Saturday, March 04, 2017

RIP- Tommy Page


I was in Bangkok-- alone-- when I heard about George Michael's death. I had only met him a couple of times, so maybe it was about his music itself, but I was gobsmacked by his passing-- and for a long time. Music can do that.

Friday someone who was much more a real part of my life passed. I feel crippled. Friday Tommy Page went to Heaven, which will be a better place for his presence. He was 46; I met him when he was 17, someone looking forward to a joyful life. His death is something I couldn't process-- let alone write about-- yesterday, a day of sadness and tears for me. Its inconceivable to me how his family can grope with this loss. Tommy and his spouse, Charlie, have three young children. He is the center of their lives. Tommy's parents adore him. In the nearly 3 decades I've known him, I never met anyone who didn't just fall in love with the guy. He was the most optimistic, glass-half-full person I ever met, over-flowing with love and empathy. He enriched the lives of everyone he ever came into contact with. He will be so missed but how lucky everyone who will miss him is to at least haven his beautiful songs to cherish with the memories.



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