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A Clinton Speech to Millennials That Will Work


The cost of college compared to other consumer costs, 1985–2011 (source; click to enlarge)

by Gaius Publius

"I feel like a lot of the stuff Hillary does, you can see when she is trying to, like, earn the youth vote, and it just doesn't work," Nick Chanko, 20, who goes to school in Montreal but votes in New York, told the New York Times. [source]

It's not news that Hillary Clinton is struggling, struggling mightily in fact, to attract millennials in sufficient numbers to put the election out of reach:
The youth vote was one of the pillars of the Obama coalition. But thus far it’s proven perhaps the most difficult one for Clinton to rebuild. Polls show the nominee failing to earn the confidence of young voters—only 33 percent of those between ages 18-29 told Gallup this month that they approved of her—and running far behind where she would hope to be against her Republican opponent. The polls also show Clinton currently winning under half their votes, while Obama got over three-fifths of that demographic in both of his campaigns.
Many people in the Dem establishment are asking the question: How can we get millennials to vote for us?

There are a lot of plans that don't work and won't work, like appearing on an impossibly awkward edition of Between Two Ferns (awkward for both her and the host; Clinton actually had the best ad-lib), or rolling out Bernie Sanders at colleges. Regarding Sanders, Bernie stood for what Bernie stood for, and people, not just millennials, loved him for it. Will they love Clinton if the solution is Bernie Sanders now saying, "Hillary Clinton is a strong progressive too"?

Millennials won't be swayed if Sanders says it, true or not. In this transaction, it has to start with the candidate. Clinton has to make it true. In other words, no matter what changes the DNC makes to, say, its super-delegate rules, or (god forbid they should even consider it) the way they go about raising money, if Hillary Clinton wants to attract Sanders supporters, the move must be hers to make.

The good news is, there is a plan that will work. In this plan, Hillary Clinton gives the following speech about four simple issues. I picked these four. She could have picked others. But either way, if I heard a speech like this, I would find it very convincing.

Do you agree? Read on.

Hillary Clinton's Pitch Speech to Millennials

How would you respond if Hillary Clinton gave the following address?
Good evening.

Tonight I'd like to lay out four proposals that I think are important, both for the nation and for the nation's young people, the next generation for whom we are preparing the world. These are the people who will inherit the world we're building — indeed who are starting to inherit the world even as we speak.

These are the people in our nation's colleges ... the youngest people in the nation's workforce ... the youngest in our country's military. And yes, sadly, these are also the youngest people among the millions suffering from joblessness.

I'm keeping this ... conversation ... to just four issues this evening because I don't want to focus on too many at once. I'll address other critical issues, like climate change and racial justice, in due time. But the ones I will focus on tonight should give everyone watching a very clear idea of where I stand — on jobs, on justice for economic criminals, and on the burden of student debt.

I know these are issues of critical importance to everyone tuning in. Please hear me out.
Issue One — TPP.

Clinton is still speaking:
There is no question that our jobs are going overseas, and no question that unfair trade deals are one of the major causes. I've already said NAFTA didn't work, that it was a disappointment. For the same reason, I've already announced that I oppose TPP as it's currently written, and I said publicly that changes need to be made to it to protect the future of jobs in America.

I still think that. So here's what I will do about TPP as your president:

First, if Congress passes TPP and President Obama signs it, I promise to invoke Article 30.6, called the Withdrawal clause, and immediately withdraw from the TPP.

I will then order that it be renegotiated — under the public eye, in full transparency — so that the higher standards I've already set for this treaty are met.

Next, if Congress does not pass TPP before the election — and I strongly urge them not to — I will start renegotiations as soon as I take office; again, in full view of the public.

Finally, whether I'm the president-elect or not after November 8, I promise to vigorously lobby Congress members not to pass TPP as written if it comes up in the lame duck session.

You can watch me do it.
From the TPP Agreement text:
Article 30.6: Withdrawal

1. Any Party may withdraw from this Agreement by providing written notice of withdrawal to the Depositary. A withdrawing Party shall simultaneously notify the other Parties of its withdrawal through the overall contact points designated under Article 27.5 (Contact Points).

2. A withdrawal shall take effect six months after a Party provides written notice to the Depositary under paragraph 1, unless the Parties agree on a different period. If a Party withdraws, this Agreement shall remain in force for the remaining Parties.
Issue Two — NAFTA.

