Saturday, November 05, 2016

What The Hell Is Wrong With Chris Matthews? Guest Post From WMX


Our art director hasn't written for us before; he just makes all the best art at DWT-- like the piece above. But this week he was moved by something MSNBC's most reprehensible anchor, Chris Matthews, said. WMX:

What the hell is wrong with Chris Matthews? Does he not realize that he is soulless political weathervane… This guy has no core belief other than to insure that his fat ass stays on TV. His little concluding show soliloquy is nothing more than love poetry to a racist and demented militia mob. He is actually defending white natationalist and their insane candidate. All of this in some effort for him to feel relevant and topical. He thinks he is on par with Bill O’Reilly-- never realizing, like that weird pandering kid that always hangs around you in high school, that is hated by the very persons that he is trying to impress.

I remember that Chris Matthews just loved G.W. Bush and voted for him; wanted to have a BEER with him. Supported all of his wars and crazy pro-life nonsense. Then, as soon as the public turned on G.W., Chris Matthews's weathervane shifted and all of a sudden he forgot all of that G.W. love; claimed that he was never for those crazy Mideast wars and G.W. just wasn’t up to snuff. He also had that Obama tingle before he didn’t. I imagine that he and Chuck Todd get together for mutual back slapping sessions at the end of every one of their ridiculous shows. He says, “Hey Chuck, wanna get a BEER and swoon over Donald Trump!”

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At 5:42 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Me, too, I reluctantly (tried to) watch him and the last time I forced myself to turn to his hour slot, I had the same thought as your title. He is a rude interviewer, interrupts constantly, and has that arrogance of "anchor privilege" that his questions have oh-so-much more relevance than do the answers.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Mark Bye said...

One can always tell when Tweety is off his meds.


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