Saturday, October 21, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Republicans love to dole out that corporate welfare. They do it knowing that some of it will come back their way at election time and when there's a vote in Congress on something that might help grow the corporate offshore bank accounts or end the corporate welfare itself. Republican politicians also like to lie about how their corporate CEO benefactors need more and more tax breaks. It's never enough and it never will be. Their media hacks repeat the same tired crap. Just a few days ago, the so-called president was whining in his rose garden about how other countries offer lower tax rates to corporations. It was amazing that those rose bushes didn't just keel over and die. He even lied about Ireland planning on lowering their much criticized corporate tax rate from 12.5% to 8% which is something they are not doing. We shouldn't be surprised. If Señor Trumpanzee manages to put 10 semi-coherent sentences together (highly unlikely), 9 of them will consist of blatant pathological lies. He is, after all, the pathological liar-in-chief.

What CEOs, politicians and their media slaves don't tell you about the dirty little secret regarding U.S. corporate tax rates is that, although, they seem high at the code-written 35%, give or take, U.S. corporations enjoy so many tax loopholes and deduction privileges that that 35% ends up being roughly equal to the rate that most other countries offer. That's called the Effective Tax Rate, in other words, what they actually pay when you strip away Republican lies on the subject. Señor Trumpanzee wants to lower our corporate tax rate to a starting point of 20% which would be lower than the other leading industrialized nations. If the existing U.S. tax loopholes and deduction privileges are left in place, as would be likely after the graft is handed out... well, you do the math. We will end up with a tax system that features corporations paying no taxes at all.

Already, Secretary of State and Putin Best Bud Rex Tillerson's company, EXXON makes billions in profits every year and yet, often pays no taxes at all. Kinda makes you feel real sorry for them, doesn't it? I'm sure it also makes you feel bad that that means we are also subsidizing poor the bonuses of the poor starving EXXON executives. General Electric and others enjoy a similar tax position. On top of that, Congress has been paid to even give EXXON and other oil companies millions in subsidies very year; subsidies that come from our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. I guess there's just not enough prime rib and caviar in the company cafeteria. We pay at them at the pump and we pay them every April 15th. They soak us twice. Señor Trumpanzee approves of this system but thinks subsidies to insurance companies so that Americans can have cheaper healthcare are wrong. Of course, that one is all about his psychopathis desire to inflict pain and suffering on as many non-filthy rich Americans as possible. Goons like Trump and Hannity and their party call subsidies socialism, but only when it suits their psychopathology. Bottom line: If subsidies for insurance companies are socialism, why not call subsidies for companies like EXXON what they are even more so?

Republican voters support this farce. Same for independent and any democratic voters who naively go along. They are so easily manipulated to vote against their own self interests due to not having one single ounce of critical thinking ability. This is a prime example of how not all voters are the same. Manipulated fools look at the top two points of this meme, the ones about food stamps and safety net programs and their bigotries come roaring to the surface as they start whining about minorities getting "free stuff" and "handouts," never mind that the larger percentage of food stamps got to poor rural caucasians. The key, of course, is how they always love to point fingers and look for a group to focus their hate and anger upon, while never having the common sense to point at the douchebags in suits. It's so easy to lead such voters around by the nose; so easy that they have no idea of the contempt in which they are held by those who get over on them. Welfare to billionaires doesn't bother them at all, if only because they maintain their ignorance willfully. But, damn those non-existent welfare queens driving around in Cadillacs that they're told about about! Suckers born to be suckered.

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At 5:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When OUR highways are broken down and impassable, the rich will board THEIR tax-supported aircraft.

When THEIR wealth and/or security is under threat (real or imaginary), OUR military will come to the rescue.

Food, medicine, whatever. We are becoming a truly bifurcated nation.

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the rich forget is that the money they are addicted to is only as good as anyone expected to accept it believes it to be.

Without a strong and vibrant economy, the dollar is as worthless as used toilet paper. Without a government which can be trusted to honor its commitments, where is the military going to find its soldiers? Soldiers expect to be paid, and in currency which is actually accepted in trade for goods and services. If the money isn't accepted, why would anyone become a soldier? Who will then defend the wealthy from those wealth abused?

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go again wasting facts and data on those who cannot think nor add.

Our idiotic tax policy has been borrowing money from China to give to billionaires (who started out as only millionaires) for nearly 40 years. Something like $22 Trillion so far. That means that every little baby citizen is born with debt of almost $70,000.


If that little baby wants to get a college degree, it will have to at least double that debt, which in the 22 years it takes to get there, will probably be doubled again just so billionaires can become bigger billionaires.

Unless the crash happens before that. Which is pretty likely.

And remember, there is no political party nor impetus to fix this. None.

At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To your list of tax payments, you need to add that every year each American (including kids and the poor who don't pay anything) accumulates about $3000 in debt (borrowed from china, india et al) that is given to billionaires so they can afford another mansion, yacht or plane.


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