Monday, October 30, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

It's the day before Halloween! When the sun goes down this evening, it will will be what is traditionally known as Mischief Night. It's a night of testosterone-fueled ridiculous immaturity and mayhem where young boys (and, occasionally, some female accomplices) roam the streets with eggs in hand, and a prodigious supply of toilet paper to hurl into a neighbor's tree. Sometimes, a collection of doggy poop in a paper bag left at a front door and set on fire provides utterly pointless fun, at least for the perps. But, why not make it all mean something this year. After all, there is such a thing as toilet paper that features the face of Donald J. Trump. If you live in the Washington area, why not go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and toss some rolls over the White Supremacy House fence. And don't forget the dog poop! Leave it out of the bag. Just toss it over the fence! "What will any of this solve," you ask? Well, not much, but I have a feeling that Paul Ryan and Steve Bannon will come along and use those rolls of TP as kindling to burn a cross on the lawn. Imagine the fun when Trump, Pence, General Kelly and the rest of the white supremacist White House staff come out to dance around the burning cross and start slippin' and a sliddin'.

Until then, enjoy the above clip from The President Show's tribute to Halloween. I highly recommend the show's weekly portrayal of Trump and company. This clip is their take on "Blair Witch Hunt" meets SeƱor Trumpanzee.

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