Monday, December 04, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

December 1st is now a New Day Of Infamy. It will go down as the day that republicans chose use their Tax Scam to align themselves with multinational corporations and oligarchs over American citizens more blatantly and callously than ever before. They barely even concealed their glee and their treachery with lies so transparent a child could see through them even if their brainwashed followers could not. The actions of these lower than low politicians is a measure of just how out of control the Republican Party is in its Trump Fever and it's also a measure of their contempt for the traditional ideals and values of what America was supposed to be, or so we were told, once upon a time.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Trump's Republican Party, lead by $enate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, engaged in the biggest cash grab in history, taking money from the pockets of the middle and working classes in order to give themselves and their benefactors even more money than they already have.

McConnell greedily betrayed his country, if, in fact America is his country. I can't imagine that he sees it as such. He was not alone, of course, but he was the ringmaster of his circus of the perverse. A Circus Of The Perverse: That is exactly what the United States $enate is now. I watched the proceedings on a live facebook feed from Senator Elizabeth Warren. I kept staring at those circular rows of old desks wondering just how much cash from the corporate lobbyists who had paid for the republican votes was stuffed in each one. I fantasized that a fire would break out on the $enate floor just so I could see all the two-legged scum in a state of severe panic as they raced not to the doors but to their desks to fill their pockets with their ill-gotten cash. I imagined them then running to the doors as the flames spread, some of the bills sticking out of their pockets like fuses, some of the bills falling to the floor to feed the conflagration as they stumbled and piled up at the exits. I imagined the smell of all that burning money and all that burning fat. Karma would be such a bitch.

51 Republican $enators voted to crush the dreams of those who put them in a position to betray in the name of creating a country of, as I've said for decades now, Lords and Serfs. They even brazenly told us that a big driving force in their action against us was that their sugar daddy donors had threatened to cut off the money spigots. They didn't care what the hell we thought (Only 28% of Americans backed the scam). The $enators knew that without that ready supply of "donations", they would have to go find real jobs, real work. Perish the thought. Being a $enator is the cushiest job in the universe. All you have to do is put on a suit, and utter meaningless bullshit platitudes at regular intervals, and rich people throw money at you so fast you can't possibly pick it all up. On top of that, you get to eat and drink free, you get an office, a staff, and lifetime healthcare, all paid for by us, the very people you chose to screw; this time in a bigger way than ever before.

McConnell and his perverted troops didn't just vote to crush the American Dream. They voted to destroy the health, the education, and the security of millions of Americans and their families. They did it with smiles and cheers. They are sociopaths, on a good day, psychopaths by night; a whole goddamn political party of them. Not that the democrats put up much of a fight. The democrats, meek as always, acted like they were afraid of being cut off by the same donors who threatened the Republicans.

Howie wrote a great post on Saturday that covered a lot of the gory details of the Tax Scam dreams of Paul Ryan and Lord Tiny Hands. I highly recommend you read it and share it with everyone you know. The post covers and dissects Trumps lies on the matter and it covers a lot of what we lose. Americans are being backed into a dark corner. It's a corner where ideas of revenge brew and take hold. It's a dark corner that has created horrible reactions throughout the history of human kind. You can only screw people so much before it reaches a tipping point. One wonders if some $enators might come to regret not having spent more time on gun control rather than greed and the promotion of fascism. To them, I will offer my thoughts and prayers.

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At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Hone said...

Well, Noah, you sure say it like it is. At least you still have the freedom to do so. That may dwindle, too.

Keep it up, Noah!


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