Clinton is still speaking:
What I said I would do about TPP, I will do about NAFTA as well. We're all disappointed with the result. As your president I will act on that disappointment and force it to be renegotiated, as I promised to do in 2008, by threatening to use Article 2205, the Withdrawal clause, in order to start immediate renegotiations.

I gave my word in 2008. I will keep my word in 2017.
From the NAFTA Agreement text:
Article 2205: Withdrawal

A Party may withdraw from this Agreement six months after it provides written notice of withdrawal to the other Parties. If a Party withdraws, the Agreement shall remain in force for the remaining Parties.
Issue Three — Bankers and Fraud.

Clinton is still speaking:
Next let's look at justice, for now just one aspect — evenhanded criminal justice.

I know that many people are frustrated with what has seemed to them my overly close relationship with Wall Street. I'm here now to prove those people wrong.

I also know that may people think that much of what has been going on in the run-up to the 2008 crash and afterwards is fraudulent, in many cases, fraudulent on its face.

Many Wall Street firms and other major banks have paid heavy fines for their actions — for example, the HSBC money-laundering case in 2012; the Standard Chartered Iran sanctions case, also in 2012; the Barclays case in 2010; and the Credit Suisse case in 2009.

But fines are not enough. If similar actions were performed by the small business women and men of middle America, they'd be facing criminal charges and would be forced to defend their actions in court, as is their right, and would face jail if found guilty.

So I promise to you, the days of Wall Street executives — or indeed, executives of any powerful firm — not having to appear in criminal court for actions that would put any ordinary American citizen in court ... those days are over.

I will start, as soon as I enter the Oval Office, with a criminal investigation of Wells Fargo and its executives conducted by the Department of Justice. Yes, I said criminal investigation.
Issue Four — Student Debt and a Debt Jubilee.

Hillary Clinton is still speaking:
I want to close with this, how I will address the unconscionable magnitude and weight of student debt.

Both Senator Sanders and I agree that the burden of student debt in this country is beyond unbearable. In addition, student loan availability drives the cost of tuition in this country, which has sextupled since the 1980s. Sextupled!

In fact, tuition in the U.S. has risen at almost twice the rate of medical care, more than twice the rate of gasoline, at three times the rate of most consumer goods — all while the incomes of most Americans are essentially flat.

Student debt also drives the rate of despair among our young people, who leave college with what feels like a mortgage, but without the house, and often, without a job in the career they prepared for. And they see no hope in sight, not from their president, nor from their Congress.

This is unacceptable. As president, I will not only address the whole issue of student loans and college tuition — as I said I would do in my platform — but I will do one more thing.

This may not endear me to the bankers some say I'm too close to, but it must to be done. We must free this generation of young people ... and I mean to do it.

To the greatest extent I can, using the power of the executive branch, I will announce and implement a policy of debt forgiveness — a student loan jubilee. And I will challenge every lending institution in this country to follow my example.

This will happen within the first 90 days of my administration. You can watch if you like.
Four simple issues, four of many I could have chosen, all of great importance to prospective millennial voters, especially given their popularity during the Sanders campaign. And note — no hedging, no loopholes, no equivocation. Language like this would be a direct challenge to the voters; they will either believe her or dismiss it completely. Language like this would leave no middle ground.

Don't you think, if millennial voters heard this stark, plain speech, they'd give her candidacy a second chance, their serious consideration? I do.

Donna Brazile and the folks at the DNC, you might give this approach some of your own serious consideration. It's so direct and clear, it's almost guaranteed to work. It's certainly better than what's been going on lately. And no one wants The Donald to win this race.


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At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Hillary still speaking) "I promise to be Bernie Sanders."

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Gaius, but not too likely to work that much.

The problem is, many people do not pay that much attention or listen to speeches, let alone actively seek out information. If more young people did, particularly college students, they would not ever consider voting for Gary Johnson. He is ignorant and an imbecile, and his libertarian stance is far far worse than anything Hillary stands for. He certainly would never support the government stepping in and doing anything to help anyone, let alone assist with student debt. And apparently many young people will be voting for him. Just because, to make a point and show how much they dislike Hillary, with no grasp of the ridiculousness of this candidate or how it will help Trump. Also, I am unclear how much millennials are aware of the rise of Hitler, and how many Germans did not see what was coming. Anyone aware of the parallels between Trump and Hitler would surely see the danger here. It is huge.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Fiona Bernard said...

