Sunday, March 05, 2017

Jeff Sessions’ Excuse


-by Noah

How long before we witness the following dialog on Sean Hannity’s show:
Jeff Sessions: “Well, uh, ya see, suh, ah just didn’t know it was the Russian ambassador ah was speaking to because I had mistakenly put my KKK hood on backwards that day.”

Sean Hannity: “Well, gee. I’ve done that many, many times! Who wouldn’t understand that? I gotta tell you that there isn’t a one of us here at FOX hasn’t done that! Damn libruls just don’t get it!”
When this week’s Jeff Sessions/Russia story broke, Sessions’ real answer as to why he lied about having any conversations with Russia during the campaign was that he didn’t remember or recall his conversations with the Russian ambassador during the presidential campaign. That’s right, he used the old Tricky Dick Nixon “You can always say you don’t recall” approach: lawyer speak. But, obviously, Sessions knew he had something to hide so he tried to get away with it by lying under oath. Senators often speak with foreign officials. That’s allowed. There’s nothing wrong with it, per se. So, the only reason Sessions had to deny that he had had contact with the ambassador was that he was hiding something.

An Attorney General as morally bankrupt as Jeff Sessions is what we get when we keep electing a Senate full of morally bankrupt senators like Jeff Sessions. But, this particular White House has a proven aversion to even the idea of ethics, so much so that they shut down the traditional ethics training for incoming White House staffers.

Most of the Trump mafia, and that’s what they are, a mafia. (Trump learned a lot in Atlantic City), have taken the “selective memory” approach when it comes to their personal history of contacts with Russians. Ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, a crazy who has a large tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face on his back, the recently dumped National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and other Trump associates come to mind. The other day on Democracy Now, David Cay Johnson remarked that his colleague, Jim Henry "has spent a lot of time digging into the Russian connections here, and they are vast, deep. They go back more than 30 years. And an important element to understand about why this matters with the Russians, who are the Russian oligarchs? They are a state-sponsored network of international criminals. And Donald Trump has had so many involvements with them, involving the Trump SoHo hotel, the sale of property and other things Jim can talk about. And then we get Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, who is in bed with these guys right up to his eyeballs."

When it comes to the Trump Administration’s Russia problem, Trump and his party are trying to paint what is really an issue of subversion as merely a partisan issue. Republicans have all too often referred to Vladimir Putin as a real leader, a leader they admire. If only they would move to Russia so they could see how they like it there. We should let them go where they would be happy living a totalitarian dream. One condition, though: Once republicans leave to go live in their dream world, they will be banned from ever returning to the United States of America. Seems fair to me.

Jeff Sessions is at the core of Trumpism. Trump would hate to see him go probably more than anyone in his administration except, maybe, Steve Bannon (Trump’s brain and chief strategist). Sessions was the first prominent republican to appear with Trump in his campaign. They are brothers in racism. Session is there, as Attorney General, to bend, obfuscate and, to put it nicely, selectively enforce the law. But, the biggest question about Sessions now is no longer about his attitudes about rights. It’s no about his and his boss’s racism. It’s not just about his misogyny. Things like that are well-documented by his voting record an public pronouncements.

The biggest question about Jeff Sessions also isn’t about, as the media and Washington hacks would have us believe, his recusal and removing himself from any investigations pertaining to Trump. As I write this he has at least recused himself from participating in a Russia inquiry but, at this point that only amounts to throwing a bone to those who seek truth. Besides, our U.S. Department of Justice is already compromised by the lack of integrity on the part of FBI Director James Comey who also willingly handed over his soul to Trump and therefore Putin. The FBI was, in fact, already investigating Sessions’ contacts with Russians and knew about them, while Sessions was having his confirmation hearing but they said nothing to the Senate. Rep. Adam Schiff is now asking why.

