Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

I'm posting this meme today because it's election day. Please keep in mind that those who hope for a very different America, i.e. Trump supporters, will be out today voting for their Republican Party candidates with great enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm that has put a demented fascist White Supremacist autocrat in the White House.

Choose wisely, but, most of all, choose to vote.

As an example of the stakes involved today, fascists in many states, called "conservative groups" and "republican advocates" by the media, are pushing citizens to vote for the convening of a new Constitutional Convention. Many Republican state legislatures have already approved of this and gotten the option put on their state's ballot. Research this and study the wording on your ballot. In some states, due to tricky wording, a no vote is really a yes. In other states, like my state (New York), no means no.

If two-thirds of the states vote for a new Constitutional Convention, the basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the only Constitutional Convention this country has ever had or needed, that of the Founding Fathers in 1787, will be at grave risk. That is precisely the kind of thing that Trump is talking about when he complains that he can't tell the Department of Justice and the FBI to do his bidding. Imagine if he could. Forces of fascism have been at work in various parties throughout our history, stronger in some than others, but always hiding in plain sight. We are closer to total dictatorial fascism than you may think.The people behind those forces are more emboldened than ever by Trump.

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At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democrats aren't prepared to deal with the modern realities of the Republican Party. The only real question is how quickly the Republicans cement themselves into complete power and dominate the rest of us.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Mary and Phil said...

A lifelong, dedicated Democrat, may I say I sadly saw this 17 years ago when I watched the infighting and apathy of the Party I claim. So very many good servants of the people with that D behind their name but they've never been able to do it alone. It's simple, Democrats don't vote, period. When we do, generally (but not always), the best person wins. When we stay home or vote third party, they have their way. This has not happened overnight or even since the 2000 election. If the Constitution is rewritten, something totally not out of the realm, it will be the end of Democracy as we know it, no question. I have never given money to the DNC and chose to not run for Delegate to the National Convention because that 'big D' is not where I've put my passion these past 17 years. I would far rather stand among the rabble and push for good changes to a very damaged country. Sadly, we are still asleep. Noah, I believe this is the best post you have ever made, by the way.

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democrats don't vote? Did you miss the popular vote tallies of the 2016 Presidential Election? HER! got 3 MILLION more votes than did the Orange-utan. Without the Selectoral College, HER! would be residing in the Oval Office and not the First Doofus. The nation would still be hair-deep in Bandini, but at least the odds of nuclear war breaking out wouldn't be as great.

And the odds are also great that we wouldn't now be the only nation on Earth who won't abide by the Paris Agreement and risk making the Earth uninhabitable.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Choose wisely, but, most of all, choose to vote."

Yup. But choosing wisely does not mean always choosing the lesser evil.

Among other flawed memes, 'lesser evilism' is what got us here today.

Choosing wisely, more often that you think, means not voting at all. See: VA.


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