Sunday, December 03, 2017

Alan Grayson Has Been Out Of Congress Long Enough


Please help Blue America urge Alan Grayson to run for Congress again. I sense he's halfway there already-- and I was right when I told you in 2015 Bernie was ready to run for president. All the Democrats representing the Orlando area are ineffective conservatives from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party-- Blue Dogs and New Dems. Grayson could beat any of them; I wish he could beat all of them and have 3 votes instead of one!

Right after the Republicans passed the Trump/Ryan Tax Scam, Grayson sent a fightin' words message to his supporters and I want to share it with DWT readers:
The Trump tax bill cuts Trump’s tax bill. That’s the point of it. But listening to the GOP talk about taxes, they seem to think that the only problem America has is that the poor have too much money. That’s why they feel an irresistible impulse to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and unemployment insurance-- all to pay for tax cuts for the rich, and giant multinational corporations.

The last time that they made that argument was in 2010, when they tried to extend the Bush tax cuts.  I called them out on it, “bigly.”  Check out this speech-- you’ll enjoy it:

As he said, Republicans always "want a tax cut for the rich because they want a tax cut for themselves." He used Sean Hannity as a good example of what's been propelling the Republicans in Congress. Newsweek says that Sean Hannity, this man of the people, makes $22,000,000 a year from his act on FOX. That means that the Bush tax cuts mean an extra $1,000,000 for Sean Hannity. Maybe he can...  afford some anger management classes." When Trump brays that his is the biggest tax cut in history, it's false, but it's the biggest tax cut Sean Hannity ever imagined getting!

"I have a better idea., Grayson told his colleagues in the House."Instead of placating these people-- and letting them spew out onto the airwaves their lies about the Bush tax cuts without ever revealing the fact that they stand to gain millions of dollars each year from their selfish desire to take advantage of the rest of America-- let's do this: Let's take that money and create jobs. All that money that the Bush tax cuts are charging us, that [money] could create jobs for 3,000,000 Americans a year. A $30,000 job. A fair wage for fair work. A dignified wage for dignified work, and a way to revive our economy in America. I think that's a better idea than stuffing even more money into the pockets of the rich. Because the problem in America today is not that the poor have too much money. That's not the problem at all. It's that they need jobs." Didn't FDR say something about that too? Take a look at this and see if you can see what I'm talking about-- and what Alan Grayson is talking about:

"I will tell you, the Republicans were utterly mortified," he said referring to that floor speech. "They just hate it when someone puts aside all the 'distinguished gentleman from Huckleberry Farms' stuff, and goes all honest on them." Now that's the kind of plain talking we need more of in Congress, especially while Trump is running around doing his Trumpnocchio routine! Please consider signing this petition to Alan Grayson:

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At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Alan should not run for his old district, who only elected him half the times he ran.

I'd rather see Alan stand up, tell the hard truth about the democrap party, light his party id card on fire and declare that he's either joining the DSA or the greens -OR- start his own new party and run for president. Starting his 2020 campaign now would give him time to raise small money, travel to the states and hammer both corrupt, fascist parties in DC. It's still close enough to that goddamn obamanation admin that his reminders of all the betrayals could still hit home with some (the left) of the electorate.

If he ran, got elected in spite of Pelosi's DCCC and took his seat, he'd be the lowest ranking rookie and .5% of Pelosi's party of corruption. He'd be able to talk, but would be impotent to AFFECT anything at all. And we already know that as a member of the democrap party, he won't tell the truth about THEM.

At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would recommend that Alan Grayson expect to remain in the House in the future. Many great Americans did so, and John Quincy Adams won a House seat post-White House. You don't do us any good when you aren't in a position to act, Alan.

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Dave F. said...

I love Alan, and have been fortunate enough to have been part of his ground game and to have voted for him every time he has run in a general election. He wants to run somewhere in 2018, and is raising money to do so. I've suggested to him that he not run against our beloved freshman Democratic Congress people here in Osceola/Orange counties. Darren Soto (CD-9) lives in heavily hispanic Osceola County, and is of Puerto Rican ancestry. He is respected by Democrats throughout this district for his intelligence, compassion, moderation and accessibility. Stephanie Murphy (CD-7) and Val Demings (CD-10) are equally respected in their own adjacent districts and deserve a few consecutive terms under what looks like it will be a Democratic Congress before they are harshly judged or primaried out of office.

However there are three surrounding districts that have Republican representation and are vulnerable. These are CD-7 (Ron DeSantis), CD-8 (Bill Posey), and CD-11 (Grayson's old nemesis, Daniel Webster). If Grayson will settle on one of these, particularly Daniel Webster's seat, I believe that many of his old CD-9 supporters will spend time up in nearby Lake County promoting his candidacy. I know that I will be there in a heartbeat.

Webster is rated 80% by the petroleum and natural gas industry EnerVest, and 100% by the American Energy Alliance, a petroleum based power plant front, opposed to locally owned renewable energy. He voted "yea" on the Republican tax scam. He has voted for every permissive gun bill that has ever come to a vote, and is ranked at 93% by the NRA. He has been ranked 100% by the fundamentalist organization, FRC Action. He was ranked at 0% by Food Policy Action ( Webster was rated at 9% by the Alliance for Retired Americans.

Grayson can run against this record and win.

Webster can be beat and Grayson is the man to beat him.


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