Saturday, December 02, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah
If I did one tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today.
-General Michael Flynn, Señor Trumpanzee's former National Security Advisor
So said Trump's campaign advisor and short-lived National Security Advisor at the 2016 Kleveland Kook Konvention as the Republican Party was about to fully, publicly, and proudly embrace white supremacy, higher taxes for the middle and working classes, the end of their own Medicare and Social Security, increased job creation in China, and, of course, Vladimir Putin by nominating an obviously, severely mentally ill fascist as their guy. And that's just for starters. Their guy. I emphasize that because, if you look at the full clip, Flynn wants to make sure that his audience of naive, delusional, demented racist clowns dwells on the fact that Hillary Clinton is a she. She. He pounds it into the eager nincompoops. It's all part of the Republican female problem.

63 million voters swallowed it all. They voted for the man they loved; the obese, orange-haired fascist freak they love. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with the obese part. Some people can't help their weight problems, much as they try. But, this is a real Jaba The Hutt we're witnessing. Trump's gluttony has free will. After all, didn't Republican Jesus give it to him?

I awoke to the news this Friday morning that Flynn was, as they say, coping a plea, in return for his supposed cooperation with the Robert Mueller investigation. Flynn is looking at only a maximum sentence of 5 years. I doubt that he'll get it, and, if he does, it will probably be a sentence to some sort of tennis camp, just like Nixon's scum got long before him. Such are the failures of our legal system. Morally, he probably deserves nothing short of execution for being the agent of a hostile foreign power. We shall see, or maybe that will be covered up, too.

Over at the FOX Goon Channel today, the Flynn thing has barely happened. I checked in with those poster children for dumbed-down gullible America earlier. The limited take on Flynn that they offered was that "poor Flynnie was only pleading guilty because of the financial and emotional stress he and his family are feeling." Yeah, whatever. Poor General Flynn and his innocent, victimized family! I feel sooo bad for his son who was a main propagator of that "Hillary is running a pedophile ring out of a pizza shop" nonsense. Turns out it's republicans that are all gung-ho for pedophilia. You know that thing about charging your opponent with things you're guilty of? I'd like to know how much pizza the Flynn family consumes in a given week. Just sayin'. Lock him up! Lock him up! Look up the whole damn White House staff! Then, go over to Congress with a fleet of paddy wagons.

Maybe it's because I grew up in New Jersey, the land where a car trunk is not just for your spare tire, but, I know history, and, I have to say, that, given Trump's ties to Atlantic City mobsters and Russian mobsters (all alleged, of course, heh, heh), I hope Flynn has a kevlar suit. I also hope that he has someone scoping out the underside of his car before he gets in and turns the key. I hope the family has a bomb sniffing dog for any mysterious Christmas packages. I hope for a lot of things. Meanwhile, one more enemy of the Constitution can be checked off this list. How long before Senor Trumpanzee or one of his wackadoodle staff say Flynn was just the coffee boy and that Trump never met him.

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At 4:37 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Well, Noah, since this monster of a tax bill went through, who knows how bad things will get? How low can we go? The lightening speed of our country's ruination is mind boggling.

Even if Trump were gone, this country would be just as screwed, with Pence at the helm (who would be even worse than the Orange blimp, if that is possible) and the horrendous Republicans still in charge. Bob Corker deserves applause, for whatever good that would do at this point. If we don't vote the Republicans out of the majority in 2018 things will get much, much worse. That is, if we don't have a nuclear war coming our way soon, with Pompeo soon to be the head of the state department. We are Germany, sliding into full blown fascism.

What a depressing way to begin the weekend.

At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that the tax scam passed, there won't be a country too much longer.

The current state of global corporatism is approaching that of the colonial powers in 1914. The biggest corporations will be seeking to wage war on each other to grow their own holdings, for there are few other options remaining. They, however, will hide behind the national governments they own to provide the warriors for these capitalist clashes. They will dun the national citizens to pay for these crimes against humanity, for how can such entities ever be expected to pay for these asset grabs?

And people wonder why millennials aren't in a hurry to pair up and reproduce. Why would anyone, when such a future is all one has to look forward to.

At 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second the above. Also second (first, actually) the stupid voters meme.

As to the row of mug shots... you'll believe me in a year, but the checks will stop before they get to Kushner.

I maintain that Mueller's job is not to get to the bottom of ALL the criminality and treason in this cabal of pure evil. His job is to stonewall and stall until the '18 midterms are over. He might get stone and page because they are both peripheral. But his conspiracy with the Rs is to stop before he does any real damage to this prez, his 'bidness', his family and the currently active cabal.

He's dragged this out for many months so far and has only come up with indictments for people that our limited press had already convicted beyond any reasonable doubt. We already know that Kushner conspired with Russia and that trumpco has laundered Russian money for decades. We know that trump has obstructed justice. And, of course, we know that trump is guilty of violating the constitution's emoluments clause. These are all well doc'd and proven.

But Mueller's job is not to find justice. His job is to pretend to find justice while he plays the 4-corner offense for another 11 months.

He'll then pull the plug. If the Ds flip the house, he'll blame them somehow for obstructing and Pelosi/scummer will eat shit. If the Rs keep the house, he'll simply say there isn't anything more he can do implying that trump et al are clean as the virgin mother. Then trump will probably pardon everyone.

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump steps down, pardons everyone and goes on to reap the tax benefits he passed to enrich himself. After all he's a business person who simply maximized his profit via duping the US government/people with a blizzard of entertaining stories. When is this guy gonna get some credit for embarrassing and fleecing a whole country?

At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:16, trump only proves that this whole country could be fleeced by anyone. It clearly did not take any special skills. After all, obamanation and bill Clinton still enjoy the worship of their third of the populous... and they probably did more damage than trump has been able to do.

Let us not forget that Flynn is one major asshole and his pleading down in trade for ... whatever both keeps his baby boy asshole jr. out of prison but it also means he won't stay in club fed long enough to pull a hammy playing tennis. So... just remember this is not justice.


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