Monday, October 03, 2016

A Case For Zephyr Teachout, Congressional Candidate In NY-19


Records are important. Political figures like Bernie have spent decades building-- what amounts to-- platforms to run on. When Blue America first started urging people to contribute to Bernie, he was a member of the House, a member of the House who had started and led to Congressional Progressive Caucus and who had been working diligently to push a progressive perspective on issues from economic inequality, criminal justice reform and money in politics to issues around war and peace and equal justice for minorities. These are the things that motivated Bernie's public life. When he announced he was running, he didn't have to invent a platform and he didn't manufacture some kind of edifice to please voting blocks. He had decades of leadership initiatives to run on.

Political hacks-- from Trump to, say, New York lobbyist John Faso (the right-wing Republican opposing Zephyr Teachout)-- put a wet finger to the wind, figure out what to say to various constituent groups they consider their electoral coalition-- what they want to hear-- and cobble together a platform to run on. Do you get the impression that career politicians and political opportunists will say anything to get elected? That impression is correct. Watch the brand new Zephyr Teachout ad above. That's who she is and what she stands for-- who's she's always been and what's she's always stood for (as are the two videos below).

Goal ThermometerTrump's ads don't give you much of a clue about who he is and how he would govern. His life does. Faso's record and how he's led his life as a sleazy lobbyist and a pawn for the wealthy and powerful interests financing his political career, tells you far more about him than empty promises he's making today to try to win a congressional seat in the Hudson Valley and Catskill region of upstate New York. Zephyr... these three video clips confirm an inspiring record she's been building over years. When you watch them, please consider contributing to her grassroots campaign by tapping the thermometer on the right. She's not just up against squirrelly little political hack John Faso, she's up against the predatory hright-wing edge fund billionaires Paul Singer and Robert Mercer (to date the single biggest contributor both to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and the guy who placed deranged neo-Nazi Steve Bannon at the top of the Trump campaign). She even challenged the two modern day robber barons to debate her! Instead, they've poured over a million dollars into Faso's campaign coffers. No need to worry about what interests he'd bone serving in Congress, is there?

Like that? You'll like this next one too. There isn't anyone better running for office anywhere in the country. The Democratic Party in DC is pretty moribund-- old and in the way like the entrenched, sclerotic career politicians who have clawed their way it the top of the establishment. If the Democratic Party is going to be relevant again, it desperately, desperately needs leaders like Zephyr Teachout (as well as Pramila Jayapal, Alina Valdes and Tom Wakely) to start building a future inside the party, a future that's not all about Wall Street fraud pushed by "next generation" Democratic leaders Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Crowley.

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