strategy ain't working for Trump. If anything, Stormy has emboldened more women to speak out. Avenatti has been fabulous.

I sure hope that underage rape case shows up - that would be a good bet to finish Trump (as well as Epstein, that monster who likely raped over a 100 girls - he was only held criminally accountable for one). She dropped the case in 2016 due to threats made against her life that were much more harsh than the threats made against Stormy in that parking lot.

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy, Hone! What should happen isn't necessarily what will happen! Still waiting for Tom DeLay to serve his sentence as convicted. Such a shame that corrupt judges overturned his conviction and saved him from the consequences of his actions against this nation.


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