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We're Entering The New Year With The Worst President Ever-- What Do Americans Think About That?


Now Trump is whining/tweeting that Obama isn’t helping make it as smooth a transition as he expected. In the early 1930s German Chancellor Heinrich Brüning's agenda was typical austerity claptrap— and, predictably— it wasn’t working… except for Hitler, whose Nazi party rose in popularity by opposing it. The transition from the moderate mainstream parties’ government to Hitler’s Nazi government was fairly smooth… and then came the Reichstag fire, followed by the Enabling Act giving the divisive Hitler, whose Nazis didn’t have a majority in Parliament, the ability to pass extra-constitutional laws without parliament.

I’m not certain how popular/unpopular Hitler was in German in 1933. He never did win a majority. The deplorables, though, adored him. Today Gallup released it’s annual “most admired” poll. Normally the incumbent president comes in first, although in 2008, President-elect Obama beat George W. Bush. This year President-elect Trump didn’t come anywhere near that, scoring 15% to Obama’s 22%, giving him his 9th win in a row. Only two other people scored more than 1%— Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders.

Gallup reports that “Americans named Hillary Clinton the Most Admired Woman for the 15th consecutive year and 21st time overall. Since her initial win in 1993 as first lady, Clinton has topped the list every year but 1995 and 1996 (when she finished behind Mother Teresa) and 2001 (behind Laura Bush). Eleanor Roosevelt has the second-most No. 1 finishes among women, at 13.” She scored 12% to second-place Michelle Obama’s 8%. Rounding out the top 10 were Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Allen DeGeneres, Queen Elizabeth, Malala Yousafzai, Condoleeza Rice, Elizabeth Warren and (tied with Dolly Parton) Sarah Palin.

The latest PPP survey, earlier this month, found that although Trump is a little bit more popular than he was during the campaign (+4% since late September), a majority of Americans still have a negative opinion of him. 43% of voters view Trump favorably to 51% who have an unfavorable view of him.
Trump's popularity continues to pale in comparison to Barack Obama's. Obama ends his final year in office with a 50/45 approval spread. When it comes to the question of who voters trust more to pick the new Supreme Court justice, Obama beats out Trump 52-45.

Voters don't think that Trump's Electoral College victory while losing the popular vote is really fair- 50% think the candidate who receives the most votes nationally in the election should become President, to only 37% who disagree with that concept. Over the course of the campaign we found there was a cult like aspect to Trump's support, where any idea he put forth a substantial share of his supporters would go along with. We see that trend continuing post election. 60% of Trump voters think that Hillary Clinton received millions of illegal votes to only 18% who disagree with that concept and 22% who aren't sure either way.

40% of Trump voters insist that he won the national popular vote to only 49% who grant that Clinton won it and 11% who aren't sure.

Only 53% of Trump voters think that California's votes should be allowed to count in the national popular vote. 29% don't think they should be allowed to count, and another 18% are unsure.

There's been a lot of attention to the way fake news has spread and been believed especially by Trump supporters and that's borne out in our polling:

73% of Trump voters think that George Soros is paying protesters against Trump to only 6% who think that's not true, and 21% who aren't sure one way or the other. (I personally had to explain to my Grandmother that this wasn't true a few weeks ag0 after someone sent her an e-mail about it.)

14% of Trump supporters think Hillary Clinton is connected to a child sex ring run out of a Washington DC pizzeria. Another 32% aren't sure one way or another, much as the North Carolinian who went to Washington to check it out last weekend said was the case for him. Only 54% of Trump voters expressly say they don't think #Pizzagate is real.

While Trump's favorability rating is negative at 43/51, Saturday Night Live’s is positive at 48/33.

There's 89/8 support nationally for expanded background checks on gun purchases, including support from 96% of Clinton voters and 81% of Trump voters

There's 84/8 support nationally for barring those on the Terror Watch List from buying guns, including support from 90% of Clinton voters and 80% of Trump voters.

There's 76% support nationally for increasing the minimum wage to at least $10 an hour, including support from 95% of Clinton voters and 54% of Trump voters.