The biggest question about Jeff Sessions is not even about whether he should resign or not. An Attorney General, as the top representative of our nation’s laws, has to be beyond reproach, so, of course he should now resign. Any real moral code of decency dictates that. But, recusal and resignation are basically symbolic anyway. Whatever lowlife deputies Sessions has will, no doubt be just like him. They are capos in Trump’s Justice Department. That all leaves us with this: The biggest question about Jeff Sessions is how soon can he be investigated and, if the facts warrant it, put on trial for treason.

My fellow Americans, it’s come to this: Any politician, from any political party in this country who is not now calling for and supporting the impeachment of Trump is an accomplice and an accessory to his damaging actions, criminal and otherwise. Enough!

Over the past few weeks, this is the thought that has often been the last thing on my mind at night and the first thing in my mind each morning. Only corruption can be the cause of continued delay.

Even without the Russian issues, Trump needs to be gone if only for reasons of a severe mental illness that is every bit as dangerous to the wellbeing of each and every citizen of America and, therefore the entire world. Trump is a purveyor of human misery of epic proportions. He is a throwback to the medieval times of kings and despots whose brains were so syphilis-ridden that their dysfunction rained daily chaos and living hell down upon their subjects.

Every day it’s something new. One day it’s Trump wiping out a regulation that prevents corporate assholes from dumping coal ash into our water and then promising clean air and water in a speech before Congress that very night. Another day, it’s signing a law that permits the mentally ill (like himself) to buy guns. One day Trump says he knows Putin. The next he says he doesn’t.

Trump has given us a White House full of mind-amputees like Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway. His 31 year old speechwriter and spokescretin Stephen Miller, a former aide to Sessions, has a traceable background in white supremacy statements,. Let’s not forget the aforementioned Steve Bannon either.

Trump himself is an avowed fan of not just crazies like FOX and Friends but even more bizarre nutters like Alex Jones and World Net Daily. We’ve all heard of Trumpies that really do believe that Hillary Clinton was, and maybe still is, running some sort of pedophile child sex slave ring out the back of a pizza shop in suburban Maryland. Once a person’s mind has gone that far over the falls without a barrel, there’s no telling where it’ll go. We can only imagine what the rest of the Trump White House staff is like, what they say among themselves, what despicable websites they enjoy, etc. Four more years of this? Can we survive four more months?

We have cabinet secretaries who see it as their mission to dismantle the departments they have been put in charge of, all with the enthusiastic approval of their heinous nihilistic accomplices in Congress. A whole political party has embraced the krazy. History has previous examples of this kind of insane, devoid of logic behavior. It has never ended pretty.

Trump is America’s own version of Kim Jong-un. That is no exaggeration. The only thing that stops Americans from seeing it that way is that they think it would never happen here. Such naivete is deadly. The sooner we see what Trump is, the better off America and the world will be. Trump is not just a bad human. He is an insane bad human. Both douchbags manifest the same lack of familiarity with the concepts of rationality and maturity. They both share the same sense of rabid entitlement, megalomania and an non-stop, unbridled need for mindless self-aggrandizement.

If I look at this situation through my snark lens, I think that, maybe, just like high schools have student exchange programs, there could even be some sort of Presidential Exchange Program. Kim Jong-un and Donald J. Trump seem more and more interchangeable each day. They are brothers in bombastic insanity. If Trump wasn’t such a racist and so obsessed with how rich Putin is, he would probably dream of being Kim Jong-un, instead of Vladimir Putin. Both Kim Jong-un and Donald J. Trump are envious of each other to the extreme. Both want to launch nukes. Both see everyone except the clown in the mirror as lesser human beings and enemies of, if not the state, of themselves. Both can rationalize away any behavior at all, as long as it suits their titanic egos and offsets their massive baby-like insecurities. Sure, Kim Jong-un has better hair and bigger hands but so do lots of people. Does Trump dream of Kim Jong-un topless on a horse?

But, all of this aside; regardless of whether the cause of this Trump-led treachery is because he is in league with his friend Putin or because of his mental condition, he has to go, immediately.

