Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Behold! And, lo, offering nothing but "thoughts and prayers" begat another church shooting.
Yea, though the irony will still be missed due to pieces of silver being stuffed into the pockets of politicians.

As of Sunday's shooting in Texas, there have been 307 mass shootings in America this year; not in history, this year! 26 more people are needlessly dead and Washington shrugs. 26 children, women, and men. I posted this same meme after the recent Las Vegas shooting that killed 58.

It's only a matter of time before some Republican goofball psycho justifies their continuing paid inaction on gun control by saying things are improving since 26 is better than 58. Take your bets as to who. Trump? Louis Gohmert? Paul Ryan? Mitch the Treason Turtle? Of course, to psychopaths like these, 26 is such a small insignificant number because it's nowhere near the number of Americans who will die due to their plans for taking out healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, and putting lead in our water. Remember that whole two days of post-Las Vegas talk about banning bump stocks? It was all a cynical show put on by our so-called representatives, aka useless, money grubbing douchebags in suits.

And nothing was delivered, but more death.

From Japan on Sunday, SeƱor Trumpanzee spoke words he obviously didn't write. The syntax wasn't his. The cadence wasn't his. The choice of phrases was not his, except, he again offered "thoughts and prayers." It was the least he could do so he did it. Later, he said "it's too soon" to address this national crisis. Last time, it was "not the time" and "premature."

Listen Donald, you orange freak jackass, the victims you offered "thoughts and prayers" to were praying when they got shot and killed! Your "thoughts and prayers" were not what they needed. The victims had no time. They were killed as much by the bribe-induced inaction and pathetic lack of leadership of you and your kind. Oh, excuse me, may be I should have said "campaign contributions." You used the words "act of evil." You and your kind, you and Ryan, you and McConnell... You, yourselves, are all acts of evil! You prove it every day of your cancerous lives. Where the hell do you come off as smugly saying "it's too soon?" Your whole damn party is in charge of everything, the White House, the Supreme Court, both houses of Congress and the majority of state legislatures and governor's offices, but, "it's not the time." Fuck you! Not that there aren't a few current Democrats to share the blame but your whole damn party is the lock step machinery of this evil; an act of evil. Your party proves it with every death. Those who vote for you are accessories to these crimes. The blood of the dead is on their hands. After all, a vote is one's endorsement of behavior and character. Pro-life, my ass! And, don't talk to me about the 2nd amendment. You, a cretin who has dedicated his whole poisonous life to wiping his fat farm poster child ass with our Constitution! You have no footing when it comes to our Constitution, zero. You say the shooting wasn't about guns but mental illness. "mental health at the highest level," you said. You were unwittingly correct! You are the highest level. I generally don't like to speak for others but I am confident that conservative, centrist, or liberal, there isn't a founding father who, if they could have looked into the future, would not call you an act of evil. You and your cohorts are their worst nightmare, and ours, bullet man. They even came up with the electoral college to act as a safety valve to prevent a lunatic president like you and your kind corrupted that, too. Those people failed. They abdicated their responsibility. It just wasn't the time to do the right thing. Go. Directly. To. Hell. Your reservation is waiting.

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At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Well, Noah, you say it like it is! Good meme. I really enjoy your midnight memes!

At 4:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The evil of the Orange Turd is matched if not exceeded by that of Wayne LaPierre.

At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They were killed BY the bribe-induced inaction and pathetic lack of leadership of you and your kind."

you and your kind being everyone we all elected to federal posts in the last 50 years. When the asshole killed 26 second-graders in Sandy Hook, their response wasn't nothing. They actually loosened existing gun laws.

After so many mass shootings, I'm amazed we have ANY laws at all left. Of course, the ones we have left are irrelevant because NOBODY enforces them. The asshole who blasted away in that church got his guns partly because the AF didn't enforce nor adhere to existing law.

And the evil marches on.

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our evil is enabled not by good people doing nothing, but by good people electing evil people to do evil.


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