At 4:37 AM, Anonymous F*ckNeoliberals said...

So much to comment on with this posting...

First, The Donald tRump may well turn out to be the worst president ever but he is not yet president. Little George has set a very high barrier to overcome to earn the rightful title of 'worst president ever'.

Second, Hillary 'winning' a poll with a whopping 12% does not mean sh!t other than that Hillary has high name recognition.

Third, sitting presidents have 'won' 58 of the 70 of these Gallup polls. Don't come around next year and proclaim something good about tRump when he 'wins' this poll.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the poll results and only one thought SHOULD occur:

Americans are just dumber than shit.

Makes these kinds of polls sort of pointless, except to affirm that americans are the worst dumbfucktards on the planet.

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

I fear that Trump will send us and possibly the world into a tailspin within the first 100 days. He will make even George Bush look good, and I cannot believe I am actually saying this. While I certainly could never stand Bush, he gave the impression he respected the institutions of our government and the office of the President. He at least had face validity whereas Trump has none, and that is truly frightening. Bush was thrilled to live in the White House, whereas Trump is not and prefers his own gilt palace on Fifth Avenue, a real first among Presidents and truly unbelievable, reflecting his disdain for the office itself. When Bush was elected (???) and re-elected (??), as distressed as I was, I never felt the extent of absolute horror that I now feel with Trump, and I believe many Americans feel the same way. Trump is of monster proportions. He is a very disturbed and dangerous man. George Bush was just dumb. The dangerous people he surrounded himself with will pale in the rear view mirror (and what an awful crew they were!) compared to Trump's appointees, who will destroy everything in their path, domestic as well as foreign. Some of them appear to be psychopaths and detached from reality, just like Trump. Where the hell did his recent idea of a nuclear arms build up come from? And his tweet that we will "win" such a race is truly insane. What does he think winning a nuclear arms race would look like? Will he actually drop a nuke somewhere? He is a true madman.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

drumpf being the worst is speculative, though I'd not cover that bet as sure as I am that he shall be our worst.

the bushbaby did have one advantage, maybe, over drumpf. He was disinterested. So cheney got to be president (as a new 4th branch, just ask him) for most things except tax cuts. So we got all those wars, torture, rendition, anthrax (almost surely a clumsy attempt to blame shit on Iraq to justify a war there), and such things as FEMA being turned into an embossment on stationary and corporate patronage from an agency tasked with helping people. We also got PATRIOT and other anticonstitutional laws eagerly endorsed by democraps.

Drumpf may end up just as disinterested except in whatever he profits from... meaning pence, just as bad as cheney, might be the de-facto prez. And the cabinet noms, all of whom will be approved, are shaping up to be our worst ever for sure. Which probably means this group will be the worst. And it may not be close.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with my immediate predecessor in this thread. Pence will prove to be worse than Cheney, if that can be imagined. Cheney was only interested in global war benefiting his corporate buddies. He wasn't about to go to war against American citizens over social issues.

Pence will be willing to wage war against the world under his Bronze Age delusions of the divine. But his primary focus will be to purge our society of any and all influences which don't emanate from the King James Version - along with many which do.

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point above about pence and his stunted interpretation of the jeezis myth.

But you forget that cheney was an evangelical PNAC doctrinaire who was lining up the Mideast dominoes (Syria was to be after Iraq; Iran after that. Read PNAC).
He was thwarted by the fact that his doctrines don't fucking work, as proved by the fiasco in Iraq. You CAN defeat a nation with 150K soldiers. But you cannot adequately oppress them, given that it's THEIR home, and they are very well armed, motivated, and face all those virgins in heaven. You can't oppress 24M who don't want to be oppressed by you with 150K hapless wage slave soldiers. You need 10X that many.

Syria would have been just as hard. Iran would have been impossible short of nuking everyone to cinders.

Will pence hear his gawd's voice telling him to "kill them all"? I couldn't say he won't.

And to drumpf, it'd just be like a video game to him. great fun.


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