Monday, October 03, 2016

Look At Trump's Record On "The Little People"


The message in the video above is identical with the story I want to share below. It's not unlike some of the stories you've probably already heard from some of the people victimized by Trump's scam "university." And like Trump University, both the video above and the story below are meant to give some insight into Trump's character and into the false image he's mangled to paint of himself to a desperate mass of extremely low-info, low-IQ voters looking for respect-- albeit in the wrong place. Reporting for The Guardian from Cleveland over the weekend, Chris Arnade that today the white working class there-- like the black working class for far longer-- feels "disrespected, with nobody listening to their concerns."

A few days ago Christine Lavin posted a story about an old friend of hers, someone who had recently started a catering business in 1993 and was hired it cater Trump's second wedding, to Marla Maples, the following year. The caterer was thrilled and "thanked her lucky stars"... at first.
Everything went beautifully-- the food was a hit, the waiters/waitresses all were totally professional. Everything was first rate.

Donald Trump refused to pay the bill. He told the caterer, “I know you are new at this, and when you tell people you catered MY wedding, you will get more business than you could ever dream of. So I am doing you a favor. And when I do favors, I don’t pay. End of discussion.”

She couldn’t believe it-- she sent numerous bills-- ignored. She threatened to sue-- he said “Go ahead. I don’t lose in court.” She explored suing, but came away knowing it would cost her high legal bills, and wouldn’t be worth it. After more than six months of his stonewalling she ended up paying her staff out of her own pocket, though couldn’t pay them fully or she’d be out of business. So Trump stiffed not only her, but her staff, her chefs, her busboys.
That's the con man that Michael Bloomberg warned America about in July:

Bloomberg's a New Yorker and he knows a con man when he sees one. Even if Miami has a lot of New Yorkers, Marco Rubio's not from New York; he still recognized that Trump is a con man as well. (Note: Rubio has now endorsed the con man, but this little speech below was presented in Dallas last February. after he had finally caught on to Trump's game, considerably before Ted Cruz and many other Republicans did. Look at that slob from Jersey, Chris Christie; he still hasn't!)

Yeah... he's a con artist. He's a con artist who has taken over the Republican Party and, like I said, he's has won the endorsement of the slimy, grubby little fool in the video above. Watch this one and, if you're a deplorable, straighten out and just stop being deplorable and stop being such a pathetic sucker:

Worse than any deplorable, though, is a certain opportunist from Janesville who thinks Trump is going to help him with his repackaged, failed austerity agenda some marketing consultant from Madison Avenue persuaded him to call a #BetterWay. He's running around the country now trying to save vulnerable Republican members of Congress whose constituents are wondering why the Republican Party has embraced a narcissistic sociopath as their presidential candidate and why their congressional leadership is trying to normalize said narcissistic sociopath and endanger the whole country and mankind itself.

A #BitterWay

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At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our only hope is that Hillary slaughters him in November. Sad but true. Unfortunately she is it but we will be lucky to get her instead of him.


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