Excellent. We see all the liberal insiders wringing their hands, baffled, puzzled, lacking ideas for how to get young people (and others) to enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton. Well, she's personally not very appealing, but who cares. If they want support, she could put out a platform that demonstrates a commitment to the working people of this country -- the 90% of us who work from about 18 to near death just to pay the bills. A full employment bill, decent wages with healthcare and a guaranteed pension, higher taxes on the rich, renegotiate the trade deals as so brilliantly described above, end the current U.S. waging of wars of aggression and don't start any new ones, invest in our infrastructure and education, declare national resources national assets that belong to the people. There is so much that could be done. Yet mostly the substance of her campaign is that Trump is Worse.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama has let down the youth of the world. It is to all of our benefit that they learned to distrust the modern politician. Hillary is just an old old one.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these Trump-Hitler comparisons really ruin any attempts at showing his awfulness. There are hardly any parallels between Hitler and Trump. Trump has as many parallels to Winston Churchill as he does to Hitler. Trump's horrid nature pretty much sells itself, adding Hitler just makes it all seem like a joke.

It is sad that over the top fear mongering is all Hillary and her surrogates seem to have these days. She has nothing to sell and many of us see her as more likely to 'get things' done than Trump and there is a lot of reason for the 99% to fear that.

Also sad to see this site fall into the pit. I hope the team is getting paid well for their efforts.

At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Missing from your draft speech, and useful to make it credible, is “why I am now (much more than before) committed to this position”.

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary will bite her tongue off long before she could ever make such a speech and sound serious and trustworthy.

She can say what she wants about whatever topics she wants. NO ONE BELIEVES SHE WILL DO AS SHE SAYS. The Deep Throat advice to Woodward and Bernstein is still the best compass to use when it comes to Beltway insiders. She will never do anything to reduce bankster profits. She will never inhibit the corporatist march to global dominance. And she doesn't give a pair of defecations about anyone young with a future.

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

promise to release your wall st transcripts (or donate to charity all the money you made from your wall st speeches)
promise to end money in politics (end citizens united) and explain why money in politics is corrupt.
promise to fix our corrupt voting system so that in the next four years we wont be forced into voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwich again.
apologize for the DNC's corruption and promise to end super delegates.
explain to america your cozy relationships with trump and the bushes and the saudi royals. we all know trump has been to your wedding, pictures of trump family with clinton family, trump has donated to the clinton foundation. similar for the bushes and the saudis)
also, not all millennials know what the TPP is, so phrase it as "i promise to end corporate deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership which put the interests of corporations above the safety/health/well being of people"

At 8:08 AM, Blogger jvb2718 said...

The proposed speech actually makes the dishonesty of the candidate quite clear.

$he is vaguely SAYING these things now, through innuendo and via surrogates (like the Quisling Sanders). But as the wikileaks releases prove (what we already knew) that she 'says' one thing out of one side of her mouth (the left) and DOES things out of the right side. $he's taken 10s of millions from banking BECAUSE $he DOES the "right" thing in spite of whatever lefty things $he says.

In fact, the candidate must walk a tightrope here. $he cannot give that speech BECAUSE it would be so obviously, overtly, plainly a "bucket of horseshit". The voters $he would be addressing, disingenuously, $he's already called a "bucket of losers" in one leaked wall street speech. If those voters aren't aware of that QUOTE, they at least sense it FROM HER 52-YEAR RECORD OF INDIFFERENCE TO THEM.
$he has to walk the tightrope of being vaguely left while her RECORD is so plainly right. To talk that much left would be too much.

And even if $he tried harder to lie up her economic bona-fides, $he is still the candidate who SHALL start a shooting war with Russia (and its allies). $he was very clear about that in the "debate" with her remarks about the no fly zone(s)... and her 52-year record of belligerence and russophobia actually make that statement believable.

So... no... $he won't, CAN'T, give that speech. It would LOSE her a lot of voters who aren't thinking about just how odious $he is by shining a light (of contrast) on her actual, you know, record.

**AND** it wouldn't even touch on her even more horrible warmongering wrt Russia... so there would still be that.

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is such outlandish fiction because of her record over the past half century and of her taking 10s of millions in bribes in the past dozen from the very plut-archy this speech would target. In cases like this, where so much money has already been paid, it is impossible to imagine any sort of "last straw" making this monster change her "private" position. Her challenge is to not make her "public" position an implausible lie. This would be implausible.

And this speech is mute on all her (public and private) positions that would foment another shooting war with Russia and its allies over oil and our puppet tyrants.

At 7:09 AM, Blogger jvb2718 said...

Here is what $hillbillary's actual speeches contained:

So... this acid-fueled (?) hallucination will not and cannot (see above) happen.


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