Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trouble In Paradise-- Another Republican Pretending To Be A "Democrat" Is Running For Congress


Another fake Democratic careerist running for Congress

Hawaii's first congressional district (Honolulu) is almost as blue as the second district. The PVI of the 2nd district is D+19 and the 1st district's is "only" D+17. Trump got 29.6% of the vote in HI-02 but actually climbed over 30% in HI-01-- 30.5%. Hawaiians didn't buy the bullshit and Hawaii is not Trump territory. In fact, Republicans there have been fleeing his toxic party. The problem, though, is when they leave the GOP and migrate over to the Democrats, it isn't because they have seen the light in terms of Democratic values; it's because they hate Trump. And they bring their conservatism with them. And that's especially problematic when the Republicans are ambitious politicians. Let's take the congressional race for the open seat in HI-01.

There are already two very conservative Democrats in the race, two anti-LGBQT whackos with awful records, Donna Mercado Kim and Doug Chin. They're both perfect exemplars of politicians from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. And, of course, they are darlings of the monied establishment. Could it get any worse? Sure-- one of these actual Republicans fleeing Trump is jumping into the race this week.

Beth Fukumoto is an attractive, well-spoken young woman (34 years old). She was elected to the state House in 2012, representing red-leaning Mililani, Mililani Mauka, and Waipio Acres, and quickly clawed her way to the top of the heap, becoming House Minority Leader. In 2017 House Republicans fired her after she made some anti-Trump remarks at the Honolulu Woman's March. Should Democrats be happy she switched parties? Well, sure-- except now Democrats have another anti-Choice, pro-NRA, anti-gay, pro-Big Business politician muddying up the party brand. Remember, she not so long ago she was also the chair of Hawaii's Republican Party. So that makes 3 conservatives running as Democrats for the HI-01 open seat. That's the seat one of the most cutting edge progressives anywhere in America, Kaniela Ing, is also contesting the seat.

Goal ThermometerAn old buddy of mine, Stanley Chang is the progressive Democrat who recently banished the last Republican from the state Senate. He reminded me a while back that although a lot is made about Hawaii being a functional one-party state, the party is very much split between progressives and garden variety corporate Dems. There's little question about which side of that divide Fukumoto comes in on. She's been anti-choice, anti-LBGTQ, anti-gun control, and has stood firmly against virtually the entire Democratic Party platform throughout her entire career. The Democratic leadership was, predictably, excited by her switch but in a one-party dominate state, it's fair to ask whether she made this move for political expediency with higher office in mind, using Trump's insidious yet convenient comments to manipulate the public. A Hawaiian friend based in DC told me that morning that in his opinion "the Democratic Party has opened its tent far too wide, to the point where its founding values no longer matter. We accept more party members from the right than the left. People wonder why the bluest legislature in the nation struggles to pass progressive legislation? This is why." Please consider contributing to Kaniela Ing's campaign by tapping on the ActBlue congressional thermometer above.

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At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...except now Democrats have another anti-Choice, pro-NRA, anti-gay, pro-Big Business politician muddying up the party brand."

As lesser evilism marches us into the chasm, this is the inevitable destination of the democrap "brand".

It is highly presumptuous to claim that it is not now already there. The DxCCs are who they promote and support. It's already there.

note: it was ALREADY pro-war, torture, corruption, election fraud, bank fraud/TBTF and anti-privacy, immigrant...

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Increasingly, the "democratic" Party is becoming the place where recovering Republicans go to rehab their reputations without having to actually change anything.

This is the Party too many still believe can be reclaimed from within.


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