Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Is McConnell A Dead Turtle Politically?


Bannon has declared Mitch McConnell the enemy-- and there are plenty of Republican voters who agree. Did you see that stunning new poll from Harvard and Harris this week? When asked if they approve or disapprove of the way the Republican Party is handling its job, only 29% of respondents said approve. 71% said disapprove. And among Republican voters there were still 47% who disapproved and, disastrous for the GOP, 77% among independent voters.

The poll also asked respondents if they approved or disapproved of around a dozen political figures. The unfavorables are first and the second number is the favorables... among Republican voters:
Trump- 19%/78%
McConnell- 43%/24%
Ryan- 28%/52%
Note how much trouble McConnell is in among Republicans. Now among independent voters-- again, first number is unfavorable and second is favorable:
Trump- 59%/38%
McConnell- 59%/13%
Ryan- 54%/27%
Again... no love for the Turtle. He's lucky he's not up for reelection until 2020. Can you imagine Bannon recruiting some fascist to run against him in 2018. It'll be hilarious watching McConnell and Trump both campaigning for Republican votes in 2020-- if either or both of them are even running in 2020!

That same HarvardHarris survey indicates that 56% of Republican voters want McConnell to resign as Senate majority leader. To win Bannon's endorsement-- and the Mercers' money-- candidates have to pledge to vote against McConnell as GOP leader. And in the survey 61% of Republican voters say they support Bannon’s "movement to oust Republicans who fail to support tax cuts, tough immigration policies, and the repeal of Obamacare."

Yesterday, after Flake's brutal analysis of the insanity of the Trump Regime, McConnell took the floor of the Senate to praise him, something that will surely drive Trump and Bannon and the ascendant fascist part of the GOP base, insane(r). "On behalf of myself and I think many of my colleagues, we've just witnessed a speech from a very fine man, a man who clearly brings high principles to the office every day and does what he believes is in the interest of Arizona and the country," said McConnell.

This looks unfriendly

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At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mcturtle is the worst senator probably ever, if for no other reason than he arose to fascist party leader and ruled his majority with pretty much an iron boot. He filibustered judges and pretty much everything between 2009 and 2016. Not that the democraps WANTED much of that being filibustered to go anywhere, as the numbers of their tribe who joined in those filibusters attest.

But he took a collegial body and made it like junior high with cliques and all. He lied, cheated and took bribes... but that isn't anything unusual.

His downfall was trying to fellate an insane Nazi president by denying 10% of americans their health insurance and handing several trillion more to billionaires because they all need more homes, yachts and jets. Sadly for him, not everyone in his senate tribe is as purely evil as he is, yet, and a couple of them have recoiled from openly murdering millions of fellow citizens and impoverishing all the rest.

As horrible as he is, when he is removed by the new NAZI R party in 2020, he'll be replaced by someone quite a bit worse.

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The relevant question is whether mcturtle is still viable in his KY. He'll have been in congress from there for 36 years by the time he must decide to run again. I'm sure the potted plants in KY will re-elect him if he runs, unless a KKK grand wizard runs against him.

He may not survive past 2018 as senate Nazi leader, however. Someone worse might be available AND the entire Nazi party senate caucus may fear trump/bannon enough to elevate the next old white guy from the south.

But at some point the entire congress will become archaic and voting will cease (anyone remember their history of Germany). So it'll be a race to see which happens first.

At 12:44 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

If he does lose in a primary he'll be remembered for one thing Nuclear Option.

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harriet reid first used the nuclear (nookyooler) option on SOME judges that mcturtle would otherwise have held up.

mcturtle then used it on the Nazi judge for SC.

I'll remember him for turning the filibuster into the tool of total despotism instead of an insurance policy against really bad ideas. But when ALL ideas are bad...


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