Tuesday, July 26, 2016

GOP Crackpot Candidate of the Week-- Two Violent Nuts, One In Florida And One In Georgia


The first week of our new feature and I can't even choose between the two finalists, a pair of extremist House candidates from the Southeast. The guy in the video up top, Rick Kozell, is running to replace fake Democrat Patrick Murphy on Florida's Treasure Coast. We thought the DCCC found the perfect clone of Murphy for the job, crooked multimillionaire-- and not a Democrat-- Randy Perkins. He's already self-funded $3,017,688. He has a primary battle against Jonathan Chane, but feels confident he can buy the nomination and, needless to say, the DCCC is helping him do just that. There must be half a dozen Republicans running in the red-leaning district (R+3) where Romney beat Obama 52-48%. Perennial candidate Carl Domino, an ex-state Rep., is probably best known, but his reputation took a major hit when as weak a candidate as Patrick Murphy kicked his ass in 2014-- 60-40%-- in a strong Republican year. Mark Freeman, a rich doctor, has self-funded $1,207,756 into his campaign-- most of which has already been spent-- and the other Republicans with considerable cash-on-hand for the August 30 primary are Rebecca Negron ($635,739), Kozell ($360,327), Brian Mast ($332,441) and Domino ($232,105).

As you can probably guess from the video, Kozell is the most extreme of the FL-18 candidates. But we found someone even more extreme up in Georgia, where there's a runoff election today to fill the seat of retiring nincompoop Lynn Westmoreland in GA-03, a deep red swath of territory southwest of Atlanta from the suburbs of Fayette, Coweta and Henry counties all the way down to Columbus. The Republican primary yielded up two right-wing maniacs-- state Senator Mike Crane and dentist and former West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson. Crane was ahead in the primary, 15,343 (26.9%) to 15,277 (26.8%), just 66 votes. I would have bet on Crane today but then he stepped in it big time. Formerly best known as a "religious liberty" bigot-- something they love in backward districts like GA-03-- he's now best known for advocating shooting policemen. No, really, he did. The idiot actually managed to wind up far to the left of #BlackLivesMatter by raising the old GOP trope about how your home is your castle and that if a cop comes on your property-- even with a search warrant-- you can shoot him. And he said he would and told his supporters they should too! State Senator Crane apparently doesn't think white people need to respect the police, only blacks.

As of 2 weeks ago Ferguson had raised $782,044 and Crane has raised $417,072. Both went into the final 2 weeks with approximately the same amount in their campaign war chests, just under $200,000. Club for Growth has spent $813,981 for Crane. (The ad just above is what they've been running to smear Ferguson, a right-wing nut but not as much of a right-wing nut as Crane.) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Ending Spending Action Fund and the American Dental Association spent, respectively, $650,150, $493,049 and $170,359 bolstering Ferguson and attacking Crane.

This weekend, a clueless and still-dazed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was in Atlanta campaigning for Crane, proof if anyone needed it that Crane was the more extreme of the two candidates. Wait 'til someone tells Trump that Cruz was campaign for the cop-killer! This ad from Drew Ferguson should end Crane's political career permanently-- unless Georgia Republicans are even crazier than I thought they were! Yes-- and of course Crane is being heavily backed by the NRA and the Tea Party.

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