Friday, November 04, 2016

Leaked Emails: UFOs, Crushing Bernie...


No, not just worse choice, WORST CHOICE EVER

I've been trying to avoid the wikileaks e-mails, primarily evacuees I don't think there's any to know what's real, what's fake, what's doctored... The whole batch was released as a Russian propaganda effort to help elect Putin's candidate, Donald Trump. But I couldn't resist taking about the Mike Honda-Ro Khanna congressional race in terms of a leaked letter from Khanna's sleaze-bag campaign chairman, Steve Spinner, nor, earlier, about Blink 182 and John Podesta wanting to go for an interterrestial magic carpet ride. So the door's down.

Speaking of UFO's-- I'm more than a believer-- the Daily Mail has been following Podesta's... openness to extraterrestrial life-- from innocently exchanging e-mails with former astronaut Edgar Mitchell to Podesta admirably urging Hillary to declassify UFO info and Area 51 files. Mitchell, apparently, is aware that the government has been covering up extraterrestrial presence in America for half a century. He asked Podesta to set up a meeting between himself and Obama to talk about extraterrestrials.
Podesta's assistant replied to the email saying: 'John would likely take this meeting alone first before involving the President.'

'Our government is still operating from outdated beliefs and policies' Mitchell wrote in the 2014 email.

He asked for 'a conversation with you and President Obama regarding the next steps in extraterrestrial disclosure for the benefit of our country and our planet.'

The meeting would be an opportunity for Mitchell to discuss how humans can achieve 'planet sustainability generation energies.'

The email also allegedly discussed how to explore space without colonialism and destruction. It described the U.S. government having respect for 'the wisdom and intellect of its citizens as we move into space.'

Mitchell wrote of an impending space war and that the Vatican had knowledge of aliens, RT reported.

Podesta has urged Clinton in the past to declassify information about UFOs if she becomes president.

He has advocated for documents about Area 51 to be released as well.

In 2015, Robert Fish, curator of the Apollo museum, asked Podesta how he could obtain scientific data about UFOs, one email reportedly says.

'Based on significant personal experience, I can attest that UFO hunters are looking in the wrong places.' Fish told Podesta, according to RT.

I saw more buzz online about a Podesta leaked e-mail about his ability to get face value Hamilton tickets than about Martians. Let alone this:

This is exactly the kind of crap I don't want to get involved with... those horrible establishment types around Hillary. Yes, we know, we know... she's not a good choice, just an infinitely better choice than the alternative. After she's in office we'll have to do what we can about minimizing the horrors of the garbage she plans to bring into government-- like hideous Blue Dog and lobbyist Blanche Lincoln, who's being talking about as a possible Attorney General.

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At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egad, Blanche Lincoln? Why in the world would Hillary want her own Harriet Miers? Please let that be just a stupid rumor.

At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anon @ 10:00:

The name Harrriet Miers at the end of your question serves as the answer.

Egad, indeed.

Here's a link to an article discussing HRC cabinet nominees:

John Puma


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