Thursday, July 28, 2016

Who Knows Patrick Murphy?


Patrick Murphy has been in Congress almost 4 years and he's telling his constituents "no one knows who I am." While it's absolutely true that he appears to be the ultimate, unaccomplished backbencher with no bills, no amendments, no legislative input and no accomplishments of any kind that any of his constituents might be interested in, young Patrick is being... modest. Appearances can be deceptive. Patrick Murphy has collected more money from Wall Street banksters this cycle than anyone else in the entire House other than Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. His $1,472,869 from the Finance Secror so far is almost double what they gave to any other Democrat-- that being another fake Dem, Arizona Ble Dog Kyrsten Sinema, who, like Murphy, exists to carry out Wall Street's orders. So, clearly, someone knows who he is-- and how much he needs to be paid to do what they want done, not in the public eye but behind the heavy closed doors in the House Financial Services Committee, where Murphy is a bridge between the predatory Republicans trying to dismantle Dodd-Frank and his own New Dem pals who Pelosi allowed to dominate the minority side of the Financial Services Committee.

Of the 23 Democrats on the committee-- easily the most corrupt committee in Congress-- 12 are notoriously corrupt members of the New Dems and/or the Blue Dogs, a far, far greater proportion than the number of New Dems in the House. This is the list alongside how much in bribes from the companies they're supposedly keeping from ripping off the public each has taken since being elected:
Gregory Meeks (NY)- $2,989,888
David Scott (GA)- $2,704,894
Ed Perlmutter (CO)- $3,306,006
Jim Himes (CT)- $5,380,877
John Carney (DE)- $1,581,328
Terri Sewell (AL)- $1,480,670
Bill Foster (IL)- $2,115,283
Patrick Murphy (FL)- $3,078,417
John Delaney (MD)- $1,919,952
Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)- $1,499,390
Juan Vargas (CA)- $1,226,802
Denny Heck (WA)- $982,842
But don't get the wrong idea; it isn't just the banksters who have invested heavily in Patrick. So have the Saudis, who are happy to have their own man on the House Intelligence Committee. Nasser al-Rashid is as near to the pinnacle of the Saudi monarchy as one can be without being a royal. He's one of the king's 3 top advisors and he has four sons in America who have helped get Murphy into Congress and helped him build power by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars buying his allies and endorsements. The 4 songs-- Ibrahim al-Rashid, Salman al-Rashid, Ramzi al-Rashid and Mohammed al-Rashid (who often funnels money to Murphy and his allies under the name "Moose" al-Rashid) have been a the conduit for Al-Rashid wealth into Congress. (Nasser al-Rashid himself has given and promised millions of dollars to certain presidential libraries as a way of exerting influence without doing anything that is technically and legally overt bribery.) So, it isn't that no one knows who Patrick is. The banksters know and the Saudis know.

Ahoy, Matey
When Patrick Murphy powers up daddy's yacht, the SS Miss Cocktails, it costs over $100,000 just for the fuel and the day's staff. That's certainly one way to travel. The al-Rashid's in fact, brag that they have the most luxurious yacht in the entire world, the gold-plated Lady Moura (complete with it's own helicopter). But if you've read my travel blog, you can guess it isn't the way I travel. One of the ways I've bonded with Alan Grayson is through travel. He's been to even more countries than I have, and, like me-- and unlike Privileged Patrick-- he's an on-the-ground traveler. You learn more about the world that way. Which Grayson has-- and Patrick hasn't. I was moved by this e-mail from Grayson today and thought I'd share it:
I went to Kenya for around four months, when I was in my early twenties. (At that time, the world was in its early 80’s.) In Africa, there is an occupation that’s sometimes called “helper.” When you arrive, some young man (it’s always a man) attaches himself to you, and offers to help with errands and chores in exchange for pay. It normally begins when someone helps you with your bags.

So when I arrived in Nairobi, a helper attached himself to me, and helped me out. I understood the gig. But after a few days, I realized that he had never asked me for any money. (Normally, they ask right away, and repeatedly.) I thought that that was odd, so I asked him why he hadn’t asked me.

He told me that when he was a boy, in the countryside, his village had suffered a terrible famine. He ate grass, just to have something in his belly. One day, a plane flew overhead. It dropped a very large crate. In the crate was food-- lots of food-- in bags with American flags on them. That food saved his life, and the lives of everyone he knew.

So when an American came to town, he would help for free. It was his way of saying “thank you”-- as in, “thank you for saving my life.” In fact, it was the only way that he could say that.

I felt very proud to be an American. (And I paid him anyway.)
How about helping Grayson win the August 30 Democratic primary against Privileged Patrick, his Wall Street and Saudi backers and the corrupted and rotten Democratic Party establishment?
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