The Russian issues that scream to us more and more with each long-passing day can’t just be coincidence and circumstantial. Howie wrote a fine post about Trump’s Russian Connection earlier this week. Every concerned person should read it.

As far back as the day that Paul Manafort was forced to resign as the head of Trump campaign last summer, over allegations of Ukrainian payments, it has been obvious that there is a major smell about Trump. Interestingly, Republican Party platform language about the Ukrainian situation had been radically softened when Trump was nominated.

The recent past meets the near future

The calls for Sessions to resign are growing and they will grow every day and every hour until he does the right thing (Not bloody likely. It’s not in his character). In some lands, that would mean falling on his sword, literally. As far as I’m concerned, we are at the point where millions of Americans should start flooding his office with sets of cheap steak knives. They’ll do the job as well as a more dramatic sword or a ceremonial hari-kari blade.

Sessions has always demonstrated that he is the epitome of the old southern racist. He didn’t just mislead the Senate about his contacts with Russians. He also misled them on his civil rights record. What a surprise! One would hope that, given his age, he’s the last of his kind but you have to know that he has built a whole staff of like-minded jackasses, young and old. After all, racism is a cherished republican value. Stephen Miller is only Exhibit A. There are plenty more like him and Trump is gathering as many as he can to staff his administration. So, how long do we let not just Sessions “serve”? How much longer do we allow Trump to continue wiping his obese butt with our Constitution and soiling the reputation of America every time he speaks, signs an executive order, or tweets?

The answer, of course is immediate impeachment. If it makes Comrade Trump feel better, I’m sure we can offer him a tremendous impeachment, the very best impeachment! We know he loves huge, bigly crowds. Impeachment can give him that. More Americans would come to see him publicly removed from the White House than came to all of the women’s marches on January 21st combined. We could put him in a nice orange jumpsuit that says “Making America Great Again” on the back. We can even give him some souvenir orange handcuffs. Americans won’t get sick of winning but they better win this one soon.

With any luck at all, Jeff Sessions may have been the final thing that unravels not just the Russian scandal but the whole scandal that is the Trump presidency itself. There would be a tremendous irony in the fact that Trump, in his insanity, inflicted Sessions upon us and brought himself down. It would be the best irony if it was Trump’s friend Sessions that finally led to the collapse of his presidency. But, a word of caution: No one should let the troubles of Jeff Sessions deflect and distract us from the bigger problem of Trump himself.

Sad. This Sessions mess could have been prevented if Sessions hadn’t been rammed down our throats by $enate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his merry band of repugs who were in such a rush to please their boy and embrace and confirm him. It’s all the more reason that McConnell should have let Elizabeth Warren read that letter from Corretta Scott King, but McConnell was being a good little Trumpanzee and in such a hurry to give his boy everything he wanted. He didn’t want Reince, Bannon, or Vladimir to be mad at him. Now, it's all exploding in his face. He's not a leader and neither is Trump.

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At 12:25 PM, Blogger Skeptical Partisan said...

Impeachment of DJT is not enough. We also need the trail of knowledge throughout the presidential line of succession. DJT did not steal the presidency without a lot of help and averted eyes.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Mary and Phil said...

Treason. The word is treason. And, of course, corruption. Welcome to a banana republic, folks.

At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for Jeff Sessions. Not in any universe, dimension, or alternate reality.

At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Sessions is a symptom (see also every single republican and southern white).

The disease is hate. White hate of nonwhite. Christian hate of nonchristian and improper Christian (after all, we ALL know who jesus would hate). Male hate of female. Troglodytic hetero hate of all non hetero.

The us isn't the only white population who hates. We're seeing white hate all over Europe... again. But the us hates the most and the most religiously.

Jeff Sessions is only possible because of all that hate. In fact, he's an unavoidable consequence of all that hate.

The treason, corruption and all the rest are an unavoidable consequence of the total coup by the money over our republic. The charade of pretense is still there... for now. But the republic is long gone. The money staged a coup and the voters didn't do shit about it.


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