Monday, October 09, 2017

It's Candidates Week Inside The Shrunken, Shriveled Democratic Piece Of The Beltway-- DCCC Playing Favorites


Tomorrow is day one of DCCC candidate Week in which the DC Democratic Party elites invite all their favored candidates and purposely leave out candidates they don't like. But they swear-- and believe it on some delusional level-- that they don't interfere in primaries. The festivities kick off Wednesday with two by-invitation-only events for right-wing Democrats. At 2pm Illinois Blue Dog Cheri Bustos will conduct a "Heartland Workshop" for the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. As soon as that's over-- if you're one of the chosen (again anti-working family only)-- you're invited to the Blue Dog event at the American Trucking Associations building, where candidates get to hobnob with the sleaziest corporate lobbyists in Washington, DC, who will be happy to write you a campaign check-- in return for your mortal soul. Invitees include Blue Dog-endorsed candidates like Brad Ashford (NE-02), Anthony Brindisi (NY-22), Paul Davis (KS-02), Gretchen Driskell (MI-07), Roger Huffstetler (VA-05), Jay Hulings (TX-23), Brendan Kelly (IL-12) and Dan McCready (NC-09).

The last event, on Friday at 11:00 AM-- also by invitation only; no progressives allowed and anyone who smells like a reformer or good government type will be turned away at the door-- at the DCCC headquarters on So. Capitol Street is the New Dem Meet and Greet. Strictly for members of the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party eager for working out how bribes are passed between corporate sponsors and ethics-free members of Congress. Among those invited: Brad Ashford (NE-02), Anthony Brindisi (NY-22), Angie Craig (MN-02), Paul Davis (KS-02), Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06), Roger Huffstetler (VA-05), Jay Hulings (TX-23), Hans Keirstead (CA-48), Dave Min (CA-45), Harley Rouda (CA-48), Jana Lynne Sanchez (TX-06), Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11), and Elissa Slotkin (MI-08).

So who gets invited and who gets left behind? Let's take CA-48, Dana Rphrabacher's district as an example. 7 Democrats have filed papers with the FEC-- Hans Keirstead (a self-funding multimillionaire who has been endorsed by the corrupt, special interest owned New Dems), Michael Kotick, Laura Oatman (the progressive in the race-- also the only woman), Boyd Roberts, Harley Rouda (see Keirstead; same/same), Omar Siddiqui and Anthony Zarkades. The two self-funding New Dems-- Keirstead and Rouda-- were invited and the other 5 are being ignored. I asked a source at the DCCC why and was told, vaguely, that the decide of what candidates are viable based on fundraising. OK, the new fundraising totals will be out a week from tomorrow so all there is to go by are the totals from last quarter. Rouda had brought in $318,334, Keirstead had brought in $138,504, Oatman had brought in $119,399 and none of the other candidates had raised the $5,000 to trigger an FEC report. So why was Oatman left out? Because she's a progressive? Or was it because Pelosi forgot that when women win we all win or whatever it is she always says about that when its convenient?

Oatman is a small businesswoman and architect who was born and raised in the district, a wife and mom with 5 grown kids. She has an extensive platform on her website, fully explaining where she is on the issues important to Orange County voters. For example, in the comprehensive section healthcare, she's makes it clear that her goal is Medicare-For-All. Rouda also has a decent website with his stands on important issues. Keirstead's website is just a celebration of Kierstead-- a glorious bio of an accomplished and successful guy who has nothing to say about what he's offering anyone in CA-48 except for the honor of being represented by someone as grand as he is.

The invitation from Ben Ray Lujan says "During Candidate Week, we invite all the declared candidates to DC for a week of trainings, meetings, and panels. Candidates are given the opportunity to meet with Members of Congress, PACs, DCCC staff, and consultants." Problem is... Ben Ray is a practiced liar-- which is what happens when you live your life hiding in the closet; they don't invite "all declared candidates," only the ones they favor. They certainly invited all the Blue Dogs and New Dems. Progressives? A few; mostly not though.

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At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DWT, you keep posting proof after proof that the democrap party is shit, is getting worse, and is irredeemable.

Yet you still insist on trying, mostly in vain, to pollute their lowest ranks with a small number of decent, well-intentioned people who will probably lose, but if they win will be impotent to affect any necessary change in that diseased cesspool of a party.

just wondering why.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Joseph Kreps said...

The more the grassroots know, the more they support Progressives. The more the establishment puts its finger on the scale the more they lose.


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